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READ PDF ⚷ Riding Home ⛏ Perfect Is Good Imperfect Is Even Better City Slicker Lawyer Jeannette Trenton Is About As Welcome At The Last Chance Ranch As A Rattlesnake At A Square Dance She S There To Atone For One Major Mistake But Jeannette S Pretty Sure Righting Her Big Wrong Does Not Include Thinking Lustful Thoughts About The Ranch S New Cowhand Zach Powell Knows Jeannette S Type A Wound Up Tight Perfectionist With One Eye On Her Email At All Times Heck, That Used To Be Him She Needs To Shake It Loose, Face Her Imperfections And Allow Herself To Make Mistakes There S Definitely No Mistake About The Wickedly Sexy Vibe Between Them This Gal Is Gonna Have To Cowboy Up Or Miss The Ride Of Her Life I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Harlequin in exchange for an honest review Jeannette has been a big part of the last two books, Riding High and Riding Hard She was Regan s fianc , at least she was until she was caught in bed with his best friend, Drake Regan got his happily ever after in Riding High and even Drake found his in Riding Hard Now it s time for even Jeannette to find hers.She may have done the most awful thing imaginable, but everyone makes mistakes She s definitely no exception Jeannette may have wanted everyone to accept her at Last Chance, but after meeting Zach she no longer cares about anyone s opinion except his.Zach got caught up in a lifestyle that turned him into someone he didn t like Working at Last Chance is his way of escaping, of becoming someone he enjoys being, but if he knows it or not there will always be that little part of him that longs for the challenge being a lawyer gave him It only takes a certain someone to give him the gentle push he needs to discover the path he truly wants in order to find what s truly satisfying.If you like cowboys and outdoor showers then you ll love Riding Home It s filled with humor, seduction, romance, and little bit of heartache The perfect combination for a good read.My Favorite Laughable Moment It was so funny when Zach tried to explain to Jack that Jeannette was staying with him Easy, cowboy Don t strain your brain My Favorite Moment A dance It s when Zach lets it slip what his biggest concern is. Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 Color me surprised Riding Home is the book that I never thought would happen Remember Jeannette from Riding High You know the ex fiance that cheated on Regan with his best friend It would have been so easy for Ms Thompson to leave Jeannette and the best friend Drake as the bad guys After all they did cheat behind the back of the man they both professed to love and care about She didn t though She gave Drake his redemption story in the last book Riding Hard Now, in the 16th book of the Sons of Chance series we get Jeannette s redemption I am not a fan of cheating at all and would normally pass on a book that tries to paint a cheater in a different light However, I m pretty invested in this series and was curious Jeannette obviously did not start out as a character that I thought I would like Even in the beginning I found myself thinking she didn t come across as someone who was sorry I mean she didn t even dress the part of the people that she wanted to gain forgiveness from But, then I started to think would I have believed her anyhad she been dressed in cowboy boots and western wear Probably not In that case I would ve said she was being fake and not sincere The woman couldn t win with me Once it was pointed out in the book that she never offered excuses for her actions only owned up to them and sadly took what anyone had to say about her I started to realize that she s human and made a human mistake.I liked Zach quite a bit He was pretty much on the ranch to gain some control of his own crazy, high profile, fancy life that he left in the big city That being said he fit right into the slower paced ranch life I liked for Jeannette that she had one person that wasn t immediately judging her The romance that quickly and passionately developed between this couple seemed genuine I think it helped that both characters were aware of the tug and pull you get with the high stress world that they were taking a break from Not to mention because of Jeannette s reputation from the beginning Zach had the opportunity to see the real Jeannette at her worst.I apologize to Ms Thompson for questioning her brilliance and thinking that maybe she had lost her mind I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am happy that all of the parties have finally gotten their happily ever after.This book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Riding Home was one of those books that I didn t love or hate I read it, Ior less enjoyed it and I will probably never think of it again There was nothing in this book that offended me or annoyed me but there was nothing about it that I loved either.Vicki Lewis Thompson is an experienced author, she knows how to put a story together and how to write well I am not going to dispute that This book was well written and the story was thought out but there was something missing from Riding Home There is a lot of sex in this book, maybe too much If the characters had spent a little less time under the sheets I might have gotten to know them better and I might have liked them a little , because when I think about how this book could have been improved it is the characters that come to mind.Both Jeannette and Zach are unremarkable It was always going to be hard to like Jeannette, she cheated on her fianc with his best friend so she doesn t get off to a good start Her issues with Zach being a rancher also bothered me I didn t know why she couldn t let him figure things out in his own time She threatens their relationship just because she doesn t want him to be a rancher when he is a trained lawyer If you love someone does it matter Zach was coming to his own conclusions and working things out he didn t need to be pushed by her I didn t really understand why Zach didn t tell her where to go, he was a bit of a wet blanket and there wasn t all that much to him if I am honest.The romance was alright, it was heavy on the love scenes and there was great chemistry but it didn t really go beyond that I can t really figure out how these two fell in love with one another Riding Home didn t really work for me There were some good moments but it wasn t enough to make me love this one. This is one of thesensually exciting installments of the Sons of Chance series RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Sons of Chance