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!KINDLE ☸ Lennons Girls Trilogy ⚕ Lennon S Girls Trilogy Love, Sex, And Heartache The Trilogy ContainsFull Length Books Including Lennon S Jinx, Lennon S Rain, And Lennon S Hope And Tells Lennon S Journey From Teenaged Boy To A Man, From First Girlfriend To Heartbreak, From First Love To Emotional Healing Lennon S Jinx Sometimes In Love, You Don T Get To Choose Who You Fall For Lennon Spends Most Of His Time Raising His Sister Currie While Skating Through His Senior Year Of High School He Prefers Groupies With No Strings Attached But Finds Himself Attracted To Jinx, The Straight A Student In His Choir A Girl Way Out Of His League Jinx Is Not The Perfect Person Her Classmates Think She Is She Conceals The Black Truth About Herself, Even From Her Friends She Won T Admit To Them That She Screwed Up Big Time, Losing What She Once Held Most Precious Neither Jinx Nor Lennon Trusts The Opposite Sex When She Joins Lennon S Band, She Discovers That He Is Not The Bad Boy Every Girl Thinks He Is And That He Just Might Be The One Lennon S Rain Sometimes In Love, You Choose Wrong Eight Years Ago, Lennon Lost His Heart To Rain, And Suddenly She S Back, All Grown Up And Sexy As Hell At A Sorority Party, He Convinces Himself That Outbidding Every Other Guy For A Body Shot From Rain Is For Charity But He Knows Better He Doesn T Want Any Guy, Except Him, Tarnishing The Memory Of The Little Girl He Proposed To In Fifth Grade Jinx Loves Lennon And Is Past Ready For Him To Make His Move With His Sexual Prowess, She Worries Why He Hasn T Made Any Advances She Fears She Is Losing Him, And The Only Way To Keep Him Is To Overcome Her Past And Give Him What He Desires Rain Knows Lennon Is Trouble If She Couldn T Say No To The Gangly Boy Asking Her To Skateboard Off Some Roof, How Will She Refuse Lennon S Seductive Powers Now That He Is A Man Rain Has Many Reasons To Resist His Charm He Has A Girlfriend, He S Moving To LA With Her, And Rain Has No Intention To March In The Long Parade Of Lennon Tyler Conquests Now, Lennon Must Choose Someone Has To Lose, And That Person Could Be Him Lennon S Hope Sometimes In Love, You Lose All Control At Age Ten, Rain Fell Hard For The Sweet Boy Caring For His Sister At Age Eighteen, She Runs Into Lennon, Now An Experienced Player And No Longer The Innocent Boy She Once Loved At Age Nineteen, She Has To Put All Her Plans On Hold To Have His Baby, And Under A Cloud Of Deception, She Faces Tragedy And Heartbreak At Age Ten, Lennon Proposed To Rain In Front Of The Whole School At Age Eighteen, He Thought He Was Over Her Until He Sees Her At A Party, No Longer A Little Girl But All Grown Up And Sexy As Hell At Age Nineteen, He Loses What He Cherishes Most So glad Chris released the trilogy all together These were all beautiful romance stories with unique and well written characters Can t wait to see what Chris has in store for us next