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New Hope for the Dead is Charles Willeford s follow up to Miami Blues, the debut appearance of series detective Moseley Except it s an entirely different beast of a novel Willeford clearly didn t anticipate Moseley becoming a repeat performer in that first outing, making him secondary to the crazy Freddie Frenger Jr and so this second novel gave him an opportunity to really flesh out the character, establish his world and really outline where this series of books is headed.This time out Moseley is far less of a buffoon for example, instead of actively wallowing in how far he has fallen as a man Hoke is proactive, he knows things are bed and he wants to be a better man for his partner, his daughters, himself It s an interesting flip but written in such a way, with such skill and heart that it feels less like artifice on the part of the author and closer to a natural progression of the character.Instead of focussing on a particular crime or series of crimes for his detective to solve Willeford uses the novel to critique the politics and social development of Miami in the 80s and this combined with the fascinating character study that is the portrait of Sergeant Hoke Moseley marks the series as unique and worthy of a place in any crime aficionados collection. I might not read any other authors apart from Charles Willeford for awhile This guy Man.I enjoyed this just as much as Miami Blues even though I only gave it 4 stars versus the 5 I gave to MB The crime solvey bit that frames the middle parts is a little meh compared to that of MB, but man oh man the middle parts of this book Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I burst out laughing at least three times, and if Hoke Moseley s sex talk with his daughters could be turned into a 2 minute play, I would see the damn thing every single night There are only 2 Hoke Moseley books remaining, so I m going to read a stand alone Willeford next so I can make Hoke last just a little longer. Lacking the great antagonist of Willeford s first novel, Miami Blues played in the film of the same name by a young Alec Baldwin in full anarchic, scene chewing glee , New Hope for the Dead seems to suffer from a sense of direction and purpose as the first novel in the series Indeed, it was bit of a plod until Hoke Moseley and crew undertook the burden of 50 cold case files thrown at them by their ambitious boss while his two teenage daughters show up unannounced on his doorstep The novel gathers some teeth as Moseley simultaneously juggles finding a place of residence, an emotional, homeless pregnant partner, two young daughters fending off ineligible suitors in South Beach, a severe lack of funds and some crazy criminals in all shapes and forms Willeford purposely uses Mosely s heavy handed, blunt approach for some bewildering, humorous situations involving sex education with his teenage daughters, and an explanation of a graphic crime scene, complete with photographs, with a fellow cop while his young daughters stand by nonplussed This book is unfortunately suffering from a severe case of middle book identity crisis and at times Willeford seems to be rambling incoherently in a bohemian haze It s occasionally heartened by some interesting detective work and is probably the only detective novel I have read where a case is solved by anal sex or lack thereof.This novel is head shaking at times and is probably only for hard core Willeford fans Also, it should be mentioned, disturbingly, there is an underlying current of racism and sexism which I am unsure was Willeford speaking through his character s mouth or the character himself It was a bit of a shock to read such blatant prejudice by the main character in print from something as current as 1985, but I guess maybe I am a bit na ve in that respect given the troubles in such places as Ferguson and Balti today Be warned, as I am sure it will turn off some readers. Almost nothing happens in this book but I d rather hang out with Hoke Mosley than almost anyone on Earth [ Download Kindle ] ☩ New Hope for the Dead ♒ Miami Homicide Detective Hoke Moseley Is Called To A Posh Miami Neighborhood To Investigate A Lethal Overdose There He Meets The Alluring Stepmother Of The Decedant, And Begins To Wonder About Dating A Witness Meanwile, He Has Been Threatened With Suspension By His Ambitious New Chief Unless He Leaves His Beloved, If Squalid, Suite At The El Dorado Hotel, And Moves Downtown With Free Housing Hard To Come By, Hoke Is Desperate To Find A New Place To Live His Difficulties Are Only Amplified By An Assignment To Re Investigate Fifty Unsolved Murders, The Unexpected Arrival Of His Two Teenage Daughters, And A Partner Struggling With An Unwanted Pregnancy With Few Options And Even Fewer Dollars, He Decides That The Suspicious And Beautiful Stepmother Of The Dead Junkie Might Be A Compromised Solution To All Of His ProblemsPacked With Atmosphere And Humor, New Hope For The Dead Is A Classic Murder Mystery By One Of The True Masters Of The Genre Now Back In Print, Charles Willeford S Tour De Force Is An Irresistible Invitation To Become Acquainted With One Of The Greatest Detective Characters Of All Time After Miami Blues, which was about the bad guy as much as Hoke Mosely, the good guy, comes a meandering tale of Hoke s life Dark and gritty in spots, gentle and likable overall. There s an OD that might be a homicide, but the real question is, will Mosely take the house sitting job where he has to jerk off a dog I loved the psychopath narrative in Miami Blues so much that whenever Mosely showed up I got a little impatient But here he s a great character, and this thing reads like a tightly plotted Bukowski novel Hard for me not to picture Richard Jenkins or Ben Gazzara as Mosely. What a weird novel Willeford was to crime fiction what Philip.K.Dick was to sci fi Hoke Moseley is unlike any other police detective in the crime fiction genre He is almost like an average middle class guy in some ways he has to deal with rent and alimony, he has not had sex in a long time and in this book, he has to take care of his teenage daughters while he deals with gluttonous cravings and obesity Despite being a policeman, he faces housing problems caused by mass immigration and white flight in Florida He is also tremendously good at his job and nothing ever escapes him because of which he has to fore go an opportunity to sleep with a beautiful woman Moseley s interactions with his daughters was the best part of the novel Unlike MIAMI BLUES and SIDESWIPE this Hoke Moseley novel does not have the charismatic villain Willeford is not at the top of his game the sharp and epic dialog is a bit scarce and the case investigations seemed like they were put together too soon But reading about Hoke Moseley has become like meeting up with good friends along with Hank Chinaski, Holden Caufield, Enid and Mark Renton So I am willing to forgive a few mistakes. I like Hoke Moseley and all but this follow up to Miami Blues was dull It was a like a very odd episode of Father Knows Best Hardly anything happens except for conversations with Hoke s coworkers, Hoke searching for a place to live, and a weak ass mystery.There were some funny quotes and conversations that saved this from a one star review The biggest difference between this installment and Miami Blues was the back and forth plots of Hoke and the main criminal character I must say I preferred the dual narratives of the first book Maybe that was because Junior was such a great villain I hope the series picks up. A Hoke Moseley novel is to literature as comfort food is to cuisine You have to like the guy because he s just like you or at least some of your friends He struggles with his finances, his relationships, his job, just like a real person He s not above taking advantage of a situation for his own benefit but he s nowhere near a bad person, just an average joe and that is what makes him so appealing.