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!Download Book ☣ Facing Me (Shaft on Tour, #2) ☦ Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BJUHTG Everyone Has A Story My Pages Are Just A Lot Darker Than Most Everyone Has A Story My Pages Are Just A Lot Darker Than Most Aiden Chesterfield Needs Control Like He Needs Air To Breathe It Pushes Back The Dark Past He Tries To Pretend Doesn T Exist Just As Badly As He Needs The Structure That Domination Provides, He Needs Camaron To Be The One To Submit To Him Though, When Aiden Realizes How Unworthy She Feels Of His Love He Sends Her Away Her Insecurities Anger Him, But Break Him At The Same Time Forcing Him To Come To The Realization That Some Things Are Beyond His Control Camaron Allen Left Everything To Start Her Life Over In Vegas With Hopes Of Finding Family After Losing The Man She Loves, She S Determined To Become Stronger When A Phone Call From Her Best Friend Has Her Taking On A New Career, She Is Forced To Face Than Herself With Shaft Hitting The Big Time, Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Rockers Pie And Some Are Willing To Do Anything To Get It Can Cam And Aiden Move Beyond Their Fears To Face The Possibility Of A Future Together, Or Will They Forever Fight Their Demons Alone Facing Me is Book 2 in the Shaft on Tour series by Cat Mason I didn t read Escaping Me before jumping into Aiden and Camaron s story, but I didn t feel like I was out of the loop for the most part Cat Mason weaved some of the back story of the band and Aiden and Cam s relationship throughout the beginning of the text, which made it quite easy to catch up to everything that happened I will definitely be going back to read Book 1, though, because I enjoyed Book 2 so much, and Daisy is awesome in Aiden and Cam s story, so I know she will be a riot in her own story.When Aiden and Camaron first meet, the chemistry is instantaneous, but they both have baggage from their childhood weighing them down Aiden s past has left him with the need to command and control each and every part of his life Domination, to him, is an absolute necessity or the darkness ensues Camaron s insecurities are what make her hesitant to give herself 100% to Aiden She s afraid to completely submit because the risk is too great that he may walk away and leave her all alone Despite their efforts to make a relationship work, Aiden and Camaron break up and both of their worlds crumble, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their heart as well as their life But when they come back together after merely existing while they were apart, will Aiden finally take what he wants Can Camaron work past her fears and give Aiden what he needs total control Facing Me is a fantastic read There s a great mix of suspense, drama, hot sex, and crazy antics Cat writes in a way that allows readers to feel like they re part of the band s entourage kind of like a groupie the non slutty kind who gets the inside scoop and an up close view of everything that occurs behind the scenes The camaraderie of the band definitely comes through in their conversations and the way they have each other s backs and aren t afraid to call each other out on their bullshit.The growth that Aiden and Camaron make not only in their relationship but in themselves as individuals really comes through in their different point of views Of course, there are still going to be struggles, but they re both staying put they refuse to run away from each other this time around, and it makes all the difference.I can t wait to see what s in store for Hunter and Chase I have a feeling, she s not going to make anything easy on him So glad I found this series 4.5 poison apples The Fairest of All Book Reviews check out this review and others atwww.Twinsietalk.comwww.Facebook.com twinsietalk TwinsietalkI recevied this book for an honest review.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Aiden and Cam gave me alot of anxiety and stress I fell in love with them in Daisey s book so when they broke up.Aiden set her packing because he was a jacakss..Yeah i was BROKEN for them both.SO the books starts out with us seeing Aiden and Cam meeting the very first time They were instantly attracted to each other but both have mega drama and baggage So we see them having issues with their feelings and fear of the L word Anyway, both are BROKEN.sooooo broken it made my heart sad When we finally get the two of them in the same room they are both committed to getting the other back no matter what I have to say I looove the new amd improved Cam She really did grow and is ready to experience life She isnt afraid of the spot light and all that goes with loving a rock star Aiden realizes he used Cam s insecurities to push her away because it scared him to death when she finally submitted to him 110% Well he has his Wildcat back and will not let her go I love how they both are fighting for this relationship and how they both are so scared that the other will finally realize they can do better.OMG CUNTER and his damn Bacom obsession defo makes alot of appearances but we are finally seeing the