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2.5 starsOne dimensional characters A judgmental and annoying protagonist Unrealistic dialogueThis book was not what I expected It focused on the past than their actual survival A past that was particularly boring.But here, let me be a little specific.Denver hates her ex bestie, Abigail Abigail, apparently, turned into a traitorous bitch after becoming popular Denver is The Unpopular Saint Who Never Does Anything Wrongexcept maliciously judge those around her When we actually find out why Abigail and Denver aren t friends any, we realize that Denver was the one at faultyet she continually plays herself off as the victim Sure, Abigail is a bitch But so are you Denver When will the bitchy popular kids trope die This is nothing like reality, at least from my experience Sure, people are mean, but that is not exclusive to the popular kids, and being mean and popular are not mutually exclusive Overall, not a great book Would definitely not recommend. If Veronica Mars was stranded on a lifeboat with a handful of 09ers, this is what would happen.If you don t get that reference My heart is sad for you.THE LIFEBOAT CLIQUE is one of the funnest, wittiest, snarkiest books I ve read in years Denver is a powerhouse main character with a dry wit and comedic timing that will have any reader giggling and smiling.When Denver crashes a cool kids party in Malibu the night an earthquake hits and triggers a tsunami, she never expected to be stranded on a lifeboat with her former BFF turned mortal nemesis, Abigail, Abigail s two lackey mean girls, and one very intuitive but chill surfer boy.As they fight to survive and not lose hope, you will cheer with them, cry with them and laugh with them Denver never loses her spirit and that is what drives this book Her tenacity and fierceness is something we can all strive for. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♊ The Lifeboat Clique ♠ Some People Might Say That Denver Had A Death Wish Why Else Would She Have Dared To Sneak Into A Malibu Beach Party Where She D Be Surrounded By Enemies, Namely Including Her Ex BFF Abigail Oh Yeah Croix Denver Never Thought In A Million Years He D Ask Her Out, But Who Was She To Question This Miracle Of Fate Well, That Wasn T The Only Surprise Fate Had In StoreDuring The Party A Tsunami Hit The Coast Of California, Wiping Out Everything In Its Path Denver And A Handful Of Others Escaped Death By Holding Onto The Roof Of The House And Were Swept Out To Sea Of Course, One Of Her Fellow Castaways Was None Other Than Abigail, Who Could Barely Stand The Sight Of HerNow That She S Floating In The Ocean, Stuck On A Small Boat With The Most Popular Kids In School And Waiting To Be Rescued, Denver Wonders What Might Kill Her First Dehydration, Sunstroke, Or The Girl She Used To Think Of As A Sister A Hilariously Dark And Twisted Story That Sparkles With A Remarkably Fresh Voice, The Lifeboat Clique Is Kathy Park S Irreverent Yet Insightful Novel About How To Survive In The Most Unthinkable Circumstances Be so good they can t ignore youSteve MartinKathy Parks, an American author, pens her debut novel, The Lifeboat Clique that narrates the story of a high school girl who is an outcast among her friends circle, thus listing her among the unpopular kids in her high school, but when she sneaks into a party into a beach house party with the cool kids, little did she knew that her her status of being unpopular i soon going to be challenged by those uppity popular kids.Synopsis Some people might say that Denver had a death wish Why else would she have dared to sneak into a Malibu beach party where she d be surrounded by enemies, namely including her ex BFF Abigail Oh yeah Croix Denver never thought in a million years he d ask her out, but who was she to question this miracle of fate Well, that wasn t the only surprise fate had in store.During the party a tsunami hit the coast of California, wiping out everything in its path Denver and a handful of others escaped death by holding onto the roof of the house and were swept out to sea Of course, one of her fellow castaways was none other than Abigail, who could barely stand the sight of her.Now that she s floating in the ocean, stuck on a small boat with the most popular kids in school and waiting to be rescued, Denver wonders what might kill her first dehydration, sunstroke, or the girl she used to think of as a sister Denver, a high school teenager and an outcast among her friends, sneaks into a Malibu beach house party with the cool and popular kids of her school She had no wish to attend this stupid party, but only because of her crush, Croix, who invited her to attend this party whom she couldn t afford to say no When the party was in full swing, an unpredictable tsunami wave hit this beach house and washed away everything along with its tide Most of Denver s schoolmates died when the wave hit the house, but luckily Denver along with a bunch of popular bitchy girls and a jock, rescued themselves somehow by holding onto an abandoned boat From there, their fight began as one after