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Really enjoyed this romance set in Broome The descriptions made me want to experience Cable Beach and the hot springs This is a beautiful romance with some fun, quirky situations thrown in, some very painful secret sharing, and just enough emotional misunderstanding to make the HEA worth the wait.Although I have very little real experience with the world of bird nerds I really appreciated Hope Buchanan s outlook, passion, and genuine love of her birds and their sanctuary Our hero, Sullivan O Dare, also comes to see that everything that makes Hope different from any woman he s ever known and been intimate with, is everything she should be loved for.These two make for an emotional, fun, and endearing romance read What a beautiful part of our country to experience it in I m keen to sample a bit of Broome Time myself Note Eliza Redgold is a fellow Escape Publishing author I purchased this book because the setting and the subject matter attracted me It seemed a little different and I was right I m so glad I did and I m looking forward to readingfrom Eliza To read this review or others like it check out my site at www.homelovebooks.com I was a bit on the fence about whether to give this a three star rating or a four, so I rounded up I tend to really like Australian writers, I m not sure why, they just have a very appealing writing style, so this book was a no brainer for me to pick up So one of the things that stood out to me the most about this Australian writer is that she seems to have a great ability at painting a picture, it was easy for me to picture the hot springs that she was describing as well as the different birds that the characters were looking at I can t tell you how much I like when an author is able to paint me a picture with words I liked the storyline dealing with construction versus the environment, you have two characters on the opposites sides of the fight, coming together and having a good time together So Hope is big on birds, well big might be an understatement, and she s all about trying to keep the birds environment from being overrun with new developments, like the hotel Sullivan wants to build Thankfully Sullivan is willing to let Hope show him the world she is trying to protect, even though he might beinterested in her than the environment I really liked the time they spent together, they have kind of a good synergy together, there is a nice push and pull between them Plus the chemistry is spot on My big issue with the romance between Hope and Sullivan is that it s so quick I have no problem with the physical relationships and flirty relationship developing quickly, but it felt like a switch flipped and suddenly they were in love, it was too much to fast I wish the book had been a bit longer and there had beentime to develop the relationship, it would have let the characters feelings feel a little bitorganic There s some good action scenes in the book, and Hope has some events from her past that make her acomplex character that I enjoyed I enjoyed the surprise person that showed up to put a wrinkle in Sullivan s time in Australia There is a lot of talk about birds in the book, so if you aren t a fan of the environment or animals, then I don t think this is a book you would enjoy But if you are one of those people, then I think you ll enjoy having the issue being the backdrop for a romance. Hope Buchanan strives to protect the wildlife sanctuary that is Hot Tropics Sullivan O Dare is a developer who is seeking to build a multi million dollar hotel in the area of Hot Tropics, which would devastate the wildlife, obliterating Hot Tropics and Hope s dreams and passions all in one fell swoop Hope sets about changing Sullivan s mind by pulling out all stops and taking him on a journey of discovery of the wildlife and hidden areas that would be in danger if one of his developments are built in the sanctuary s vicinity Little do they know, the expedition they set on will change them both forever.A heartfelt read with pleasant characters with many laugh out loud moments The meeting scene was absolutely hilarious Hope and Sullivan s introduction was anything but traditional Both caught unaware in many instances but both drawn together like magnets The journey that Sullivan and Hope travel on is sometimes joyous, tumultuous, hectic and even dangerous The author captures the character emotions in the book splendidly heartfelt, loyal and downright shady characters makes Hide Seek one pleasing read.4 Shining Stars ARC received from the Publisher Netgalley for an honest review Not a fan of this one I found this book a little hard going at times The characters were good, but I think if I had a real passion for birds, I would have really loved this book However, it did make Broome sound like such a beautiful place that I want to go and visit and experience all these beautiful destinations now. ARC kindly provided by Netgalley and Harlequin Enterprises Australia in exchange for an honest review Tales interwoven that just kept going on in a place I would like to visit Broome, WA enjoyed this despite not being the usual crime murder mystery genre I like An easy read while on holiday Time for the Beach 3 in 1 Australian Sellers `READ E-PUB ☠ Hide & Seek ↬ He Thought He Knew All There Was To Know About The Birds And The Bees, But He S About To Get SchooledA Little Birdie Tells Hope Buchanan That American Hotel Developer Sullivan O Dare Isn T Just In Town For A Holiday As The Manager Of Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary, Hope Has Than A Vested Interest In Protecting Natural HabitatsHope Pulls Out All The Stops To Convince Sullivan To Come Out With Her To The WA Bush, With Its Beautiful Trees And Unique Wildlife Surely The Stunning Scenery And A Dose Of Broome Time Will Show Him What Is At Stake But What Is Initially About Saving The Sanctuary Soon Becomes About Finding A Connection Could It Be That Hope Has Finally Found The Bird Of A Feather To Form Her Own Flock