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3.5 starsJust a Game is by a new author so when the request came in I waffled quite a bit before accepting the book for review I m glad I said yes This is what I d call a fantasy erotic romance Fantasy as in something you d fantasize about, not fantasy as in unicorns and fairies It is double GFY and smokin HOT I don t want to spoil anything in this short story so I m just going to make a few observations and let you decide if it s right for you My very first thought as I began reading was whoa, Ben Tim MCs from Jay Bell s Something Like series but it didn t take but a page or two to get over that shock and it never crossed my mind again Tim is not one of the two main characters, he s Bryan s roommate I mentioned fantasy earlier You re going to need to suspend reality just a bit here in order for this to work I expected this going in because I knew it was a short story and I knew it was GFY If you know that ahead of time, like I did, it will allow you to enjoy the story without the expectation that it s true to life I hate mentioning this but I feel I need to there s unprotected bareback sex in this story Again, I read this as fantasy so it didn t bother me but I know it s a deal breaker for some There s not a lot of romance here but there is a touch and it ends with a HFN If you re intrigued and you re willing to give this a chance, I don t think you ll be disappointed This story is available at Smashwords and for.99 I enjoyed it and look forward to from this author. 3 stars A hot shortie, however unrealistic The characters were not much developed, but this is pretty much PWP porn without plot It read like a not so straight guy s porn fantasy I enjoyed it, because hotness.Rated down because of view spoiler Ben getting a blowjob from another guy at the club and then Bryan takes over the BJ after Ben dismissing the other guy WTF Also the lack of a condom I mean, you barely know each other hide spoiler Grammar Ok, this book was absurd, but I liked the end so.All starts with Bryan meeting his neighbor Ben on the stairs They exchange few words, like always, but the only difference is that this time Bryan decides, since they both like hockey,to ask the other man to come and watch the game in his apartment Bryan is sure that his gay roommate isnt home, and this is the only reason why he asked the other man to come He loves his roommate, he is one of his best friends, but when he is home he is never alone, and when he is in his room he is always with a different lover and likes to narrate all the things they are during while having sex.Bryan is sure that Tim is out, well he is wrong They are watching the game when the telltale sounds of sex start coming from Tim s room Bryan hopes that the volume of the game will mask it, but he is not that lucky Ben asks him if that is his roommate and in the end Bryan explains to him that he is used to this, but he can understand if he is shocked They are both hetero, but hearing those sounds is arousing themor maybe hearing those sounds and watching each other is the real reason.They start joking about it and decide to watch a porn, since they are both horny now, but Bryan tells him that the one paying for the porn channel is Tim, and so there will be only gay porns As joke Ben changes on one of those channels.They watch few minutes of it, but then Ben gets up and without a real explanation leaves the apartment Bryan doesnt know what to think, maybe Ben now thinks that Bryan too is gay like Tim.Luckily the next day, when they meet again on the stairs, all seems ok Ben asks him if they can watch again the game together and Bryan agrees Since that day, they start a sort of ritual Is a day like any other when Ben asks Bryan if they will watch the game together also the next saturday, but the other man replies that he cant since is Tim s birthday and he and his other friends are taking him to a few gay bars,something they do every year for his birthday Till now the book was ok, but then i saw this scene and i got mad.Bryan and his other friends are in a gay bar.Bryan hopes that this will be the last one He will drink something and then say goodbye to all and leave Or so he thinks He is ready to leave when he walks near a couch and hears a familiar voice He must be wrong bcs he is sure that this person cant be in this club He walks towards the moaning and what he sees, shocks him Ben is sitting on a couch and a man is giving him a bj When Ben and Bryan s eyes meet, Ben tells the man btw his legs to stop and leave Bryan is aroused and decides to continue what the other man was doing.there, where all can see them.Well yes, the others are doing the same thing, but there is still a chance that someone could see themcome on and anyway 2 seconds before another man was sucking him, his spit is still on Ben s dick the man that u love Bryan, was having oral sex for his first time with a man with SOMEONE ELSE I would be furious, but you Bryan without asking explanations about why he is hereyou decide that u should continue the oral sex, and his also your first time giving head.Only