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I didn t think this could get any hotter god I was wrong So things have definitely got really in this book Keely has found out some stuff that is goin 2 change her life then she gets fired in her r4 nothing an then there is Vaughan who is not giving up until he gets a piece of Keely but with everything turned upside Keely s walls she as built 2 4get about Vaughan they r slowly bein pulled down I feel so sorry 4 Keely through this book she can t c what s goin on people r out 2 make her life hard but she feels she needs Vaughan 2 help her so things get seriously hot between these 2 they r so hot 2gether I luv the way Vaughan brings out the naughty side of Keely she really is a horny girl Again another cliffy bring on book 3 dyin 2 find out what is goin 2 happen but I know 1 thing Keely is goin 2 b heart broken xxx 4 Dirty Stars Well dirty talking, Seducer Vaughn was back and in full forceYou don t make the rules I do And rule number one is, I fuck you when I want, where I want, and all you get to do is beg for Unless you want to be punished againThings pick up where they left off in The Seduction 1 Keely overheard Vaughn s conversation on the phone and runs for the hills She finds out she s a millionaire Keely still hasn t had sex with Vaughn Vaughn s client is still on him to tap that ass Keely wants to go on a date before she ll go all the way Vaughn on the other handI don t do dating As far as I m concerned, all that bullshit is for pussies who can t get a woman into bed the easy way Sitting around, talking all night It s a waste of fucking time when I could be balls deep in pussy instead, her breasts bouncing with every jackhammer thrustWe get some juicy reveals in this installment.not only involving Keely, but from Vaughn too Some game changing revealsI wanted to protect her, now, I have no choice but to destroy her One way or another, she s the key to my revengeOkay.Let the waiting beginwe are given a teaser of The Seduction 3 and let me just say Vaughn s supposed to be The Seducer and Keely was just suppose to be a job but that s not how things are working out in this second installment This story could just be an erotica romance and that would be fine but it s oh so much There s all kinds of little twists and turns Soo many questions and not enough answers Luckily, we do get a few answers in this book but again, that only leads to questions I m dying to know about what his brother did There s a crazy, BIG revelation in this book that I did not see coming And we finally get some background on Vaughn There s so many ways this can unfold and it s shear torture trying to figure it out And yes, yesdon t worry, there s still plenty of steamy, sexy scenes to make you happy That hasn t changed Although I m really curious if anything will once Keely finds out what Vaughn s profession is Thankfully, we still get both their POVs and that s the killer because we know what Vaughn wants to do but will he At this point, I m not so sure he can The next book is gonna be a doozy I cannot wait till June 26th Favorite quotes I m your dirty little secret You want it hard, you want it deep, and you want to beg for mercy Baby, I know you eat meat Meet you G spot, baby Now my dick is going to give you a VIP tour BR w Melissa FOUR STARS In this second installment, Keely finds out she is inheriting 500 million dollars from a deceased client of the law firm she works at.She had worked with him on his will and he was really fond of her but never did she expect to be named the sole beneficiary of the majority of his estate.His adopted children are all in an uproar.Rumors have been spread about her at work, which ends in her employment being terminated.Keely and Vaughn continue to bring the STEAM to this story.They get pretty freaky at a restaurant and on Vaughn s front terrace.And FINALLY they have actual SEX and I almost exploded from how hot it was Vaughn finds out about Keely s inheritance and who she is to Ashcroft and now he has a different agenda.It seemed as if he was starting to develop feelings for her but now he may use her to exact his revenge This series is very addictive and now it seems like a story is developing I m pretty sure I know who hired Vaughn to seduce Keely, and I m hoping the two end up with an HEA when the series comes to an end. Well what do we have here Vaughn is dirty and filthy as ever Which I liked a lot. 5 STARS You ve never met a man up to the challenge, Vaughn continues Well, I m not like the others I m going to push every boundary that you ve got until you re screaming for mercy I m going to tame you, baby I m going to break you apartWellThat was hot.I kinda hate Vaughn right now for what he has planned for poor Keely.But also still love him for his dirtyfilthy mouth.OFF TO BOOK 3 4 You re Mine Stars BR with Sharon In book two Vaughn and Keely are still doing the cat mouse game He is trying to get her into his bed, and she is still resisting He s never wanted a woman this much before He is realizing he has feelings for Keely, and she is much than just a job to him Keely knows he s hiding something, but wants him so bad, she s past the point of caring Vaughn s scared his secrets are catching up to him, and he is confused by what he feels when he s with Keely Does he want to protect her, or destroy her Only time will tell I loved we get dual POV, this series is still super hot I liked we got a little of Vaughn s past, look forward to getting answers Can t wait for book 3 D My mind is telling me not to trust him, to turn him away To tell him no But this is my undoing his wicked, wicked words Behave this evening, and maybe It ll be worth your while You should be careful what you wish for, baby You don t want me to behave I m going to push every boundary that you ve got until you re screaming for mercy It s not just about the conquest, she s under my skin now, and I can t get her out, no matter what I do Those innocent eyes That smart mouth I goddamn like the girl and that s against every rule in my book I m in deep now, and there s no going back. This part starts just after the previous one left off Keely ran away from Vaughn, but he doesn t give up so easily and shows up at her doorstep to clear the air He manages to convince her to see each other again, Keely agrees but only if they go out on a real date before going any further yes, they still didn t have sex although covered almost all other activities So they go, but their date is not as normal as Keely probably expected, Vaughn took care of it Keely one on one with her hand under the table hot hell yeah And there s action afterwards, at her house and further in the story at his house, they re gettin some and I mean they re really gettin it.In the meantime we find out that Keely inherited huge amount of money from a man she didn t really know that much and is now a millionaire His family is not very happy about it, especially his son Brent And I m not 100% sure but I think he might be trouble Vaughn is demanded by mysterious client to finish his job, Keely that is, but he is not so sure about it any and finally refuses to do it We also get to know a little about his past, and the story gets complicated I must sayI wanted to protect her, now, I have no choice but to destroy her One way or another, she s the key to my revenge We have a sneak peek to part 3 at the end and I have to say plot is getting and interesting.But what s the most important is the fact that Vaughn is back, with his dirrrrty, dirrrrty, filthy, horny mouth What can I say ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☜ The Seduction 2 (The Seduction, #2) ⇦ Show Me A Woman Who Doesn T Like To Be Dominated, And I Ll Show You A Fucking LiarIt S OK, You Can Admit It I Won T Tell You Want It Rough And Deep And Dirty You Want To Hear The Steel In My Voice When I Tell You Exactly How To Please Me And You Want To Know, I Won T Hesitate To Punish You If You Don T Follow My Commands To The LetterYeah, That S Right I Ll Punish You, And I Won T Go Gentle Either I Ll Bend You Over And Spank That Sweet Ass Until It S Branded With My Handprint Until It Hurts So Good, You Forget Where The Line Is Between Pleasure And PainWho Am I The Seducer And Now I M In Way Over My HeadI Thought She Was Just A Job To Me, Another Girl To Screw But Now She S Under My Skin, And I Can T Just Walk Away My Secrets Are Spiraling Out Of Control, But I Can T Quit Now She Doesn T Realize The Danger She S Facing Or That Her Biggest Threat Is MeI Want To Protect Her, But I Could Wind Up Destroying Us Both Part Two Of A Filthy, Seductive New Serial