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Very interesting read Its been years since I have read Lavinia Kent, but this surprised me in how well I liked the tone of it Even though the first bedroom scene together is very long, it still has a romance novel feel to it then a erotic feel which is what I was expecting Both character were utterly likable and sweet at times. Free 11 23 15 bdsm historic romance If anyone is keeping a record of longest sex scenes in romance novels, I think Mastering the Marquess is a strong contender The first sexual encounter between our hero and heroine spans 7 chapters Chapters 3 9, but, as I read through it, it didn t feel overlong or over extended I love how thoroughly Lavinia Kent explored this moment, making it clear how important and pivotal this scene is to Louisa and Geoffrey s love story I think it was wonderful how Geoffrey and Louisa s love developed out of very honest conversation, shared intimacy, and, perhaps, a mutual curiosity Are you ready to proceed he asked.She tensed, bit harder at her lip I don t know I will promise not to laugh again unless you tickle me I should warn you I do not like to be tickled He made his voice severe I don t think I care for it either, although it has been a decade or since anyone has tickled me We agree to no tickling then, although some things may be ticklish You will have to tell me if it is too much I agree to no tickling Good, she d agreed to proceed without even realising it Should we have any other rules I don t know I think that should be clear by now I know nothing Damn She sounded unsure again We can keep it simple All you have to do is tell me if you want me to slow down or stop I can manage that And will you do the same loc 977 987As I write this review,I m consciously avoiding the term dark to keep from sounding redundant, but there s no other word to use to describe the encounters of our hero and heroine together they test the boundaries of pain pleasure and try to define their relationship on their own terms A necessary thing because Louisa and Geoffrey are members of Polite Society and such things are never spoken about Louisa frets about her sexual awakening and struggles with questions about what is proper or permitted There s a point in Mastering the Marquess where I felt Lavinia Kent could ve ended the story, and it would have been satisfying, but it would also mean answering only half of Louisa s question, and this is, perhaps, why the author decided to push forward and continue to tell the story of Louisa and Geoffrey After this point, the story takes a dark turn exposing the lengths of cruelty that the villain of the story, Countess Ormande, was willing to go through for Geoffrey and pushed Louisa ask if is she willing to go that far for the sake of her love for him It s at that moment that I came to admire the heroine because, despite her innocence and lack of knowledge experience about Geoffrey s lifestyle, she knew herself and knew her own limits It takes a brave and confident woman to take a stand, and Louisa is that woman.Geoffrey s story is a quest for acceptance While he has embraced the dark side of his desires, he wonders if he could find a woman who would embrace and accept him for who he is He straddles both sides of himself, wondering if he is the straightlaced gentleman his father and sister see him, or if he is the dominant lover who takes pleasure in the darker aspects of sex It s interesting how he was able to be and enjoy both with Louisa, but, he worried that he might break her, so he kept controlled himself I wondered if he would have been content living and barely skimming the surface of the deeper aspects of his desires The final encounter with Countess Ormande and Louisa also addresses this.Unfortunately, when the story took this dark turn, it also took an uneven tone and an abrupt change in pace, which I thought it was a bit jarring and confusing and it took me a while to get my bearings While it gave the story a definitive resolution and answered all of Louisa and Geoffrey s questions , I thought it had taken away a lot of the story s original charm, luster and momentum Mastering the Marquess is Book 1 in Lavinia Kent s Bound and Determined series As mentioned on the author s website, this is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences. Part One Great Mastering the Marquess started off as charming romance And what a unique premise Louisa was never able to have sex with her husband John due to his war injuries Now that she s a widow, she feels that she must lose her virginity before remarrying or risk being socially ostracized and her husbands memory being shamed Far fetched Sure But the chemistry between Geoffrey and Louisa was there The romance scenes were sweet and sexy and whole vibe was working Part Two GoodThe pace of the story didn t work as well in Part Two Parts were, dare I say, dragging I did like that the relationship between Geoffrey and Louisa progressed in a very natural fashion Their mutual realization that they loved each other and weren t just romanticizing their first night together was quite nice to read.Part Three ClusterfuckWhat the fucking fuck