insecurities he has with regards to Chase I was so mad at him for what he does to her but did understand later the why of it all But i am sooo looking forward to his chase of Chase Tad.GROWL OMg Dude will nogo away and he causes alot of drama as you can expect from a DB like him He is really looking for revenge against Daisey, Cam, Hunter and all the Shaft guys. All I want to do is hold the one who holds my heartDamn, I wanna be Shaft Approved Those sexy rockstars and their women have taken me on a ride that I don t wanna get off of They have me laughing so hard I m crying and sighing into a big puddle of mush at the love and support they give each other Cat Mason even has me cracking up reading the chapter headings, she s my hero, I m a fan for life Get ready for some x rated scrabbleif the ladies win, will the rockstars have to wash the tour bus, the Big B h, their home away from hotels, in their neon c k cuddlers Will Hunter aka Cunter, the weapon of mass corruption escape as the only sexy single band member That s what Aiden Cam want, to be together, but is that possible Aiden sent her awaycan they overcome the obstacles, including themselves, standing in the way of their love for each other Will Aiden ever get the chance to hear her say Yes, Sir again Can she accept the darkness he s hiding Will she run when he lets her in It s dark, twisted, and completely f ed up baby but it s yours. Storyline 5Angst 3Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 5Over All Rating 4.25 StarsKindle eArc provided by AuthorReviewed by RobinAiden and Camaron have decided they aren t ready to be together Deciding to spend some time apart and figure out how they need to grow and find happiness, turns into no plans to reconnect Trying to move on seems difficult but Camaron still makes an effort When their friends intervene to bring them back together, will their deep connection power them through their reuniting Or will they keep coming up with excuses to stay apart Not to mention all of the drama of the past follows them around on tour Her free hand connects with my face so hard that it rattles my teeth Fuck you, Aiden She spits angrily I came here to help the band, not to explain my relationship with Luke to you, or anyone for that matter If you think, for one minute, that I m weak and going to hide then you ve got a rude awakening comin My hand slides into her blonde layers, her breath hitches Cam may not be weak any, but she still wants to give everything to me, which is something else entirely something, I desperately want Even if she wants to rip my balls off right now, her body is mine Even she can sense the shift happening between us now Oh, I know you re not, baby I can t wait until the new, strong Cam submits to me and begs me to fuck her I loved Cam and Aiden s story although it was a bit maddening Both of them are so stubborn even though they know they are truly soulmates Hearing Aiden and Hunter s past was so heartbreaking I truly want those two to feel worthy of being loved I couldn t believe the crazy crap that happens in the end Dude Move on I m racing to read Hunter s book next He is my absolute favorite Love his alternate personality and how he sticks up for his family Loyal to the core. 5 abso freaking lute StarsCat Mason has done it again I loved Escaping Me, and Facing Me is just as fabulous The Shaft on Tour gang is back for hot lovin , hot music, supense, and of course BACON This is Aiden and Camaron s story, and last we saw our disfuctional dom sub couple they were going there seperate ways Here we pick up where that left off Aiden is a whore doggin scum bag that I truly wanted to slap, and Cam was working to build herself up and pick up the pieces I am not sure why a man thinks screwing other women will cure them of the love they feel and make the hurt go away it never works out like they want it to Aiden needs control in all things, with his music, with his life and in his bed When he send Cam packing he is slowly losing all his control and going into blind rage Realizing Cam is the piece of the puzzle that keeps his control in place Camaron was a tossed around foster kid, told to keep quiet and not make herself know so she could stay with a family She is unsure of herself When Aiden dismisses her and leaves her heart in shambles she has no choice but to pick up the pieces With the help of Luke and Chase, some really good friends, she is able to build her body, heart, and soul She becomes the strong woman that Aiden needs her to be.With the help of Daisy and Hunter, Aiden and Cam are reunited and there worlds collide with fireworks There is no escape from the person who holds your heart It s not all roses and unicorns but they get where they are meant to be.Of course there has to be a wonderful plot twist Enter Jackson the Jerkoff I swear these guys can not find an honest manager Then Tad comes back in the picture sans Landon glad to see that slime was gone Tad is one twisted puppy Will he ever get what he deserves Hunter is his natural bacon loving, whore dogging self Daisy and Gray are still going strong in married pregnant bliss We get