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|Download Kindle î Pleasure and Pain (Submitting to Her #2) Æ Oh, We Re Going To Have To Punish You For That, Jones Aiden Jones Is Getting Used To The Idea That He Can Find True Happiness In A Female Led Relationship He S Seen The Light, And The Light Comes From His Own Personal Goddess, Who Might Restrict His Own Physical Release, But It S For His Own Good, Isn T It Zoey Schoenberg Is Sexy, Empowered And Driving Aiden Constantly WildWho Wouldn T Want A Relationship Like ThatBut Zoey Has A Dark Secret From Her Past That Now Rears Its Ugly Head A Business Trip Offers A Fantastic Opportunity For The Company And Their Careers, But It Also Brings With It Temptation For Zoey That Goes Beyond The Boundaries Of Her Dominant Submissive Arrangement With AidenAs Zoey Tests The Limits Of Her Power Over Aiden, Can He Handle It Can He Handle Her Can Perfect Love Prevail In A Relationship That S Never In Balance This Is The Second Part Of The Femdom Romance Submitting To Her, Revealing The Exhilarating Journey Of An Alpha Male Within A Truly Female Led Relationship And The Dangers That He Faces In Giving Up Control The Story That Started With The First Part, Female Ascendant, Concludes With The Third Part, Balance Of Power With All Three Volumes And A Complete Trilogy Available At