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I d feel sorry for this author if it weren t for the fact that she seems to make way too many totally avoidable mistakes and then blames rich people or society for them Seriously, you re going to apologize for having kids you can t afford because you didn t want to bother taking a daily birth control pill This after admitting two chapters back that you were a daily pill popper Oh, and you don t want to hear my lecture about the fact that you smoke and that s contributing to the fact that you can t eat right Quitting smoking alone could go a long way towards helping you save for a decent car, you know That and this sense of entitlement, bragging that you can treat yourself to 70 jeans but can t be bothered to put together a nice suit which could be done via thrift stores, saving a few bucks here and there, and watching for sales come on, you have internet but can t be buggered to glance online for upcoming sales events at retail stores Seriously I m poor, too so don t DARE call me a judgmental rich person but this year I actually can put together a decent Christmas for my loved ones because I DON T smoke, have kids and make a lot of stupid decisions I can conveniently blame on others Maybe if you take a little time to actually THINK further than five minutes into the future, then maybe you would have a future. This is a tough book to review I almost feel like any opinion I express will make someone mad Since I have mixed opinions I might be able to tick off nearly everyone First of all, this was a courageous book It takes a lot of nerve to write a book like this It is also an angry book, and a very defensive one This author is poor, very ticked off about it, engages in a lot of self destructive behavior, spends a lot of time justifying that, and telling rich people what they ought to do Her definition of rich Anyone who can go to the bathroom at work without permission It s abrasive and full of profanity There is no understanding at all of economic laws or the problems of business The book demands a lot from its readers.I am a middle class person, although hardly a rich one I can however go to the bathroom when I want I took a lot of economics classes My husband used to own his own business I understand how economics works and I know that, for example, requiring all businesses to pay a higher minimum wage will result in fewer jobs, distortions in the labor market, trending to very large businesses, and only a little help to many working families That said, this book is important because of the immediateness and vigor of the story of this author and what it has to tell us about the people around us It is impossible to ignore this book, once read It is important for us as a society to hear this demand for dignity and respect for poor low wage workers We NEED to know what it feels like to be downwardly mobile To have no real hope of ever getting ahead To work in a job where you need permission to go to the bathroom and your purse is searched when you leave To have a disaster, large or small, derail your entire life and, with no cushion or support, have it destroy your living standard To know how hard it can be to access the services that are out there, and how humiliating it must be to be looked down upon by social workers, welfare office workers and charitable organization workers To know what it s like to have to make a choice between health care and a car to get to work To be exhausted by physically demanding jobs but still have to walk home, take care of your family, and then go to another job To feel so hopeless that smoking, drinking and drugs make perfect sense To choose fast food, because keeping food and trying to cook in your apartment will only make the roaches worse This is a lot to think about, and, as a society, we are pretty much failing here I see people around me every day at my job, and I hope I ve gained some perspective I ll never believe that government is the solution it seems to me it s the architect of a lot of these problems But we all bear responsibility for the plight of the low wage workers around us It s time to come to terms with that and figure out what needs to be done. [Free Kindle] ⚇ Hand to Mouth ⚔ We In America Have Certain Ideas Of What It Means To Be Poor Linda Tirado, In Her Signature Brutally Honest Yet Personable Voice, Takes All Of These Preconceived Notions And Smashes Them To Bits She Articulates Not Only What It Is To Be Working Poor In America Yes, You Can Be Poor And Live In A House And Have A Job, Even Two , But What Poverty Is Truly Like On All Levels Frankly And Boldly, Tirado Discusses Openly How She Went From Lower Middle Class, To Sometimes Middle Class, To Poor And Everything In Between, And In Doing So Reveals Why Poor People Don T Always Behave The Way Middle Class America Thinks They Should Before I review this book a brief account of my bona fides are in order I am a child of privilege and I have really always lived in privilege There have been times when money was tight but that was because of mismanagement of resources, not because the resources weren t there I worked as a volunteer with battered women in the mid 80s, professionally at a food bank in the mid 90s and then recently again as a volunteer for residential program for homeless men and for a feeding program for seniors I have also worked professionally with school systems educators and students many of them in inner cities or poor rural regions While Linda Tirado is probably better educated and articulate than a lot of the people I ve worked with, she is telling their story or a version of their story This is the truth about what it means to be poor in the US and why it is so profoundly difficult to get un poor even with a bunch of advantages like some education.This is a gorgeous, honest work If everyone who automatically thinks anyone who is poor is a lazy loser could set that aside for a moment and read this book with an open heart, it could change the world. Imagine the angry comedian Lewis Black or if you remember him, Sam Kinison telling you, at length, what s the matter with this country that he s stuck in low wage work and has little hope of ever improving his situation That s Linda Tirado angry, funny, erudite, working poor.Ever heard someone ask why poor people eat so much junk food or why they don t take better care of themselves or why they make such bad life decisions Tirado has answers and she doesn t hold back She stays angry because the alternative is to give up to depression Anger is a better choice, as long as she has the energy, but it isn t always easy.This is the human side of working poverty, and most of us aren t many steps from it One medical