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|Read E-pub Ø Legend: A Harrowing Story from the Vietnam War of One Green Beret's Heroic Mission to Rescue a Special Forces Team Caught Behind Enemy Lines º The Unforgettable Account And Courageous Actions Of The US Army S Th Assault Helicopter Company And Green Beret Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez, Who Risked Everything To Rescue A Special Forces Team Trapped Behind Enemy LinesIn Legend, Acclaimed Bestselling Author Eric Blehm Takes As His Canvas The Vietnam War, As Seen Through A Single Mission That Occurred On May , A Twelve Man Special Forces Team Had Been Covertly Inserted Into A Small Clearing In The Jungles Of Neutral Cambodia Where US Forces Were Forbidden To Operate Their Objective, Just Miles Over The Vietnam Border, Was To Collect Evidence That Proved The North Vietnamese Army Was Using The Cambodian Sanctuary As A Major Conduit For Supplying Troops And Materiel To The South Via The Ho Chi Minh Trail What The Team Didn T Know Was That They Had Infiltrated A Section Of Jungle That Concealed A Major Enemy Base Soon They Found Them Selves Surrounded By Hundreds Of NVA Troops, Under Attack, Low On Ammunition, And Stacking The Bodies Of The Dead As Cover In A Desperate Attempt To Survive The OnslaughtWhen Special Forces Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez Heard The Distress Call, He Jumped Aboard The Next Helicopter Bound For The Combat Zone Without Hesitation Orphaned At The Age Of Seven, Benavidez Had Picked Cotton Alongside His Family As A Child And Dropped Out Of School As A Teen Before Joining The Army Although He Was Grievously Wounded During His First Tour Of Duty In Vietnam And Told He Would Never Walk Again, Benavidez Fought His Way Back Ultimately Earning His Green BeretWhat Followed Would Become Legend In The Special Operations Community Flown Into The Foray Of Battle By The Courageous Pilots And Crew Of The Th Assault Helicopter Company, Benavidez Jumped From The Hovering Aircraft And Ran Nearly Yards Through Withering Enemy Fire Despite Being Immediately And Severely Wounded, Benavidez Reached The Perimeter Of The Decimated Team, Provided Medical Care, And Proceed Ed To Organize An Extraordinary Defense And Rescue During The Hours Long Battle, He Was Bayoneted, Shot, And Hit By Grenade Shrapnel Than Thirty Times, Yet He Refused To Abandon His Efforts Until Every Survivor Was Out Of Harm S Way Very Good storyCan t get much better than a true story of a Congressional Medal of Honor winner It is a great piece of writing. This is the incredible and heroic story of Roy Benevidez and ultimately the service he and his fellow soldiers, gave to their country during the Vietnam War During an engagement on the wrong side of the Cambodian border Roy volunteers, on instinct, to go into a no win situation and do what ever he can If someone needs help, you help them , was something his Uncle taught him and that he always followed, and in this case it results in some f the most courageous and selfless actions one could ever hope fear to read about on the battlefield.We learn about his harsh upbringing Losing his father, then being abandoned by a step father after his mother also passed resulted in his Uncle taking him and his brother in Working in the fields and contributing where he could he learnt what is it was to be proud of his family name and have something to live up to It is a really interesting discovery of Roy s character and at no time did I find myself thinking Come on get to the action as I sometimes do with military non fiction like this.One thing that struck me when looking at the photos was how incredibly young they all are These kids being given the awesome responsibility of flying helicopters in and out or war zones, killing people just like themselves, it just blows the mind what brave and promising young men these were and what a waste it was to lose them so cheaply.It is very well written and I give kudos to Blehm for pacing and arranging things, and bring the characters to life in such a manner that they don t all blend into one band of brothers.Legend will leave you breathless and thankful for the sacrifice of these incredible human beings.This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review I received this book as a Goodreads First reads give away,I was intrigued by the story of Sergeant Roy Benavidez.Roy cane from humble beginnings and wanted to be a soldier,After reaching his goal he was quick tempered as he was as a adolescent,Got in to some trouble and survived it,He took as his personal motto the U.S.M.A.Motto Duty,Honor,Country He survived Airborne training and gained the coveted Green Beret.After being severely wounded on his first tour in Vietnam he eventually returned to Vietnam and passed into legend.Roy s true bravery and selfless courage are the standards Special forces known for,weather Ranger, Seal,Marine,SaS and countless others around the globe.I won t tell of the story read it your self you won t regret it If someone needs help, you help them This life motto motivated an unarmed Sgt Roy Benavidez to hop into a refueled and rearmed helicopter and jump into a seemingly hopeless firefight With only his knife and a medic s bag, he literally did jump from the helicopter to assist and encourage the surviving members of a 12 man insertion team working covertly on the wrong side of the Vietnam Cambodia border The rest of the story must be read in Eric Blehm s well researched and respectfully written book Though his fabulous work about Adam Brown, Fearless , will always remain my favorite of his writings, Legend did not disappoint, and I am once again greatly buoyed by the courage, loyalty, and honor of such humble soldiers.