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Good adaptation, well written I have some problems, but they re all issues with the source screenplay, which I also still find pretty good.Not docking a star for this, but I do have to caution people that the Ultimate Edition, while the most readily available form of this otherwise pretty rare book, is littered with formatting errors and typos For a somewhat higher priced collectible edition, it s appalling how little work they put into crafting it The book is still very readable, though, and the extras from author Grabowsky are a welcome treat. This is a great adaptation, I personally think that this book makes you forget about the movie but keeping the main story intact. Boogeyman Boogeyman Jamie s uncle is the Boogeyman This ultimate edition has the original novelization, never released epilogue, an article from a magazine from 2010 and a short story called the falling As you read the falling, you realize how much better his writing got.During the book it had a lot of typos anddashes then I ve ever seen in my life If you are a fan of the Halloween franchise then this is for you It really isn t a great standalone novel The typos are distracting and they even use a wrong name a few times This book is great to add to your collection but not worth readingthen once I would opt out and buy the original. I finished reading Nicholas Grabowsky s Halloween IV, the Special Limited Edition Cool Great additional storytelling I ve seen the movie, it was my favorite after the original In the novelization, Grabowsky delves deeper, gives youto chew on,depth,fun,horror Get it here After finding out there were novelizations of my favorite movie franchise, I had to read them Though I couldnt get my hands on the 2nd one, I managed to get book 1 and 4 The first one wassuspenseful and I loved it This one was simply the movie in words It didnt add anything extra to lengthen the story, no background info to help better understand the curse It was a descent read, still scary, still frightful. Fast paced adaption but full of typos and poor formatting There were minor changes to the story here and there but overall it s a beat for beat retelling of the movie. I loved this book `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ↡ Halloween IV ⇷ It S The Return Of Michael Myers In The Definitive Halloween Novelization By Special Arrangement With Trancas International Films, Fantasy Horror Author Nicholas Grabowsky Presents A Special, Limited Edition Of His Novel, The Way It Was Meant To Be Complete With Additional And Expanded Chapters, It Adds An Exciting Dimension To The Michael Myers Legacy