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!Download Pdf ♄ Romeo. ♫ Critics Have Fallen Hard For The Nerve Shattering Novel Acclaimed As A Smashing Debut If You Like Thomas Hardy, John Sandford, And James Patterson, You Are Going To Love Romeo San Francisco Examiner In The Bestselling Tradition Of Gone, But Not Forgotten, Romeo Tells The Gripping Story Of A Man Who Preys On San Francisco S Most Beautiful And Successful Women His Is A Courtship Every Woman Dreams Of And A Seduction No Woman Survives HC Bantam Fiction Psychological Suspense Prad ioje knyga kabino, trauk Nu udymo scena buvo labai vaizd iai pavaizduota, bet kuo toliau tuo labiau knygos nenor jau skaityti Pagrindin veik ja erzino, kiti persona ai irgi ka kuo nepatiko Tad kart pripa stu pralaim jim ir perskai ius tik tre dal knygos dedu j al be plano skaityti toliau. In the UK this was called Bleeding Hearts.A great book, slightly predictable when it came to the end, but great nonetheless. It s okay But not great The book tends to stay in the head of the protagonist, Romeo s next victim Sarah, for most of it and seems much about her confronting her past trauma than about her escaping from a serial killer Sarah s overdeveloped and every other character is pushed to the sidelines because of this.Figured out the twist about sixty pages from the end And there s some actions at the climax that doesn t make sense and make the end a bit crap because of it.I think she should ve rewritten this She has skill when it comes to dialogue and she had an interesting idea for a story, but this book feels a bit like a rough draft. Credevo che fosse pi un erotico che un thriller, invece l inverso E la trama non poi cos avvincente come pareva Peccato. Knyga skaitosi lengvai, greitai traukia Ta iau tuo pa iu i siskiria ir nepagarba skaitytojui ty ia, nesubtiliai iki pat pabaigos klaidinama pasakojim d stant taip, kad tarimai krist ant beveik vis knygos veik j vienu metu Intriga i laikoma, bet rezultatas nelabai skanus.. Well this was one hell of ride with a very standard and guessable ending Actually I could tell how this book will end since the 2nd chapter Other than that, nothing was as it seemed It s amazing how paranoid the main heroine and the reader can become, while guessing who is the killer No one is save not even poor trans gender woman While all the evidence would link to one person, doubt is subtly thrown in to mess with your head and your believes I salute the author for such aptly crafted suspense.There were a few likable characters and I actually started to fear for their lives after reading half of the book Sadly, the main heroine wasn t among them I am not saying I disliked her, but her unpredictable and illogical behaviour made me doubt her sanity There is quite a logical reason for her to act as she does, however, and no way would I blame her for not being realistic Just not very likable I confess To end this short and spoilers free review, I d say I quite enjoyed this book and I would love to read by this author Just with less psychologically heavy themes..Yours sleeplessly,Insomnia I picked up this book when my love for reading was fresh when I wanted to get my hands on anything granted not much has changed in that respect but I think I would have been better off reading it in my current state of mind than when I actually did This book was my gateway drug into the murder mystery shows like Bones and Castle that I watch today However despite how well it was written I could not handle the sick twisted elements involving incest and asphyxiation I can see why this book was enjoyed by many people with its intense twists and turnshowever, just the mere mention of this book still makes me feel dirty In some ways I wish I hadn t read this at such an impressionable age Albeit just add it to the list of things I watched or read that I probably shouldn t have at the age I did. All I could think of after reading this book was that it was hours wasted that I will never get back The premise is familiar serial killer and the spunky heroine heroic cops but handled fairly well The author had some interesting things to say about the links between sexual abuse of children and sexual emotional mental dysfunction in adults The characters were well drawn and the author was very good at keeping the who s the killer clues evenly spread among all the suspects.So why 1 star Simply put, the author could have done all of the things she did without including the pornographic scenes of incest and abuse There was no need for graphic descriptions other than to give a particular type of reader a cheap thrill and the ability to then say, But I read it because there s a moral abuse is bad This would have been a much better book without the porn. This was a slightly better than run of the mill who done it It had a lot of psychological insight The woman who gets murdered at the very beginning, Melanie Rosen, is a psychiatrist, as was her father before her Her ex husband, Dennison one of at least 7 possible suspects , is also a shrink One of the other suspects although not a particularly serious one is also a psychiatrist The book runs to 435 pages, and I made a guess as to who Romeo was somewhere between pp 350 370 I lucked out and got it right, based on making an alternative conclusion about a phone call received which revealed that one of Romeo s earlier victims had been seen on a date with withheld in case you want to read the book Light reading for entertainment only, it was fun to read I give it about a 4.