happened It was such a nice story Then Part Three ruined it A totally left field plot development, uneven tone, and some really gross actions on the parts of several characters left me deeply unsatisfied and wishing I would have stopped after Part 1.Get ready for a majorly pissed off and spoilery rant view spoiler Okay, here we go So The Countess For those who haven t read Marquess, The Countess is a pretty fucking scary BDSM queen with a taste for giving and receiving pain She has the hots for Geoffrey Geoffrey decided that he wasn t into blood and whips to the same scary and illegal degree that The Countess was Affections denied So what better way to convince Geoffrey to get back with her spooky ass then to kidnap his new wife Louisa, tie her up and sexually torture her in the name of kink Surely when Geoffrey finds them he will want to join, and then love her forever Why the fuck was this even included The Countess was a character I could have done without from the beginning, but those scenes were entirely unnecessary and unappealing Still, I could have forgiven the kidnapping and torture plot What happened after, I cannot.Louisa, who up to this point has been an utter doll of a character, decides that after that whole kidnapping mess she is physically and mentally ready to have sex with her husband again The only problem is, Geoffrey doesn t want to Let s see how she handles that, shall weNo He caught her forearms, holding her still No, he repeated, his voice ringing with authority She stroked his length, feeling him swell and move beneath her touch He forced her hand to stillness Do I need to say no again No matter how many times I say that I think you need time, that I want to be sure that you are ready, that I am not sure it is wise so soon after, you are going to keep trying Probably She wiggled her fingers beneath his hand And you did not say any of those things You just said no And that, my dear friends and unicorns, was my breaking point Coercion is not, is never sexy hide spoiler Lavinia Kent is one of my autobuy author for me Mastering the Marquess has some erogenous scenes where you can feel and smell everything Mrs Kent describes Louisa, Lady Brookingston asks for help from Madame Rouge She does not want to be a virgin wife any She wants to remarry, but not shame her late husband s memory Madame Rouge is sympathetic to Louise s plight and she thinks she has the perfect candidate Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston needs to have control outside and inside the bedroom When madam asks him for a favor, Geoffrey could not resist It is a great book about discovery and new experiences I honestly could not put this sexual stimulating book down I can t wait for her next book I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley for an honest review. SAVE 3 .Pdf ⚆ Mastering The Marquess (Bound And Determined, #1) ☢ One Night Of Fierce Passion And Unbound Pleasure Leaves Two Strangers Craving Much In Lavinia Kent S Sumptuous Novel Of Sensual Discovery The Time Has Come For The Widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, To Move On, But She Refuses To Remarry At The Cost Of Shaming Her Late Husband S Memory Their Six Years Together Were Wedded Bliss Even If A War Injury Prevented Him From Fulfilling His Marital Duties Only One Woman Can Help Louisa Madame Rouge, The Discreet Proprietress Of A Club Where London S Elite Explore Their Wildest Fantasies Geoffrey, The Marquess Of Swanston, Has No Intention Of Agreeing To Deflower An Anonymous Virgin But When Madame Rouge Tempts Him With The Absolute Power He Ll Have Over A Woman Who Knows Nothing Of Carnal Delights, He S Intrigued Control Is The One Thing He Cannot Resist And Control Is What He Loses During His Night With The Blindfolded Beauty He Longs To Take Her Further, To Leave His Mark Upon Her Perfect Behind, But The Mystery Woman Refuses To See Him Again Instead Geoffrey Reluctantly Agrees To Take A Wife, The Widow Of His Dear Friend, Lord Brookingston Fating Them Both To A Wicked Surprise Mastering The Marquess Is Intended For Mature Audiences Praise For Mastering The Marquess Steamy Lavinia Kent S Lively Prose Keeps The Reader Drawn In From Start To Finish Library Journal Starred Review Sexy, Steamy, And Completely Erotic An Entertaining Read Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews A Tale Of Sexual Exploration And Liberation The Hottest Historical Romance Story I Ve Ever Read Heroes And Heartbreakers A Very Sexy Read I Would Recommend It To Anyone Who Enjoys Historical Erotica Chelle S Book Report An Erotic Historical Romance, When Done Right, Turns On The Rather Taboo Idea That Women Are Sexual Creatures As The Basis For Sexual Exploration And Makes For A Compelling Read And Lavinia Kent Does It Right In Mastering The Marquess Polished Bookworm Mastering The Marquess Was A Wonderful Historical Romance Very Spicy, But Also Sweet And An Enjoyable Read Romance Lovers, If You Want Something With Some Heat, Then This Is A Book You Ll Want To Check Out Imagine A WorldIncludes A Special Message From The Editor, As Well As Excerpts From Other Loveswept Titles This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Wowzaso