another hurdles were thrown onto their faces, and under such a situation, they can only hold onto each other instead of out casting and judging Denver Firstly, the book s cover is pretty and eye catchy, especially, it justifies the story line quite strongly The author s writing style is quite charming layered with funny anecdotes and emotions the narrative is light and quite relatable and the author has strikingly captured the voices of young teenagers be it an outcast or an uppity mean girl What goes in and around high schools are pretty well projected into this story thus giving the readers a vivid and real life experience into the lives of 21st century teenagers The pacing of the book is really fast as I devoured this story within few hours only The story is so hilarious, considering the fact that this is a survival story that involves a lot of death, that at times, I was laughing so hard that I could feel tears in my eyes Yes definitely, it s a version of Mean Girlsmeeting The Life of Pi kinda drama.The story line is fresh and unique as it features a high school kids tsunami surviving drama But the story line is largely based on Denver and her ex BFF, Abigail s sisterly relationship which has gone cold with time and problems The chapters are divided into the past and present the present with the fight for survival and the past with Denver and Abigail s new found friendship, 4 years ago when Denver moved to LA with her parents The characters are all quite well developed and are realistic The author has projected the main character, Denver, with an honest voice, who is sharper than her fellow friends and knows a great deal about survival strategies, brave and the one thing that made me fall for Denver is her attitude towards bullying and negative judgments about her Denver stayed calm and answered back with a witty comment, when those mean girls showered her with such negative judgement Abigail is thoroughly mean and her hate towards Denver is evident from her demeanor The book deals a lot with teenagers who are being outcasted among their peers, the seating area in cafeteria which is largely based on a teenager s cool status And these things are highlighted with lots of dark humor without making the readers feels sorry for anyone, and Denver is an epitome of a modern outcast teenager, who knows that she has to find her voice for herself and no one can do that on her behalf She tried to be funny all the time, yet people hated her because of an old rumor spread by her ex BFF, Abigail.Overall, this is a fun read that is perfect for a summer afternoon as this young adult story has all the elements of enjoyment to leave the readers entertained till the very last page Verdict Want a good laugh Pick a copy of this book for sure Courtesy Thanks to the author, Kathy Parks, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book I would probably not survive a natural disaster I can t swim, I cry easily, and I hate bugs If the Hunger Games were a real thing, I d probably be taken out first Around the time the first movie debuted, I asked my sister if she would volunteer for me and she said no, so there s that Denver Reynolds is an outcast With good reason So when Croix Monroe, her all star crush, invites her to the local teen rager, she s all for it However, she couldn t be far from welcome The mean girl trio, Sienna, Hayley, and her former best friend, Abigail, demean her the second she arrives There are drunk mishaps There are tears There are failed attempts at humor And before anyone can blink, a tsunami takes out the house and all the kids in it Denver, Sienna, Hayley, a faux surfer named Trevor, Croix, and Matt manage to survive, at first view spoiler A fallen palm tree casually smacks into the heads of Matt and Croix, killing them both hide spoiler Is it weird to say this book was a lot of fun Even though it was filled with tragedy and death, there was humour all throughout it There were also some really beautiful moments A solid book, which I couldn t put down and finished in one sitting. 4.5 Stars Not a forever favorite, but a solid dark comedyTrevor Dunham talked quite a bit about his man part just before he drowned I gotta say, this book was love at first sentence sight.I was super excited for this because it s so rare that I find a dark comedy in YA, especially one with a premise that interests me This book definitely had the premise What would you do if you were stuck on a broken down boat in the middle of the Pacific w a bunch of kids you hate It would be nice to think that you d all just forget about your differences and Kumbaya and stuff, but would that REALLY happen Well, on this boat it definitely did not I think that adding comedy and lightness to a life death situation can be really tricky to pull off, and I was so happy that it was done to perfection here It was silly and funny in parts mostly flashbacks , totally sad and serious in others mostly when life death situations happened , and had a great use of satire in the everyday things that happened on the boat Right away, I loved Denver She was equal parts funny, snippy, and