emergency or job layoff could tank your comfortable middle class existence There are so many reasons, such as the transition from privately held businesses to the prevalence of investor driven public companies, the economic crash, outsourcing jobs, and so on This is an eye opener of a book that would be difficult to read if there wasn t a dash of humor thrown in, but still quite serious Thanks to Riverhead Books NetGalley for a digital review copy. I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and the cover stated, Uncorrected Proof For Limited Distribution I rated this book one star, but it did not deserve even that The class envy and irrational fury was palpable from page 1 Though the author stated a couple of times that she was speaking for herself, on nearly every page she was definitely attempting to give the impression that her bad temper her description and nasty attitude were nearly universal among poor people I was born into a poor family in the southern coalfields of West Virginia The only folks I knew for many, many years were poor My husband was from an even poorer family in north central West Virginia poor enough that most days there wasn t enough to eat In fact, after spending many years in the middle class, we now find ourselves back down at the federal poverty level I never make that capital letters met any full caps on that, too poor person with this author s attitude The folks I knew were good, church going folks who didn t depend on alcohol or drugs or verbally lashing out to help them cope And they sure as shootin didn t have the filthy language that this author displays The book is only 191 pages long, yet the author managed to use some form of the f bomb 63 times Yes, for the first time in my life I felt compelled to keep a running score for the use of that word This book is not worth the paper it was printed on It would have been easier going to YouTube and looking up news footage of the Occupy Wall Street idiots which, by the way, was simply a repeat of Russia in the first 17 years of the 20th century. I wasn t going to review this book, looking over other reviews and gleaning a bit from social media, it feels vaguely counterproductive But I m still writing, so let s give it a shot and I ll explain why the reticence Basically, Linda Tirado finds herself propelled onto bookshelves everywhere when a random post she wrote about living an impoverished life goes viral, and wrote a book that s essentially that same post, but with several hundred pages stuffed into it, a preface by Barbara Ehrenreich As I recall thinking as I neared the end of the book, that this was essentially a letter to rich people or people who are at least better off than Tirado, bam begins the chapter that is essentially an open snarky letter Dear Rich People Some on the internet have taken to calling her original post and this book poverty porn While I don t think one should dismiss what Tirado is demonstrating and what she demonstrates is far telling than what she actually writes there is a grain of truth to calling it poverty porn While she presents some numbers at the beginning portion of the book to give an idea of what people are juggling in every day lives, this is largely a subjective book, and the numbers are really kind of meaningless Anyone who s ever worked shit jobs doesn t need numbers to prove it but maybe rich people do, I don t know This is about the biggest academic thrust her work has, and it s a weak one at that In the end, this is really a memoir about poverty, than anything else and it should be noted that I listened to this on audio It s likely that perhaps the book felt laid back in regular print, but the narration came across as snarky, derisive, and all together as though the author was getting a lot of joy out of giving it to the man through her subjective observations of the unfairness of it all I don t care that she uses foul language to make her point, but I do care whether she argues well, and that just doesn t come across for me This is why it s characterized as poverty porn it s feeding an emotional hot button, but the calories are empty.Now, subjects she brings up have merit The way workers are treated in the work place and the laws designed to protect their interests, which turn out to be empty promises employers constantly violate, these things are real I hope readers as turned off by her stance as I was understand it s not worth throwing the baby out with the bath water She provided me with the biggest laugh of the week when, in her chapter about politics, she bemoans why poor people should even care about quantitative easing when they re busy with their own impoverishment Funny story I studied economics In a library For free And I can tell you about subjects like quantitative easing, and the velocity of money, deflation, and inflation.Tirado can bitch about a work place whose standards are degrading, but she can t decode why Tirado can dismiss politics, but she can t perceive the relationship between lost political trust and the disappearing dollar, and the corruption the loss of money inevitably leads to Tirado can finish a poorly worded argument with the word really but she can t grasp the bigger economic game of musical chairs going on all around her The reason I debated even doing a review is because Tirado s poverty porn inevitably led to outrage porn Plenty of comments and reviews of people taking Tirado to task because apparently, rumor is, she was born in good circumstances, went to a boarding school, ate cakes baked in pure gold, swam in Olympic swimming pools filled with 100 dollar bills, I don t know and I don t really care, because the only thing this demonstrates isn t whether Tirado is a fraud or not it just demonstrates how desperate everyone is to commodify their poverty, and hop on Tirado s coat tails like a flea market setting up tents behind Wal Mart The day everyone scans in their tax returns so we can evaluate just how poor is poor enough to complain about being poor, then maybe I ll pause to give your outrage the attention you think it deserves, but the moral of this story is anyone born in America today is still living richer than many countries around the globe There are people out there poorer than you are It s disgusting to watch impoverished people at all levels yell at each other about how their poverty is better than everyone else s the same way it would be disgusting if rich people argued about who s wealth was better than everyone else s wealth , when they re all standing on the shoulders of the global community to keep their heads above water, and they don t even know it Those shirts made in Sri Lanka came from some where Those factory items made in China Those coffee beans