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@Download Kindle õ Not Another Happy Ending ⛓ Sometimes Love Needs A Re Write Novelisation By David Solomons BAFTA Nominated Screenwriter Of The Fabulous Bagel Boys, Five Children And It Of The Quirky Romantic Comedy Film Not Another Happy Ending, Starring Karen Gillan Amy Pond In Dr Who Nebula In The Forthcoming Marvel Movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy , French Actor Stanley Weber Therese Desqueyroux, Henry V, Borgia And Freya Manov Skins With Her Debut Novel, Happy Ending, JANE LOCKHART Pulled Off That Rare Double Critical Acclaim And Mainstream Success But Now, With Just The Last Chapter Of The Follow Up Book To Write, She Encounters Crippling Writer S Block She Has No Idea How Her Story Ends This Is Not Good News For Her Publisher, TOM DUVAL His Company Is Up Against The Wall Financially And The Only Thing That Will Save Him Is A Massive Hit, In The Form Of Jane S Next Novel When He Discovers That His Most Important Author Is Blocked, Tom Realises That He Has To Unblock Her Or He S Finished Everyone Knows That You Have To Be Unhappy To Be Really Creative, So Tom Decides That The Only Way He S Going To Get Her To Complete The Novel Is To Make Her Life A Misery Set Within The Scottish Publishing Industry, And Filmed Against A Stunning Backdrop Of Both Romantic And Hip Glasgow Locations, Not Another Happy Ending Is Perfect For Fans Of One Day Nothing exceptional but a sweet and very binge able read Why is it that the saddest endings always seem the truest In the stories I told myself I was always the heroine always reaching for my happy ending This is a delightful, cute, deliciously quirky love story A story of two young people who are complete opposites An intelligent and talented writer and an obnoxious, fierce publisher.It is an engaging light read for a bookish person that doesn t really enjoy romance that much Jane is a wonderful character, her thoughts and motions mirroring her hometown Tom is the Riviera bon vivant who, despite his joie de vivre lifestyle, means business when it comes to finding and publishing new writers The story takes place in Glasgow, one of my favourite cities in Europe A city that is quirky and hip, and incredibly bleak when it wills so Another element that gives a special something to the novel is the presence of none other than Jane Austen Yes, there are numerous references to her, and Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Elliot and Marianne Dashwood have their own cameos.I am not sure whether this is an original novel or a novelization of the 2013 British film, starring Karen Gillan as Jane, and the dashing Stanley Weber as Tom The film is brilliant, by the way, as is the book Watch the one, read the other Thank me later. Self doubting thomasina, Jane Lockhart, is a debut author And she is facing rejections galore But finally, her angst ridden novel seems to have caught the eye of Tom Duval, volatile owner of independent and sinking publishing house Tristesse Books After many long sessions of brutal editing and verbal foreplay, Jane s book is published and she earns the double victory of critical acclaim and mainstream approval Oh, and she bumped uglies with dashing Tom Duval along the way But then Duval had to go and commit in Jane s eyes a heinous error and they parted ways Jane still has a two book contract with Tristesse Books And Duval s crumbling financial future rests on Jane delivering her second book on time She, however, has a bad case of Writer s Block a block brought about by Jane s newfound happiness Jane is by nature, an auteur mis rable, who can only allow her pen to metaphorically bleed or her laptop to sadly clack, as the case may be when she is filled with misery, despair and melancholy And so, Duval comes up with a fiendish set of ploys to deliver a sour helping of just that to Jane After all,Miserable Jane Finished Book Duval laughing all the way to the bank.And so, like the best laid plans of rude Frenchmen and ruddy cheeked Scottish schoolteachers, the plot proceeds with hits and misses.The book has a broad indie hipster vibe running through it, from Jane Lockhart s penchant for bowler hats to Tom Duval s snobbish disdain for mainstream cinema to the selection of literary Glasgow as a setting for the book I loved Tom Duval s character A grumpy and erudite Frenchman who gives up the sun and leggy filles of St.Tropez for the bleak, rain soaked romanticism of Glasgow and it s red headed lasses is a joy to read As the book is a novelization of the 2013 rom com movie by the same name, it s easy to place Stanley Weber s gorgeous face in the character of Tom Duval I wish I could say the same for Jane Lockhart s character I just didn t get Jane Lockhart Yep, that s the word Okay yes, for lovers of Zooey