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good book Very technical, obviously Will have to re read and reference when I get deep into reading charts. Very good introduction to Technical Analysis Lots of useful tips. coba baca dari basic ah. ^Free ⇨ Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis ⇫ The Technician S Technician Barron S, Martin Pring Gives New Traders The Tools And Insight They Need To Draw Greater Profits From Today S MarketsThis New Edition Of Introduction To Technical Analysis Explains How To Evaluate Trends, Highs, Lows, Price Column Relationships, Price Patterns, Moving Averages, And Momentum Indicators For A Contemporary Audience, Using Fully New, Updated Charts, Diagrams, And ExamplesPring Uses His Trademark Expertise And Engaging Writing Style To Simplify Concepts For Traders Links To An Exclusive Downloadable Video Featuring Original Content And In Depth Explanations Of The Material Is Also IncludedYou Ll Learn How To Research And Construct Instantly Valuable Charts Of Stock And Market Activity Interpret The Basic Concepts Of Momentum, And Apply The Theory To Actual Trades Through A Common Sense Set Of Trading Strategies Use Price And Volume Pattern To Identify Breakouts Analyze And Act On Peaks And Troughs That Can Signal A Change In The Prevailing Trend Calculate Moving Averages And Gauge Their Impact Martin J Pring Is The Founder Of Pring Research And Publisher Of Intermarket Review, A Monthly Market Review Offering A Long Term Synopsis Of The World S Major Financial Markets Martin Pioneered The Introduction Of Videos As An Educational Tool For Technical Analysis In , And Was The First To Introduce Educational, Interactive CDs In This Field