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Now this is a really fun book for the modern, Net savvy reader I don t think I ve ever heard fanfiction discussed accurately in a book before or ever discussed period , and I love the varying attitudes on it from the author to the rabid fangirl to the innocent net surfer who accidentally stumbles onto a slashy one SO much fun I read in a professional review somewhere that this book feels up to the minute fresh, and that is really an excellent way to put it Blogging, forums, Dubbya s incompetencies, the polar bears on LOST just little touches like those make the day and place so identifiable and make the story so much real If someone in the year 2058 wanted to know what real, day to day pop culture and life felt like in the years 2004 2008 at least for liberal, net savvy and literary intellectuals , this would be the perfect book for him Since I and so many of you, my friends fall into the above category, I think you ll be really tickled by this story and find it a fun read, at the very least.The story isn t all that profound although the premise is fun what happens when someone steals your characters, both literally there is a break in at the author s house and a rabid fan steals a little model of one of her characters , and figuratively through fan works, fandom and a reader s personal interpretation and mental exchange with the characters as they read , but the author s writing style is just AMAZING SO witty, so sharp and wry and fun, fun, fun I haven t laughed out loud there you go, that s in there too that much while reading a book in years not since reading Good Omens by Tickle me Terry Pratchitt The setting is really fun, too an old, Victorian style mansion once owned by the last surviving member of the Donner Party in Santa Cruz, CA which somehow manages to feel both California beachy and rustic down to earth like one of those New England fishing towns where authors go to write Just a lovely, interesting and fun book for a fun break between summer school reading As light as I m making it sound, though, it s not a dumb book and any aspiring writer should snatch this baby up to experience what REALLY GOOD VOICE STYLE can do for you Definitely recommended 4.5 starsI think, unfortunately, that this book is misreprented by the tag line on the cover and the publisher description both those seem to promise an overarching mystery, a sinister encroachment of the both the past and of an author s fans.What it actually is and succeeds quite well at is the first person narrative of a woman without roots trying to find some purpose Rima struggles with grief, tries to figure out the puzzle of her father s life, tries both to connect and to avoid connection.Plus, Fowler s writing is just excellent poetic and natural and quite funny I love the descriptions of all the dollhouse death scenes Compulsive reading.Also that cover is heinous, and feels straight out of the cyber fear fiction of the late 90 s. Preface I won this through a Readinggroupguides.com contest I have read The Jane Austen Book Club, which was also set in the Norcal area, so I m right at home with that.Update Just because you get a book for free does not mean you should read it There was no point or direction to this book The storyline was very scattered, none of the characters were developed enough to like or emphathize with them, and it was peppered with unnecessary profanity and moral issues that came from left field The teaser on the front jacket about fans stealing your characters has nothing to do with the book unless it means Thomas Grand which I highly doubt Don t bother with this one. What a letdown The description sounded so interesting A young woman, Rima, who is suffering after the deaths, one after another, of her immediate family members, is invited to move in with her godmother who happens to be a world famous mystery writer The writer lives in a beachfront estate in Santa Cruz, California, called Wit s End which was built years ago by a surviving member of the Donner party who is said to haunt the grounds The writer is a little eccentric she builds dioramas of the murders she plans to describe in her books, and, since the death of Rima s father, she has not written a new book, but she still maintains a vigil as to what is written about her on the internet The writer and the father were journalists in Santa Cruz when they were in their 20s, and both had connections to a local cult formed in the 1930s by a crackpot white supremacist who claims to have had the secret to immortality The writer included Rima s father in one of her novels set in a similar type of cult after which they never spoke again With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Rima decides take the writer s invitation and to figure out exactly what happened between the writer and her father.Sounds promising, huh Well, no I have enjoyed Fowler s other books, so I know she can write, but this book is just too darn precious for its own sake Every character is just wack a doodle, or entirely random Rima, who has nothing to do all day, takes weeks to read a lousy packet of letters anyone else would have finished in an hour Each diorama is described in great detail although spoiler aler oh , never mind they have nothing to do with the plot The mystery is eventually solved, but in such a humdrum manner, and with such ho hum results, that you wonder why Fowler even bothered Oh, and if I had to read one description of the sound of the dachshunds toenails on the wooden floor, I would have definitely lost my wits.. Reading this book made me wonder why Jonathan Lethem, Junot Diaz and the other fan boys get all the credit for playing with genre Karen Joy Fowler s meta mystery, about a woman trying to decipher the relationships between her family and a famous murder mystery writer, has just as many layers and asks just as many big philosophical questions Set in a Santa Cruz populated by cults and clowns and 12 stepper housekeepers, the book is as colorful as any traditional mystery By adding plot lines that take place online but which have real world repercussions , Fowler gets nearly sci fi while playing with ideas about doubling, wish fulfillment and even the future of publishing But it s probably her wit and warmth toward her characters that I like the most. The author of The Jane Austen Book Club has struck again delightfully This book is not a mystery but it IS about a mystery writer, her goddaughter, and some mysterious past events