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. Het is een goede Blake Mortimer strip in die typische strakke tekenstijl van Jacobs Het minpunt is dat het verhaal te lang is voor 1 strip en dat er veel met tekst moet uitgelegd worden Het gevolg een overdaad aan tekstballonnetjes en tekstkaders. In order to understand the continuation story the Septimus wave which was released in 2013 one has to read the original story as written by Edgar P Jacobs called the Yellow sign from 1956 in which a series of sheer impossible crimes seem to plague the United Kingdom and a group of people that were great friends and somebody seems bound to take revenge on them as one by one get taken by this unknown superhuman creature Colonel Blake is one of the friends and so it is inescapable that his friend Mortimer is involved Of course the always inescapable character of Olrik shows his face as expected It is a great story that is interesting and fun, and its has been of great interest to various movie companies to film this particular story and it might actually be a great movie when they stick to the time era it is set in 1952.As Always an original Blake Mortimer story is something great and a mad professor thrown into the mix is a tasty as it gets. Edgar P Jacobs was a contemporary and colleague of his fellow countryman, Herg , assisting the latter with some of his Tintin stories Comparison is therefore inevitable, and it is to Jacobs credit.Jacobs artwork has the same clean lines as Herg s, but his figures are drawn realistically, without the elements of caricature found in the adventures of Tintin Having only read The Yellow Mat the time of writing this review, I found the narrative style somewhat denser there is none of the slapstick found in Tintin, little in the way of humour, actually, with the action being played seriously There are no talking animals, apoplectic sea captains, bungling detectives or comically absent minded professors The writing is seemingly aimed at an older, if still juvenile, audience than Herg went for with Tintin Accordingly, and with an extra 9 10 pages in which to expand the story, I found this first foray with Blake and Mortimer much satisfying than most of the Tintin albums.Written in the 1950s, there are a number of stock tropes which, depending upon the reader s viewpoint, will be found either stylistically comforting or clich d I obviously incline to the former Blake is cast in the same mold as Dennis Nayland Smith from the Fu Manchu stories a capable and influential establishment figure with a military background Mortimer is the epitome of British scientific know how, akin to Professor Quatermass The villain s are a blend of Fu Manchu, Fant mas, Rastapopoulos, et al.The story involves an evil mastermind terrorising the country, stealing part of the crown jewels, bent on a mysterious vengeance plot, manifesting seemingly superhuman powers and generally outwitting Scotland Yard at every turn The action is well paced, if somewhat formulaic comfort food for the brain.The English translations of the Blake and Mortimer stories have been published out of the order in which they were written Consequently, a few characters appear with little or no introduction, as we are expected to have met them previously Also, some minor plot elements refer back to the earlier stories None of which seriously detracted from my enjoyment of the story, if anything whetting my appetite for. Das cachimbadas dentro de portas ci ncia tremenda com que se auto fundamenta a linha narrativa um cl ssico Een klassieker, maar om nu te zeggen dat dit de beste Belgische strip ooit isDe situering van het verhaal in Londen is erg sfeervol Het opgebouwde mysterie heeft soms iets Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde achtig De tekeningen zijn top, beredeneerd en vloeien goed in elkaar over De tekst vertraagt het verhaal echter, soms ergerlijk Al te vaak wordt er in de tekst verteld wat er te zien is in de plaatjes De plot wordt vaak ook te kunstmatig uitgewerkt door te grote tekstballonnen. Malgr son ge certain, cette histoire garde tout son charme et son dynamisme. The Blake and Mortimer graphic novels are finally being published again in English A mysterious crime wave is sweeping London and nothing, from the Bank of England to the Crown Jewels, is safe The identity of the criminal is unknown but Londoners are beginning to fear the symbol that is left at each crime scene, the Yellow M Even the famous detectives of Scotland Yard seem unable to stop the crimes and so the Home Office turns to Captain Francis Blake to solve the mystery and identify the man behind the Yellow M Aided by his old friend, the famous nuclear physicist Professor Philip Mortimer, Blake sets out to bring the devious criminal to justice. {READ EPUB} à La marque jaune (Blake et Mortimer, #6) ¾ Cette Nuit L , Dans La Capitale Britannique Endormie Et Noy E Sous Une Pluie Obstin E, Tout Semble Calme Du C T De La L Gendaire Tour De Londres Soudain, Une Panne De Courant Des Cris D Alerte Qui Viennent D Chirer La Nuit Horreur Et Stup Faction La Couronne Imp Riale Vient D Tre Vol E Seul Indice, Une Myst Rieuse Lettre M De Couleur Jaune Trac E La H Te Sur Une Porte Ainsi Commence L Une Des Plus Fameuses Histoires De La Bande Dessin E Belge D Apr S Guerre Le Professeur Philip Mortimer Et Son Vieux Compagnon, Le Capitaine Francis Blake, Affrontent Le Machiav Lique Docteur Septimus, Cerveau G Nial Mais Visionnaire Incompris Et Ils Retrouvent Sur Leur Chemin Leur Vieil Ennemi Olrik, Transform En Cobaye Humain Parfaite Ma Trise De La Narration, Dessin D Une Grande Lisibilit , Habile M Lange De Fantastique, De Suspense Et D Aventure Les Personnages Cr S Par Edgar PJacobs Pour L Hebdomadaire Tintin Auront Durablement Marqu Plusieurs G N Rations De Lecteurs Un Grand Classique Toujours Aussi Envo TantGilbert Jacques Well I thought this was going to be similar to the idea of the old psychological trick which has repeatedly been recounted in such stories as Clifton The Laughing Thief Boy Was I ever wrong This story is not like that at all It s quite a nice little mystery Starting with some rather spectacular robberies including the Crown, the feats of the mysterious Yellow M then turns to kidnapping which prompts Mortimer to question, Why the change Some spectacular science fiction involved here and a top rip roaring read.