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The book was an enjoyable read with a lot of action and suspense Although the hero and heroine tried to avoid romance, there s was a bit of that also I was drawn to them because of their strong faith and reliance on God Besides praying before meals, when the action started heating up, someone would say let s pray first I appreciate when an author has a strong faith and isn t ashamed to bring attention to that in the books he or she writes It was not done in a pushy way but it was a clear testimony to the reader I recommend the book. This was a good evening read I was excited to find out that it has origin in NaNoWriMo, and will be looking for the next books in the series. [Read Book] ♷ No Place to Run ♹ DON T THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT Just When She Started To Feel Safe, Small Town Librarian Lorie Narra Begins Receiving Threatening Notes They Prove That Her Worst Fears Have Come True Her Dark Past Has Followed Her To Arkansas And Someone Wants Her To Pay For What She S Done As The Threats Turn Into Full Scale Attacks, Lorie Has No Choice But To Rely On Deputy Sheriff Matt MacGregor S Protection But After Her Harrowing Ordeal With The Law, Can She Truly Trust A Cop And Can Matt Trust Her To Tell Him The Truth When The Threats Claim She S Gotten Away With Murder I wrote this book great book This is a great book Marion Faith Laird did a wonerful job on this book I look forward to her next book. 2.5 stars for No Place To RunPlot and ThoughtsSo this says it s a christian romance and by goodness does it read like one I m forever grateful when a book is actually what it says it is None of that, heap on the religious stuff unexpectedly in the middle, bullocks Matt is very religious, Lorie is very religious, Margaret is very religious, and Ben is very religious Christians all round So once you get into all the Lording and Jesus and praying these people do, it s an okay read Lorie is back in her home town after defeating a murder charge Everything is going great, until it isn t Enter Matt MacGregor, deputy Matt MacGregor Next there s praying, threatening letter, breaking and entering,praying, gun fire,praying, explosions, praying, car crashes,prayingyou get the picture Plenty of action and a lot of religious tones going on.What brought the rating down from the original 3 stars i was going to give it which is why I left the star rating at 3 is the cliche insta love that seems to plague these books i know that you want to keep it short and sweet when writing them, but can t you flesh out the time line a little bit so people don t go from complete strangers to marriage proposing fools in under a week s time It s not natural and it s not right.Just asking.On another note This author likes car names, locking cars and automobile safety I may get a car window smashing, seatbelt cutting multi tool thanks to this book Also, I respect people when they pay attention to detail Car details are not the normal details you find in romance novel, so it was refreshing to read that the car wasn t black but a Nisan whatever that you could actually see in your head because you ACTUALLY KNOW what this car looks like in real life Points gained for that.favorite line Anyone get the number of the locomotive that hit usIn Conclusion If you are looking for a fluff romance, bible thumping, action packed, prayer riddled book this one s for you.Not an awesome read, but by no means as bad as the last one I read All in all, it was okay Don t recommend buying it though This is a one read only type book. A very boring storyin my search for new authors, I find myself trying some really awful authors, some very boring storieshopefully, I will hit the correct mark soon I ve not tried some Goodreads recommendations yet had too many others on my list from the library, from friends but still not thrilled about what I have read in the past few weeks months.I do not buy my books all borrowed from the library Oh course, that means that the most popular or most recent published books have a waiting list That s OK I will wait to read them when available. This was a fun, exciting story that kept me interested and wondering what would happen on the next page.What I liked This story was full of action and suspense and kept me turning pages Almost all of the characters were believable, and the main characters felts as if they could be old friends.What I didn t like Lori s parents were almost too perfect They always seemed agreeable and calm no matter the circumstances Also, when Matt finds out his ex fiancee is dying, and he promises the Lord he will give her the forgiveness she is asking for, the reader never has the satisfaction of hearing him apologize to her before the end of the story.Over all, I really enjoyed this book in spite of the minor, personal dislikes, and I give this book five stars. This is a outstanding entry from Laird It s fast paced and engaging, and the characters vulnerability makes them realistic Readers are kept guessing until the surprising reveal of the killer s identity RT Book Reviews TOP PICK 4 1 2 stars