from Chile Those customer service calls from India, from Argentina All brought to you by the largesse of unimaginable pain and intolerable circumstances The point is, I m not using that fact to invalidate the pain of those suffering economic hardship, and I m certainly not using it to invalidate someone else s subjective experience because it s easier to attack Tirado than it is to demand that people in positions of power in corporation and government behave themselves, and demand they be held to the rule of law Taking Tirado down a notch benefits no one, no where Holding corrupt people who stole your money to a higher standard might actually be a step in the right direction.Tirado s circumstances and whether they re satisfactorily poor enough to suit the public, is ironically in some ways the point she s trying to make because poor people are being tasked to justify their choices, whereas the affluent are often given a golden pass on similar behaviors and choices, like as she points out, having children If she has twenty kids, she s a statistic looking to collect welfare If a rich person has twenty kids, they re just making a family Ultimately, not really the best book out there, Ehrenreich s books are definitely better, but if you re in the mood to read this book after a fourteen hour shift at work, and chain smoke in defiance of those rich healthy people and hand your money over to Phillip Morris Inc, knock yourself out As if life wasn t short enough already, by the time you finish this book, you ll wish it were shorter. I am adding this update 6.16.15 regarding poor in America If you have a urge to learn about the struggles of the poor, I recommend this book It offers an amazing, readable overview of America s welfare system while following several current day case studies in various parts of the country There is too much of a backstory that seems to be left out for a full understanding of Linda Tirado s POV I still don t understand how someone who has no time or money was able to hang out at Gawker and keep a blog and twitter account called KillerMartinis It just does not sound like the working poor Internet is a luxury item I am glad that the Go Fund me account helped her to raise over 60,000 dollars after the essay, esp if it helps her help her family There is no denying that Ms Tirado has experienced the hell of our system, but she also explains in the intro that she had a choice Ms Tirado was able to attend college, but chose to leave it and her former life behind unfortunately, that is when things went wrong Eventually, she did reunite with her family, who ended up helping her and her young family establish a better life What bothers me about this book is the anger and the tone when this person had a choice There are millions of generational poor who will never even get a chance at college who have no family members who can pull them out of hell Ms Tirado is certainly welcome to complain all she wants because she is right the system is not fair yet, the anger and stereotypes she expresses, esp in the last chapter, are as bad as the judgements she felt she received for being poor This book seems very much an indulgence of one persons s complaints If it offered solutions it would have a bit merit The publisher should have perhaps given equal time to those who struggle every day in the inner city who worry about their children staying alive and finishing high school Downward mobility is certainly a problem in this country, but it is nothing compared to the issues that remain for those that have no mobility Disclaimer I am not unfeeling to Ms Tirado s struggles I too have worked two jobs to make ends meet the full time one was minimum wage as an adult I guess my saving grace was not letting my credit go bad so I could charge my groceries and doctor visits when the paycheck wouldn t cover it I lived paycheck to paycheck for a very long time Money is still tight, but never could I complain for compared to many in this country, and so many who live on less than a dollar a day in other countries, I am blessed. This book just ticked me off The thesis statement seems to be Why bother trying As someone who has a background not dissimilar from the author s, I m mad that she feels she is explaining my life to rich people By her own admission, she has a diagnosed anger management problem for which she has refused treatment She wants a doctor who she can call when she feels like it, won t demand to see her in person and will write prescriptions on demand She claims rich people have that option Spoiler alert no doctor worth their salt just hands out prescriptions without a treatment plan She complains that she went without prenatal care, but then admits that she decided not to go because they told her she didn t need a sonogram until her third trimester Seriously You want prenatal care, so you refuse to get prenatal care I call bullshit Terrible things happen to people We wait tables, tend bar, scrub toilets while our apartments flood and people call CPS because our children are wearing the wrong brand of diapers But you keep fighting, because why bother trying is a completely invalid lifestyle choice Get your act together, stop blaming the rest of the world for your problems Life isn t that hard. I was prepared to be humbled by the harsh reality of this woman s life but instead I felt judged by her and her shitty attitude towards anyone who isn t living paycheck to paycheck As if anyone not barely scraping by is a selfish, self absorbed asshole who has no idea what stress is Tirado can write, I ll give her that She s an excellent and very funny writer But she wrote the book to counter stereotypes about poverty and in combatting judgement, she judges harshly everyone who is not like her If you care about feeding your children healthy, organic food, having durable strollers, recycling, exercise classes, early child education, well, in her view, you are living in a fairy world and have no clue about reality Also, you must treat service workers like slaves and look down your nose at people who need short term loans Because that s what rich people are like apparently Arrogant bastards with health insurance The New York Times called this book refreshingly candid, or something like that The readers on GoodReads call her hilarious And while I appreciate wit as a coping mechanism, her piss poor attitude has got to make coping all that much harder If the self help authors are right and attitude is everything, thoughts become things, and we are our reaction to things, well then this lady will run on the fumes of her shitty attitude until she decides that no one is really out to get her and part of what is so hard about her life is her outlook on it.