to see of Henry, A LOT of Henry We learn what happen to Aiden and Hunter as children and why it happened It is just an all around great ride You must read the first one then immediately run to this one It will not disappoint I can not wait for Hunter s story next. I was luckily enough to receive a ARC of this book for a honest review Finally I have Cam Aiden s story on my kindle to devour It is fan freaking tastic This series for me just keeps growing and getting better I was once again drawn back on board shaft s tour bus from page one I laughed, I cried and I freakily loved it As I was taken on an amazingly good, yet bumpy ride, which only Shaft could provide.Awesomely This book picks up from where Escaping me finished Cam and Aiden are apart and broken Each of them are, trying to move on in their own ways but are failing badly But is it too late for them to make it work When Daisy needs Cam to come help her manage this crazy group of lads She is unable to say no to the only family she has ever known.Can Cam make Aiden need her just as much as she needs him With her returning as Shaft s Manager Only time will tell.Aiden thinks he has lost the only girl for him He completely broken without her With her back on the bus can he make her change her mind and claim her as his This story is filled with bumps, twists and turns and will keep you on the edge from page one till the end but one thing for sure it is jam packed with drama, humour, love and lots of hot hot steamy sex There is never a dull moment aboard the shaft bus.I loved Grey s story, l adored Aiden s story but I need Hunter s story As my heart belongs to Cunter..I cannot wait to continue this amazing journey with the Shaft family This has become one of my favourite rocker series Cat Mason as yet to disappoint me and continues to amazing me in her writing ability which always ensures an outstanding read Title Facing MeAuthor Cat MasonSeries Shaft on TourPublisher Cat Mason BooksReviewer Heather CallahanRelease Date March 22, 2014Genre s Humor, RomancePage Count 289Heat Level 4flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5Blurb This is book two in a series about the band Shaft Aiden and Camaron are getting their own book I loved these two Aiden and Cam had some serious issues Aiden is a dog and had no idea what he had Cam had a tough childhood, and had to learn to be strong and find her own path No story is complete without the trouble maker Jackson is a total looser The great thing about this series is Cat brings in some of our favorites This time around Daisy is pregnant, and I found a whole new love for her Landon also comes back into the picture ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Heather from Alpha Book Club Please provide ASIN B00J72UHTGGoodreads Link on a scale of 1 5 Stars rate each of the Following 5 CategoriesPLOT 5CHEMISTRY 5PACING 4ENDING 5CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 5 I have been lucky enough to see how much Cat has progressed with this series and let me tell you she did an outstanding job with Cam and Aiden s story We know beginning this story that Aiden has some issues with control and we know that Cam has issues with self esteem We get to see the struggles these two go through and how they both grow up Hunter still makes his appearance throughout this book because well we know he is Aiden s older brother and let me tell you, Hunter and his craziness doesn t let up You all will not be disappointed with this continuation of the Shaft Cat really did well with this one and I can only say that it gets better as she progresses. Aiden Chesterfield is the drummer for the up and coming band Shaft In book one, Escaping Me, he sent the women he loves, Camaron Allen, away because he could not deal with her insecurities Now the two are struggling without each other, both being irreplaceable.Facing Me was a wonderful and well written novel Camaron and Aiden have issues they must overcome Cameron needs to conquer her feeling of being unworthy and Aiden has to deal with the haunting memories of his childhood Both characters are very well developed, making you feel emotionally connected to them.I love the dialog in the book It is obvious that the characters are good friends and have known each other forever through their hilarious verbal banter They are all there for each other forming a family, supporting and protecting each other I did not read book one, Escaping Me I had no problem following the story but there are many references to the first novel If anything it left me very intrigued and wanting to backtrack and read it If I were to do it over, I would read them in order That being said, Cat Mason does an excellent job at recapping the first story, so I was never confused or lost I really enjoyed Facing Me and became invested in all the characters I am definitely interested in discovering what happens next in the Shaft on Tour Series Facing Me offers a little of everything drama, romance, entertainment, music, humor, mystery, and suspense This was an excellent read I m glad I found it Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.