I only recommend this book if you are ready to go full steam ahead Mastering the Marquess is a story about a woman who does her best to honor her husbands memory as she searches for a new one, and a man who is, essentially, prepared to live two different lives in an effort to sate his desires.I have to say right off the bat that this author has an amazing gift for detailing a scene and setting it up to make it feel like the reader is in the room watching as everything unfolds She was so masterful there were times I felt like a voyeur.I liked the main characters in this book They were on an even playing field in that they were both so preoccupied with how things should be that they didn t realize how things could be Louisa was a very likable heroine She genuinely loved her first husband and took drastic measures to ensure his reputation remain intact even after death While trying to be timid and bashful at times as society demanded , who she was always shone through and she was a determined and, at times, feisty heroine I enjoyed Geoffrey s character, as well He knew marriage and an heir were his duty to his family, but he was torn between propriety and desire, certain that his two worlds could not collide And though his marriage was his duty, he didn t treat his wife as though she was a burden.I really enjoyed the pacing of this story and the way things unfolded Watching Geoffrey s world get turned upside down and being introduced to a way of life he d never considered was fun to see, and I loved witnessing Louisa s journey of self discovery These characters really complemented each other, and they both brought out facets of the others personality that had never been brought to light before.The chemistry between Louisa and Geoffrey was established from the moment they met, and it only escalated from there The love scenes in this book were incredibly intense and sexy.The reader does have to suspend disbelief a bit, as it s hard to imagine Geoffrey didn t recognize Louisa from their original encounter But it makes for a fun story, and it wasn t something that bothered me.Props to the author view spoiler for putting Louisa in extreme danger and actually having horrible things happen to her So often the heroine is rescued by the hero before any physical or emotional harm is brought to her, but that wasn t the case here I think it made it much realistic, and it also was a prime opportunity to strengthen Louisa and Geoffrey s bond hide spoiler A super steamy, yet delightfully sweet read, Mastering the Marquess was a wonderful historical romance I really liked this book It was a lovely, enjoyable read.Louisa was a wonderful heroine She was a perfect lady, but a lady who wasn t afraid to step out of the bounds of propriety when it was called for And she might act like a quiet lady, but if she got mad, all bets were off I thought she was a lovely heroine and I really liked her.Geoffrey was also great After living with his careless parents who would sooner ruin the family name and fortune than get their act together, he had an obsession with maintaining control But, he was also very sweet and protective over those he loved He was just wonderful, other than a couple of times I wanted to whack him upside the head for being oblivious, and I adored him.The romance was very hot The chemistry between these two was off the charts and there was a ton of steaminess to keep you fanning your face And they were also very sweet together They understood and accepted each other and were unwilling to let anything come between them I thought they were a perfect couple.The plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.Mastering the Marquess was a wonderful historical romance It was very spicy, but also sweet and an enjoyable read Romance lovers, if you want something with some heat, then this is a book you ll want to check out I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book that I liked although I felt it was a little too long The time has come for the widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, to move on although she doesn t want to remarry because she doesn t want to shame her late husband she was married for six years and due to her husbands war injury he was unable to consummate the marriage when means she is still a virgin Louisa goes to Madame Rouge for help Madame Rouge tempts Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston into deflowering Louisa After the deed is done she refuses to see him again so he agrees to take a wife who was a widow of a dear friend Lord Brookingston and both of them get a surprise The sex scenes between these two were hot Geoffrey who demands order and control in his life and BDSM in the bedroom I really liked Louisa she was smart and independent and determined not to settle I really liked both of the MC s in this book The book also took a weird turn in the second half when Louisa was kidnapped and tortured sexually I found it to be a little unnecessary and too long and I still gave it 4 stars This was my first time reading this author this is the first book in a new series to me The book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.