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A m me encantaba el libro Era muy interesante y tambi n era diferente Los libros normalmente son felices y a veces terminen muy triste Pero el libro empez muy triste y termin bien Me gustaba que al final encontr Carlos su paz que no haz tenido por diez a os. Me gusto este libro Fue muy enervante y hubo mucho suspenso en la historia Le dar a cinco estrellas pero el vocabulario del libro fue muy f cil para m. Este libro me encant Era muy interesante y triste Se trata de un muchacho que va a Chicago para encontrar a su mam que se desapareci cuando l era muy chico Tiene mucha acci n y me sorprendi el final del libro. La Calaca Alegre fue un libro muy interesante Siempre habian muchas cosas pasando y la historia fue escrito bien Si me iso muy intersante y triste que el pap fue el matador del madre de Carlos Yo s recomendari este libro. 3.5 Took me a few attempts to get into the story but loved the suspense I also appreciated that much of it read as an intriguing story, rather than an educational slog like some other readers That said, the ending felt abrupt. La Calaca Alegre was an interesting read When I first looked at it, I thought it was going to be fantastical with its plot, but it actually turned to be grounded in a realistic setting I went into this novel still not very used to reading Spanish about three years of Spanish classes and I saw a number of terms that I didn t know, so I had to use the glossary a number of times to help understand While I found La Calaca Alegre to be a good book, I wouldn t recommend it for right away for someone not used to reading books purely in Spanish, but rather someone who is a bit used to doing so. One of the better readers that I have encountered in my study of Spanish The subject of PTSD as it applies to a young person made for an interesting background to this Level 3 mystery story The glossaries are quite good. this book is boring (FREE PDF) ⚢ La Calaca Alegre ´ Does Carlos Really Suffer From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Or Are His Strange Sensations And Life Like Nightmares Much Real Than Anyone, Including Carlos, Believes Determined To Solve The Mystery Of His Mother S Disappearance, Carlos Decides To Return To Chicago To Face His Fears And Find His Mother, Even If It Means Living Out His Nightmares In Real Life As He Uncovers The Mystery, He Discovers The Truth Is Much Complex And Evil Than He Ever Imagined La Calaca Alegre is a book that I chose to read in my Spanish class as my final project Well, it s only a select few within the class who were able to be apart of the book club and we ALL chose the same book, what a coincidence This book is about a hispanic teenage boy named Carlos who suffers from PTSD His mother disappeared ten years ago and he hasn t been in the right state of mind since He took the initiative to go back to his hometown, Chicago to try and gather evidence of his mother s disappearance He ends up Nah, you ll have to read it for yourself