There are multiple story lines in this book,including highly imaginative plots for the books written by Addison though, despite attempts throughout the book by many, not a clue about what the new book is about until the very, very, very end It s a tad confusing at timessince Addison has a tendency to use real peoples names for her book characters and similarbutdifferent situations happen to both I found it an utterly engrossing, charming, chaotic book with a lot of beginnings and no true ending Every single character in this book is quirky and intriguing Mystery readers willing to laugh about themselves will really dig this book I know I did Everyone else will love these delightful character including a couple of snuffling and snarky miniature dachshunds gotta love a book that includes critters as important members of the cast. I bought this book in the UK I prefer the US title, Wit s End, as it is a accurate indication of the book s themes and content.The UK jacket copy made the book sound like a lighthearted romp with a fictional detective come to life to help the heroine Instead, the book is a rumination on grief, the creative process, and just who owns a creative work once it is accessible by the public Does it belong to the author To the fan To the real life people events on whom the fictional characters and situations are modeled A slight, slightly discombobulated novel, but I loved the themes and the questions they raised. *DOWNLOAD BOOK ☞ Wit's End ↡ Rima Lanisell Is At A Loose End, Following The Death Of Her Father She Has Come To California To Stay With Her Godmother, Addison Early, Who Once Knew Rima S Father Well Addison Is A Best Selling Mystery Writer Over The Years, She Has Tried To Protect Her Work And Her Privacy As Her Fans Have Become Ever Intrusive I like meta books, books about books and writers and readers and how stories influence our lives As someone who spends what, I admit, is probably an inordinate amount of time reading, reading about books is important and informative Wit s End is metafiction about mystery Rima s godmother, Addison Early, is a successful Agatha Christie like mystery writer Rima comes to stay with Addison at Wit s End, Addison s little refuge from the world in Santa Cruz Cut off from the rest of the world by the loss of those closest to her, Rima is adrift With nowhere to go and nothing to do, she latches on to stray elements from Addison s past, determined to unearth some sort of mystery to solve.This idea that the detectives in mystery novels have it easy because the author does the hard work of supplying the mystery is perhaps Karen Joy Fowler s most sublime observation in the entire book I had never thought of it that way before, but it s true Detectives get all the breaks neat, orderly clues clear cut motivations a nice timeline of events Real life is much messier than that, and in many cases, as Rima discovers, the nature of the mystery is not clear.Alas, little else about Wit s End held my attention Rima herself is a cipher of a character We never really get close to her Fowler shares morsels of backstory with a parsimony that I would envy in a science fiction author I got the sense that she was never really close to anyone except her late brother With him they were a dyad now she is a monad and unsure of how to live.None of the other characters are all that intriguing either Fowler tries She alludes to Tilda s checkered past of homelessness and alcoholism and the struggles reconnecting with her estranged adult son Addison is supposed to be a kind of ageing grand dame, resplendent in her achievements but worried by the ticking clock on the mantle Martin is supposed to be I don t know, what passes for a cad these days Yet all this amounts to is a series of set pieces, and static ones at that None of the characters change much not even Rima I kept expecting Addison to get tetchy when Rima continued to prod Addison s past and look into Holy City I kept expecting a fight, or at least an argument nothing Aside from that very real, very rewarding moment between Rima and Martin, the emotions in this book are flat Even when Rima winds out trapped in a house with her stalker, Fowler manages to puncture the tension building in the room and replace it with an underwhelming, albeit humourous, resolution.In its attempts to be a character driven story centred on Rima, Wit s End fizzles out into a boring book where nothing happens The promise that this book s cover copy makes that this would be about how Addison s fans have taken over her characters and plotlines never materializes There are references to fanfic especially slashfic and Wikipedia pages and blog comments, but it s all ancillary That would have made for a interesting story Still, this is not merely a case of a book misrepresented by its description.I enjoyed the way Fowler uses Addison to share one type of writer s perspective on readers But that s about it The characters in this book are dull the plot is largely a collection of unrelated events as a protagonist, Rima is about as interesting as paint that has very nearly dried Fowler can do much better, and you, as a reader, can do much better. The best part of this novel is the author s wit Fowler, as many reviewers note, really does have a wonderful voice Her character insights, asides, ruminations all are engaging and interesting The whole of Wit s End, however, is not as good as the sum of its parts With so many odd and fascinating side stories grief, loss, obsessive fan adoration, theft of artistic ownership, cults, mystery novels, mysterious letters, mysteries within mysteries not to mention complicated and fascinating characters, even down to the dogs in the story Wit s End was a page turner But I kept turning back pages due to confusion and the sense I d just simply missed something I did have some difficulty tracking real characters and their fictional counterparts some of this was intentional I m sure Yet ultimately I was left puzzled by what I d read Was it enjoyable Yes But the plotting seemed loose, characters who began with such strong descriptions seemed to fizzle a bit by the end, as did a few of the story lines.I enjoyed the author s humor and thoughtful inner voice descriptions enough to want to try another of her novels but wonder if I m simply charmed by her writing style, the dynamic characters she creates as well as the potential for a terrific tale and am willing to overlook how well she combines these elements into a fully functional, stand alone story.