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What a great great great read A few small issues that bothered me, but overall, a wonderful read I could not put it down Valerian Sophie brilliant story Phelan and Juliette even better I would have enjoyed a epilogue for both couples I believe the author s note states that this book was written in a similar style to Georgette Heyer I think I need to put these old shades by Heyer higher up on my TBR list 5 star book. Anne Stuart, historical romance, enough said sigh.. READ PDF ⚖ Shadow Dance ♫ Best Book, Shadow Dance By Anne Stuart This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shadow Dance, Essay By Anne Stuart Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I hate writing spoiler reviews but I don t think I can relay what I liked about this book without using spoilers, considering the book wasn t really great until the end.The story is about two brothers on the run from murder charges One dresses in drag and plays as his brothers wife The transvestite falls in love with a blue blooded woman who is pretty uninteresed in dudes and the other brother falls for a woman who is in drag and on the run from her abusive husband This is why I got the book and stayed with it until the end I love gender benders and this had a 2 for 1 deal.The first 80% of the book is predictable and is just below the bar for as funny as the premise warrents, and then the resolutions begin and the two heroes are outed as completely dispassionate and useless where as the women settle everything with awe inspiring practicality.The transvestite get s revealed as a man to his lady friend who remains pretty asexual to the end after she s planned out a lesbian union for them She get s mad and leaves He shrugs and sulks No attempt to go after her or claim what is his as we see in most romance novels After a few hours she comes back and forgives him She efficiently albeit grudgingly re works her lesbian romance to fit his cock in.Funny.There is one man, the other woman s husband, who is mentioned throughout the novel as the Big Bad Wolf and it seems obvious the book will end with a heroric rescue of his wife from his clutchesbut instead he shows up at around 2 3rds of the way in, the brothers let him stay with them and take his wife with him when he leaves You can t very well kill someone who has manners as nice as his A few scenes later the wife awakens to find an old woman over her with a knife and her husband slashed to death next to her in bed The old woman is all I met your husband He s kind of a dick so I killed him I killed my maid too, so you better get my bags for me Really funny.The dramatic climax of the book has the non trans brother making a valent attempt at a rescue of the newly widdowed trans woman from the murderous elderly woman, but he ends up being 0% useful and his love interest falls to her death in the ocean He sulks and goes home Hours later she shows up at his door and his reaction is, I thought you died, and she says something to the effect of, I can swim, dumbass The EndI loved this book. DNF at 55%The main hero is one of the biggest alpholes I ve seen, and a rapey dick to boot He keeps threatening the heroine Apparently later on he sends her back to the abusive husband she s been fleeing, but I m giving up before I reach that bit The main heroine is cross dressing as a boy, and it could have been a lot of fun, but so far it s mostly the hero glowering at her and thinking about how he wouldn t be able to stop himself from fucking her.I only picked this up because I thought the main hero was going to be cross dressing as a womanbut he s the hero s brother, and it barely comes up and they always make sure to mention that he s a real man and doesn t enjoy being in a dress Ugh It all left a very bad taste in my mouth. This is a wonderful romance of disguises and hidden identities Juliette has fled an abusive husband Disguised as a boy, she is rescued from the unsavory attentions of a mincing gentleman However, Phelan and his wife, Valerie, are not what they seem Valerie is really Valerian, a man Falsely accused of murder of his father, he is hiding from the authorities, hoping to find the real murderer This book is funny, sexy, romantic, and thrilling I have read it numerous times since its publication in 1993 Anne Stuart is a favorite writer of mine I would highly recommend this book. I have not been dissapointed by Anne Stuart yet Good book. How are people ever supposed to get into romance novels when blurbs like these exist SPOILER TIME the two couples teased at the start get together in loving relationships Along the way, they have orgasms in one another s company I don t wish you to pry, but I m quite sure that if you all were to be impertinent with your acquaintances, you d find that many of them are in this same situation Are ecstasy , rapturous , fevered passion and radiant really necessary OK, admittedly it s a very special case of blue balls when it s 1815 and you get intimately close to the girl you re in love with only because you re dressed as a woman, but relax.Meanwhile, the blurb wastes no time slobbering over the passionate beauty of the four characters, so wrapped up in this obsession that only one of them gets an unconnected adjective Sophie is confused Since her defining character trait is her scholarly wish to learn, this is odd, to say the least It s a good book Yes, the focus is romance The ways the two very different couples get into loving relationships is compelling probably so than the ways your acquaintances got into them and the orgasms don t lack interest either But I ve said it before about this genre, and I ll say it again if a man wrote this, the blurb wouldn t look like this. I wanted to read this book because of crossdressing, obviously OBVIOUSLY From the back synopsis, I assumed Valerian was the male lead having to disguise himself in women s clothing, but alas, he was only part of the secondary romance Phelan was the hero, and I REALLY didn t like him.After reading so many Anne Stuart novels, I ve come to recognize certain similarities in her work One is how the thought process of the heros and how they interact with the heroines This may work once or twice, but it s gotten to be so annoying for me Yes, we get it, you don t care Only you REALLY DO Yes, you re so dark and clever and able to see through every ruse and anticipate every move Good for you I don t care.Valerian was a much likeable character, and as a result I liked the secondary romance a lot better than the main one With both Valerian and Phelan s love interest, Juliette, masquerading as the opposite sex while engaging in their own romances, this book was full of opportunities for interesting musings on sexuality Unfortunately, every single one of those opportunities was ignored or outright dismissed.Example Valerian s love interest, Sophie, becomes attracted to him while he s dressed as a woman, without knowing he s a man Valerian KNOWS she s not attracted to women, only to him Even though he s disguised as a woman and Sophie has NO IDEA he s a man Also, an openmouthed kiss between women is WRONG.I understand this is a historical novel and being open about one s alternative sexuality was not quite the thing, but that doesn t mean authors can t explore these avenues Although the writing itself was quite flat and uninspired, the conversations between the characters were often engaging surprisingly so However, the book could have been so much interesting with a few conversations about, say, different kinds of attraction.Overall, this wasn t the worst Stuart novel I ve read I feel like I ve made this statement before , but this just was rather dull despite the murder plot and crossdressing Phelan wasn t interesting at all as a hero and the women were predictably innocent heroines, even though one of them was married There were several other nitpicky issues I had view spoiler such as Juliette being afraid her husband would rape her when he took her back from Phelan, despite his having been impotent every other time they were together hide spoiler Re read Buddy read with Blacky 333Over the years, I ve read this book many times in French, this was my first read in English This book is simply AWESOME In a day and age where most authors don t seem able to write stand alone any or worse start writing serials left and right a fraud that positively drives me mad , Anne Stuart comes with a jewel of a book With Shadow Dance we don t have 1 but 2 full and totally different intermingled love stories beautifully wrapped up within 377 pages Not only both couples are awesome, the dialogs are rich and full of double meanings, the banters deliciously funny, the sexual tension scorching hot, but we also have a bit of suspense, the language is appropriate for the historical time, and last but not least there was no typo that I was aware of Reading this book was pure bliss 3Blacky, thank you It was fun reading this book with you I should have counted all the 3 you used DDDDD