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Always enjoy Hannah Alexander s books Jill Elizabeth Nelson s story had twists I didn t see coming Very enjoyable. Countdown to Danger had two novella in it Alive After New Year by Hannah Alexander Someone left a note saying they were going to kidnap Lynley Marshall until her mother gave them lots of money The money Lynley s mother inherited she gave to a charity Sheriff John Russell likes Lynley and vows to protect her Lots of suspense in this story New Year s Target by Jill Elizabeth Nelson was also a good novella The Ferris family and the Halstead family have been at odds for a long time Since Ferris family blame the Halstead family for a Ferris member being killed in a fire at a sub standard building the Halstead family built Someone shot at Cassidy Ferris and Tim Halstead They are trying to figure out who shot at them A good read Lots of suspense. @Download Book Ý Countdown to Danger õ Danger Rings In The New Year In These Two Suspenseful Novellas Alive After New Year By Hannah Alexander An Anonymous Note Demands Millions Of Dollars And In Return, Lynley Marshall Can Keep Her Life Lynley Turns To New Police Chief John Russell For Protection The Handsome Widower Promises To Keep Her Safe But Time Is Running Out As The Clock Ticks Closer To Midnight And To The Deadline For The Culprit S Demands New Year S Target By Jill Elizabeth Nelson When A Sniper Shoots At Cassidy Ferris On A Ski Slope, The Wounded Police Detective Is Shocked By Her Rescuer S Identity Her Childhood Nemesis, Tim Halstead And As The Threats Escalate, They Must Join Forces To Uncover Why A Killer Has Targeted Them Both Maybe 3 1 2 The second short story was about 4 stars, but the first pulled it down The first author may be award winning, but this was not her best effort The story was dull, disjoint, had an obvious bad guy, and employed a deus ex machina In addition, there were things any good editor should have caught Two were involving guns At one point, one of the characters slept with a rifle under her pillow Not a gun, but a rifle That was either one SMALL rifle or one BIG pillow In addition, the same person later slept with her rifle I assume, after the pregnancy, she popped out pop guns I believe, in psychoanalytic terms, this is called a fetish The second story not only had two very strong characters, but, for the first time in ALL the books of this series I ve read, the woman was allowed to be taller than the male. Quick reads You will read these in record time because they are so good I especially enjoyed Jill Nelson s writing The books were paired perfectly They complemented each other in many ways Kudos to both authors I enjoyed the diversion this weekend. Two exciting novellas for the price of one I loved both of these There was just enough twist, turns and suspense Just when I thought I had it all figured out another twist or turn in the story arrived and I was back to guessing all over again But what I loved most of all was the spiritual thread running through both of these stories. Actually two novellas, both taking place near New Years Each was a good mystery with some romance thrown in for good measure This book was perfect for New Years weekend Pretty good Two authors, two stories and each with action, mystery and romance I liked having the different writing styles, and didn t mind being in the story as the facts unfolded I find it detracts when I wouldn t want to be one of the characters, or I disagree with the actions they take, so I could enjoy this one. An anonymous note demands millions of dollars Lynley Marshall can t imagine who would be so desperate or so greedy that they would threaten her life if her mom doesn t pay Fortunately or unfortunately her mom didn t inherit millions It was all left to charity at her request.Even in a short story, Hannah is able to write such an intriguing story that I just had to keep reading I was surprised at how quickly I was caught up in the story and the very realistic characters I love how Hannah added Data, the cat and Nina, the dog, to the story Both pets were crucial to several scenes People have real relationships with their pets and these pets were awesome In another review I mentioned that Hannah s characters are very real, with real problems This is especially true in this story and I m trying to hard to not give anything away, but the story is just so good Join me again in the town of Jolly Mill as John Russell and Lynley Marshall try to discover who is behind the threat before it s too late If you enjoy reading mysteries, you will love this exciting story