after that scene, they decide to go home and continue what they started, in a bed They have never been with a manbut Bryan that was hetero ony few hours before asks for harder and faster like a pro I m happy that they finally got together, but how it happened doesnt make any sense..The book ends with the author telling us that the next day they have sex in Bryan s apartment shouting like Tim did on that famous first day they watched the game, and they do this bcs they want to be heard I see a future with a lot of exhibitions for them.In the epilogue we see them 8 months later, being still happy and living together.Idk what to think..I rated this book 3 stars bcs i like the GFY theme, but this story was short and the plot didnt make sense Was really ridiculous At least the scene in the club happened before they started going out together, also if in that moment we already know that they feel something for each other. That was sexy fun. I received Just A Game from the author through the Goodreads M M Romance Groups Don t Buy My Love program This story is told in first person through the eyes of Bryan view spoiler This story takes place over what seems like a couple months at least I m not quite sure, but the time is very condensed The MC, Bryan, gets asked by his neighbor Ben, if he can come over to Bryan s and watch the hockey game on TV with him because Ben s cable isn t working properly and Bryan agrees Bryan has a gay roommate Tim, who is quite loud during sex Unbeknownst to Bryan, Tim was home with a lover when Bryan invited Ben over to watch the game Embarrassment erupts when Tim gets very vocal and Bryan tries to pretend it s not happening When Ben finally mentions Tim s loudness, Bryan is surprised Ben doesn t leave when Bryan tells him Tim is gay They try to drown out the sound by raising the TV volume and later watching gay porn, which surprisingly has an effect on Ben Over the weeks Ben visits Bryan to watch the games and they get to know each other and Bryan finds out they have much in common even though Bryan originally placed Ben as a blue collar worker who didn t fit into the white collar apartment building and it s crowd.Bryan is drawn to Ben but doesn t know if that means he s gay or not When Bryan goes with Tim to a gay club for Tim s birthday he s surprised when he sees Ben there and gets jealous over the attention Ben is receiving from another man Ben sees Bryan and after a little action they leave the club together I was a bit surprised with the fact that they went bareback, but the author explained it away enough for me to suspend belief since this was a short story The sex was hot but I was surprised that they seemed pretty experienced with gay sex considering they were virgins The author used Bryan to express the unnecessary use of labels But I d place Ben as either bi or bi curious because he seemed able to get it up for another man other than Bryan, but it was Bryan he was attracted to Bryan on the other hand was probably GFY since Ben was the only one he was interested in.This story ends up with a strong HFN.There are a few things I didn t like about this book Ben and Bryan I d suggest not making both main characters names start with the same letter next time I had a hard time keeping these two straight because of the name similarities The other thing was that the formatting was off in my epub The chapter titles started way at the bottom of the page and then the story would start on the next page So the formatting for the epub version at least, needs to be fixed I know this was meant to be a short story, but I think with just a bit time given to it, I wouldn t have felt as if I was lurched through the story time wise It was a tad too choppy in that way for me Just A Game is a very fast, cute read and I enjoyed it But at the same time the formatting errors annoyed me and the choppiness of the time crunch in order to fit it into a short story I think would have benefited from being just a bit longer I m giving this 3.5 Stars but because Goodreads doesn t give half star ratings I m going to have to give this 3 Stars As much as I had fun reading this, the parts that bothered me keep me from giving this story four stars I would however, recommend this to others to read because it s a cute read hide spoiler I received this book via Goodreads Don t Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.Bryan and Tim are long time friends and current roommates Tim is an out gay male, and Bryan is straight One night Bryan agrees to let their neighbor, Ben, come over to watch a hockey game unaware that Tim is already at home with a partner While Ben and Bryan watch the game, Tim s obnoxious, loud cries of ecstasy infiltrate the living room.Bryan is mortified, Ben is shocked, and Tim is well satisfied There s some awkward conversation, deflection and a brief stint of Ben and Bryan checking out Tim s gay porn cable channelleaving Bryan and Ben with the uncomfortable realization of sexual arousal.The next time Bryan encounters Bens, he s all sunshine and smiles They agree to watch the next hickey game together, and another, and