Deschanel s yes I rock a lot of polka dots school of thought, Jane may be a quirky and likeable character But for me, she came across as angsty for the sake of being angsty without actually redeeming her writer temperament This is ofcourse no reflection on Karen Gillan who plays Jane in the movie Because, let s face it, the doctor s companion will always be impeccable My second favourite character after Duval was his cherubic roommate, Roddy Roddy is the perfect sidekick I had the best laughs when Tom and Ruddy were making a Mission Impossible sized hash of their quest to make Jane miserable.In all, I was sufficiently hooked to finish the book in a day but not enad enough to give it a second read Hurray for hottie Tom Duval, ofcourse.Because, erm And yes, I will watch the movie, because hello ooo,look at the filtered perfection Ending the review with a passage that stayed with me Pg.No.359You don t have to be miserable to write See, this is a problem created by male poets standing on cliffs staring into the middle distance and perpetuated by novelists whose emotional intelligence is as pared down as their prose You don t have to wrestle your inner demons to produce great work, you can just as easily be sitting next to a warm fire with a nice cup of tea You write because you have to, because it gnaws away at your insides if you try to ignore it, because if you don t write you might as well be dead Because nothing else can make you so mad, so frustrated, so happy, and yes, so miserable Usually all at the same time. I can vouch for that. This fair and honest review was promised in exchange for an eARC from the publisher, Harlequin Mira I am receiving no other renumeration for this and have requested none.3.5 stars rounded up First off I haven t seen the film version with Karen Gillan as Jane, yet, though I still want to, and unusually this is not strictly an adaptation of the film so far as I can tell, but the book written after the film was made Whether or not that makes it a novelisation is, I think, probably an arguable point Anyway I came into this book knowing only the cast of the film, and the setting and basic plot of both Not Another Happy Ending isn t the traditional, slightly stereotypical Harlequin romance one might expect For one thing, it has a plot which, I believe, would likely still carry it were the amount of romance drastically reduced, which has its own depth That isn t the case for most of the Harlequin novels I ve encountered That aside, it s not difficult to match at least some of the cast to the characters in one s mind For this, being in the order it is, there s less scope than usual to create your own visual and auditory impression of the characters in your head That isn t necessarily a problem, but it does make for a little dissonance here and there if you can t hear the dialogue spoken in the actors voices, which I couldn t always, particularly with Jane, being used to hearing Karen Gillan as herself and as Amelia Pond, who are both quite different from Jane in terms of personality That isn t a failing of the book I m sure I ll find out later whether it works better in the film version or not but I did find it slightly offputting, in an almost subconscious way.As for the story itself, it s decently paced, and carries itself along at a steady clip that brightens up what might otherwise drag, the flow of writing a novel of course feeling irregular for many authors, even those who make themselves sit down every day to write as Willie does This novel builds gradually but piece by piece and, while you can certainly see certain scenes coming, you re usually too interested in the present page to mind It isn t invariably so captivating, however I tend to five star books I don t want to break from before I finish reading them, and I took a couple of considerable breaks while reading this one where I got just a bit fed up, hence the rating I confess, I m not a fan of Tom, the main male protagonist Were I Jane I would have told him where to go in no uncertain terms and left it at that I don t believe claimed temporary insanity is a fair or reasonable excuse for the way Tom behaves throughout the majority of the novel, and I m not the bad boy type or the boy type at all really, but that s not the point Also, some of the less central female characters are sketched out so lightly that they don t feel like actual people, and that tends rather to put me off a work, especially when the male analogues are muchstrongly written I enjoyed the last third of the novel muchthan the rest, which is why the rating gets rounded up to 4 instead of down to 3 that and I m nice Really but I can t say why or I ll spoil it I do think this book is worth reading, but whether or not you ll like it yourselfwell, try it and see You might be pleasantly surprised.