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I really liked this book it showed a revolving door with their relationship I felt like Taylor was that they wanted to see what else was out there but i mostly fault Michael for this because he thought the grass was greener on the other side Taylor had issues because wanted to fill that void in her and she got than she bargin for with Dylan who had his own mental issues I guess it seemed fast with the ending but i guess i liked it because good things happened. I liked this better than the first one even though I hated most of the characters almost the entire timehuh Very nicely writtensometimes the Canadian comes out in the phrasing I wanted to smack Taylor several timesshe was ridiculously immature I LOVE Michael and I wanted to smack him too He clearly was projecting whatever he was doing even though we never found out what it was onto Taylor, thus the awkwardness and horrible car convo When will people ever learn that revenge relationships never end well, using someone to make you feel better never ends well, trying to keep kids out of relationships never ends well and you really can t trust teenagers Even the good ones make mistakes Ugh, the hiding, the bad behavior, that boy It was a great sequel, even though I hated what happened in than half of it #BOOK Ý Someone Else (Just You, #2) Õ When Her Boyfriend Michael Leaves For College, Seventeen Year Old Taylor Brogan Is Determined To Make Their Long Distance Relationship Work Together, They Ve Managed To Overcome Past Issues With Communication And Trust, So They Re Confident They Can Tackle This Newest Challenge TooTo Ease Her Loneliness, Taylor Distracts Herself With School, A Makeover, And A Whole New Set Of Friends But Even With All These Diversions, Dating Long Distance Is A Lot Harder Than She Ever Expected Her Loyalties Are Tested Even Further When Dylan Enters The Picture He S The Opposite Of Michael In Every Way, And His Obvious Interest In Her Not To Mention His Lean, Athletic Body And Adorable Dimples Makes Taylor Want To Keep Her Distance But She Can T Deny Her Growing Attraction To Him, Especially When Her Relationship With Michael Starts Falling ApartWhen The Inevitable Break Up Occurs, Taylor Begins A Rebound Romance With Dylan That Quickly Becomes Than She Bargained For His Dark Moods Scare Her, And Soon She S In Danger Of Losing Herself To This New Life She S Created, A Life She S No Longer Sure She Even WantsTaylor S Story Continues In This Sequel To JUST YOU in the second installment of just you taylor and her boyfriend try to make their long distance relationship work things get a bit complicated when new friends enter the scene and a boy who sparks her interest though i skimmed through the book, i was suprised at how different it is compared to the first one i did expect the female lead to overcome hurdles, but not the kind where she is in an unhealthy relationship with a guy who continously demeans and instigates feelings of shame in her i was shocked to tell the truth but even view spoiler after cutting free of this abusive relationship, because she finally realizes it s not healthy for her and also makes her a bad role model for her younger siblings, she cares what happens to the abuser hide spoiler Man talk about drama who knew guys could be so dramatic ok ok they are in real life to but at least taylor was smart enough to end the drama before it got worse Its so sad when hot guys are selfish I hated how things went with Micheal, it was sad to read, and how everthing just went to sht New friends, lost friends,new loves, old loves, new drama, old drama, and courage Taylor had the courage to fix things that were just not working all in all great book glad i took a chance on them and im wondering if there would be another id love to read but i dont want things druining the way it eneded well i ll just have to wait and see. I really hope we get Michael s view on things from this book, even if it s just a short story I hated how Taylor allowed that opportunistic skank Lauren ruin their relationship and truly hope he didn t get into anything with her His reaction to the whole Dylan thing kinda makes me question if Taylor was only imagining an attraction between her and Michael IDK Just found tat whole angle weird, esp with him actually allowing another chick to get so close when he knew Taylor s obvious feelings about her always being around Cannot wait for hope they continue to work things out because they are a fantabulous couple I m in the middle of a Just You series marathon today I finished Just You earlier today and had to continue on with Someone Else to see what happened next with Taylor and Michael I could understand their reasoning but I hated the way the Taylor s and Michael s relationship fell apart from the hardship of the long distance between them And I knew that no matter what she told herself, Dylan was just a distraction while she tried to move on and Dylan would have been an idiot to not know that himself I am glad that the book ended the way that it did Now onto book 3, Until Now, to get of the take on Robin This book was pretty good but I liked the first book better Michael goes away for college to Avery and Taylor is left They try to make a long distance relationship work but too much is against them that they end up breaking up Taylor starts hanging out with a different group of friends and meets Dylan He s a soccer player and completely different from Michael.Dylan has way too many problems and insecurities for him to be in a meaningful relationship Taylor is trying to convince herself that she doesn t miss Michael and uses this other guy to do it. review also found at starsI purchased this story immediately after finishing the first in the series as I was eager to see where Taylor and Michael s relationship would go once he headed of to college Without going in to the plot as I feel the synopsis pretty accurately details the general direction of the story I will say that this story and series really reminds me of what it is like to be in high school It deals with relationships both of the romantic and friendship variety and how complex they can be It deals with how people may not be who they appear to be on the surface unless you really take the time to discover them for yourself and not judge based on what others say or feel It deals with insecurity, dating, sex, inappropriate behavior and parents Regardless of your view on any of the above topics, it is something teenagers have to deal with on a regular basis and I feel this series outlines a lot of what they are faced with That in iteslef has made this series realistic Of course there is a third story in this series and I will be purchasing it as soon as I stop typing I really need to know where this story is going to end Forgot to mention that it is great to discover a Canadian author that I can put my support behind It is nice to see some home grown talent and be able to enjoy their work. Err, I accidentally read this without reading the first one Whoops It still made sense though, apart from me mixing up all the side characters.