another Their friendship blossoms, but Bryan starts to fantasize about Ben, and is ashamed Well, at least until Ben turns up in the same gay bar where Bryan and his friends are celebrating Tim s birthday It s a quickie GFY story with a fast paced storyline and feel good ending Delicious smexytimes, and a cute opposites attract pairing. Please note A copy of Just A Game was provided to me by Goodreads M M Romance Group s Don t Buy My Love free for review program and the author in exchange for an honest review It took me a couple of days to pull together my review, not because of any real issue It was a matter that the story is so short and pretty much to the point that I struggle with what constitutes a meaningful review I enjoyed this short story a fair bit It starts with an apartment neighbor, Ben, all but inviting himself over to watch a hockey game Bryan the pseudo willing inviter believes that his roommate, Tim an out and proud gay bottom , is out of the apartment, and that the game and beer can be enjoyed without incident At some point during the game, Tim s presence is revealed when Bryan and Ben hear loud obvious sex talk coming from Tim s room The Bryan tries to ignore Tim while he hopes that Ben is hard of hearing or at least also ignoring Tim s sex capades As the nature of the sex is revealed to Ben and the game finishes, some expected awkwardness between the two straight men ensues view spoiler The book then progresses with Bryan and Ben watching several games together without any Tim incidences There is some internal struggle by Bryan as he grapples with his reactions to Ben s reactions to Tim s exploits The story soon moves on to Bryan s annual gay club crawl with Tim and some other friends for Tim s birthday At Bryan s last club for the evening he discovers Ben at the club receiving a BJ Bryan is a bit jealous and possibly angry about the straight Ben s presence and activity , but he catches Ben s eye and the two advance their attraction and relationship from this point hide spoiler This book was provided to me by the author through the DBML Program in exchange for an honest review Most people who follow my reviews know my hot button is GFY I just love it So put together two hot young guys, neither of whom has ever experienced sex with a man, stir in a few extra hormones from listening to a live male on male sex session going on in the next room, let sit, and then bring them to a gay club where it s no holds barred and you get a double helping of GFY that s sweet and delicious Bryan and his new neighbor, Ben, get to know each other over a shared interest in watching hockey on Bryan s cable TV Apparently Ben s cable is out, and when they strike up a conversation in the hallway, Bryan finds himself inviting Ben over, and then over and over again Bryan is a bit disturbed when he notices that Ben sprouted a hardon when he heard Ben s roommate having sex, and disturbed that the thought of Ben being hard is making him hard in turn Over time, the sexual tension increases and when he spots Ben on the receiving end of a blowjob in the gay club, rather than turn away, he turns toward Ben What I liked most about this story is that the author was quickly able to build the MCs characters fully enough for me to be engaged with them and rooting for them to get together Though the premise is far fetched, the execution is so good that it just doesn t matter It s fast paced, short, humorous, hot, and provided me with a happy smile that stayed with me long after I finished the story I d recommend this one to GFY lovers and to those who enjoy a short but hot story that would be perfect for an afternoon at the beach or cuddled up before the fireplace. 3.5 starsNow this was quite a sexy story, although very unrealistic.If you re looking for something real, you might want to skip this one This one is just for when you re in the mood for a short, sexy read.Bryan has invited his neighbor Ben over to watch a game Both are quite startled when sex noises begin to emerge from Bryan s roommate s bedroom The roommate is quite vocal and Bryan feels really uncomfortable.But after this Bryan can t seem to stop thinking about Ben, and sex, and sex with Ben The two form a close friendship, but neither is gay So why can t Bryan stop thinking about him.When Bryan goes out with his roommate to a gay club he is quite surprised to see Ben there Now this scene was VERY unrealistic and weird Bryan sees Ben view spoiler getting a blowjob from some guy, in the middle of the club When Ben sees Bryan, he pushes the guy away and Bryan takes over Now that was just ugh not sexy in my opinion But okay, I just went with it hide spoiler `Download Book ↶ Just A Game ⇜ When Bryan Reluctantly Agrees To Let His New Neighbor, Ben Come Over To Watch The Hockey Game, He Has No Idea That His Gay Roommate, Tim Is Home Or That Tim Has Company Male Company While Ben And Bryan Are Forced To Endure The Telltale Sounds Of Sex Coming From Tim S Bedroom, Desires They Never Knew Existed Come To The Surface This Book Contains Erotic M M Sexual Situations And Language That Is Intended For Adult Readers