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Laura Vennetti hates guns Why wouldn t she, after her 5 yr old son accidentally kills his cousin with his father s service revolver and then her cop husband kills himself When Detective Ethan Winter escorts Jake home from a gun show, Laura thinks the worst.But something about Ethan makes her rethink her usual reaction He befriends Jake and urges her to get him some help and his quiet awareness of her encourages her to consider getting to know him better She knows he s not like her husband, but what she doesn t know he hesitates to tell her.When a case he s on requires that he shoot one of the perpetrator s, she panics and he angrily concludes he can t see her again Does this also mean he s going to cut himself off from Jake, who s begun to think of Ethan as the father he no longer has Emotions run high in this beautifully complex story as the threads of real life play out and eventually result in a rebraiding of family that surrounds these three. [Read Epub] ☧ To Love a Cop ♪ She S Sworn To Protect Her HeartAfter What Laura Vennetti And Her Son Have Been Through, She S Avoided All Contact With The Police Then Her Son Brings Detective Ethan Winter Into Their Lives Despite How Appealing And Gorgeous He Is, It S Safe To Say Ethan Isn T Her Dream ManImmediately, Though, Laura Can See How Different He Is From Her Late Husband Ethan Is Thoughtful, Considerate And A Good Influence On Her Son Add In The Intense Attraction Between Her And Ethan And The Temptation To Give In Is Irresistible To Her Surprise, Laura Feels The Wounds Of The Past Healing, Making Her Wonder If She Could Love This Cop Forever 4 StarsEvery once and a while I need a Harlequin Romance to allow me to escape.Ethan is a strong character, he is not a big alpha dude, he has strong beliefs and is very loyal Laura was betrayed by the people who should have stood by her in tragedy, and because of that she never really healed herself I enjoyed how their romance was slow in the making The minimal steam level of this book makes it a great one to read if you are in mixed company, or close quarters on a plane or bus My favorite part of the book was their interaction with Laura s son Jake It read very real to me He could have been a throw away character in this book, but by the end I think I knew him as well as Ethan and Laura.I sort of hope the author writes a book that gives us another look at these characters Ethan seems to have a few single coworkers and friends I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review. I received a complimentary book from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I have always loved Janice Kay Johnson s book, and her latest book did not disappoint I loved the fact that the author writes about something that is so up to date we often hear about it on the daily news broadcasts.Laura Vennetti is the widow of a police officer, and she has an eleven year old son What happened to her when her son was five years old is so emotional and poignant, that I found it difficult not to be affected by the situation I will not mention it because I think it meanswhen you read it for yourself.Meanwhile, Ethan Winter was on the same police force and knew her husband and the story of how her husband died He is attracted to Laura and is determined to befriend her especially since he has noticed her son s interest in guns.I absolutely loved this story and would highly recommend However this is not a happy story although there is a happy ending of course after all this is a Harlequin book However, the story has so much angst in the beginning that it almost seems like a mainstream book. I thought I wouldn t be able to read Johnson s romance novel Johnson is an author I ve always enjoyed, who delivers a heartfelt, serious love story with interesting issues and quandaries But To Love A Cop opens at a gun show and I m a strict gun control gal But Johnson s perspective is sympathetic and nuanced It s also a great story about dealing with a gun tragedy and forging a new family for three people, cop Ethan Winters, single mom, Laura Vennetti, and son, Jake, who deserve all the happiness In the end, I think this is one of Johnson s best, not to be missed You may read aextensive review by following the link received an e ARC from Harlequin, via Netgalley. This is a heartwarming story on getting past grief and troubles, forgiveness and learning to love I loved that Laura s son was just as important to the story in not only getting Laura s and Ethan perspectives but the sons as well I loved getting into the sons perspective on the confusion of whats going on and how he s learning I loved watching Laura and Ethan s relationship develop past those rocky times I found Ethan s perspective on his case interesting and getting that side action into his life making his characterrealistic I loved the details in this story it was easy to come up with a vivid image of what is going on as if its a movie in my head I thought that the story line was interesting and this book was quite unique and interesting and I loved every moment of reading this story. Johnson does a really nice job depicting the fallout from this family tragedy Laura s feelings toward her deceased husband s family seem realistic, as does Jake s obsession with guns Additionally, Johnson does a good job of weaving the budding romance into the story without making it seem contrived RT Book Reviews, 4 stars. Well, this was brave You know, if any other author had written this book, I would have put it down after a few pages It tackles some big, heavy, US centric issues, and I know few people could have made it work However, I love Janice Kay Johnson s books, and so I made myself continue, and I m glad I did.This book is about US gun culture That is the heart of the story The heroine s late husband left his gun out, their little son accidentally killed someone with it, and then later the husband committed suicide The sort of news headline that travels across oceans and even makes it onto television here.How in the world do you write this story without upsetting half of America I think the author managed it.I have never lived in a gun culture, and even coming from a military family, I do not know a single person who privately owns a gun or would ever consider buying one Guns don t factor into my existence, and so I look on things like gun shows and the NRA with total bewilderment.I think this was a factual, unbiased representation of the situation After all, major characters both own guns and teach gun safety classes, but guns are by no means glorified It was as balanced as I think it could possibly have been.On top of all the gun stuff, Johnson is just a plain good writer She researches the bejesus out of her topics and can write people of all genders, ages and cultures convincingly She writes realistic characters and believable romances She has little nuances in their actions so they seem like real people, not creations from a book.If there was one thing in this one I wasn t so sure of, it was the way the heroine s family did a total turnaround after years of heavy, horrible treatment, just because she spoke to them for thirty seconds It was the only thing in the book I couldn t believe in.However, this was yet another good read by this writer Review copy provided by NetGalley. 4 StarsI enjoyed this book quite a bit There were a lot of major issues being discussed in this book gun violence, suicide and I think it was handled very well The characters were extremely likable and the story was well done.