smart She was all alone after being dumped by BFF Abigail, and yet I didn t find her bitter I think she wanted her friend back, but she didn t become an angry person over it as I surely would have I also loved how resourceful she was She was always thinking and it saved their butts than once The other characters were like a Regina Gretchen Karen mix and surfer dude who wasn t near as annoying as I first thought he would be This book is a total character book, so if you re not feeling the characters, you won t be feeling this book.The BEST part was that SURPRISE, this book has heart I really found a touching story in all the high school drama and mean girl antics And there was a surprise thing that happened before the ending I totally did not see this one really big revelation coming It wasn t shocking in the way I was expecting either I was expecting dark comedy stuff, and I got real life realities My only real let down was I didn t love the ending I don t like lessons in general, but I especially didn t like it when the lesson was something really frustrating Although some good things happened, it still gave me a really downer vibe This story is not going to be one of my life long favorites, but it s definitely up there on my fave 2016 books list.OVERALL I loved this dark comedy that featured an unpopular girl trapped on a boat w popular people that hate her during a natural disaster It was funny, but also truthful and emotional at times I loved the characters which is really what this book is all about and can t wait to read by Kathy Parks My Blog I can definitely see how this book wouldn t sit well with some people The humor is dark, and I d say if you re not into death being matched with a comical tone, maybe skip this one If you took the cast of Mean Girls and placed them in a life or death situation, you d get The Lifeboat Clique After an earthquake disrupts a high school party, Denver finds herself trapped in the middle of the ocean with a drumming stoner and the cruelest, most popular girls in school, including her ex best friend, Abigail It s just like any other dramatic unraveling of past friendships we see in YA BUT they re literally roasting to death in the middle of the ocean, with practically zero supplies, and only the underwire of a bra to catch fish I ll take this over a cafeteria cat fight any day It was brilliant Interwoven between the fight for survival, there s flashbacks featuring Denver and Abigail that slowly explain what caused their relationship to go south At it s core, aside from all the humor, this book centers around friendship and the essence of popularity And just to put it out there, there s practically zero romance, despite what the synopsis may suggest I had a lot of fun with this one It s a little silly, a little crude, but in my opinion, hilariously weird. DNF 40% I m sitting here scrolling through tens of 4 and 5 star reviews for this book and I feel like I m on mars bc well this book is BAD To put it bluntly and I hella don t relateI mean its an interesting enough idea where do I start So much bloody drama Like a tsunami just swept them out into the sea and theyre about to drown but theyre literally fighting over the dumbest, pettiest things ever like I can t, I physically feel my brain cells exiting existence.Denver is such a limp noodle Honestly she s not like other girls that s literally what this guy tells her and she thinks shes better than everyone else and she s so unique and not clique and basically it makes me wanna stab myself with a plastic spoon Madison Cutler, budding alcoholic, probable bulimic, definite boob jobber, and total cool kid. Like I get you hate her but.really are you 4 The humour is AWFUL in my honest, unprofessional opinion Like it will have me laughing in a face palm i cant believe someone just said something so dumb let me leave earthIt s boring The writing is so unprofessional juvenile annoying I honestly tried to read but my eyelids are calling it quits for todayBasically, I have abandoned the thought of even being able to enjoy this book, bc really it is not for me, and I don t think I should suffer any longer But hey the rest of the world seemed to like it so there s that 1 star Meh. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and EdelweissI, Denver Reynolds, would surviveThis was a good survival story, about a bunch of kids swept away by a tsunami.Denver was quite a strong character, and it was pretty handy that she knew some stuff about survival, I wouldn t have coped as well as she did, and neither would the other characters The other characters in this were mean girls, and I felt quite sorry for Denver in the way she got stuck with them.The storyline in this was about 5 teenagers washed away during a tsunami off the coast of LA, and their subsequent fight to survive We also got a bit of a mystery going on about the reason why Denver and Abigail were no longer friends, which made things a bit interesting.There was a little bit of romance, but only a little bit.The ending to this was pretty good, and it was interesting to see who would survive.6.5 out of 10