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What a fantastic story Robin Gianna brings you, transporting you to Paris where you meet Dr Jack Dunbar who is a cardiologist trying out a new heart valve device, which will help people that cannot have open heart surgery He meets Avery while he is trying to find a cup of coffee and breakfast he is in desperate need of but cannot talk French Avery comes to his aid and its instant attraction They are such a charismatic couple you are taken along on the wonderful journey of their love through the sights of Paris, and into the operating room with Jack who is a warm, sensitive surgeon Love is happening in Paris between these two but a secret about Avery s profession can tear apart these two lovers what a wonderful story, definite read for any romance reader and twice as much if your a medical romance lover. What started with a kiss could end with forever Avery Girard might have sworn off men, but she can t seem to help herself when Valentines Day rolls around, she s in the city of lights, Paris And as everyone knows it s hard not to notice all the beauty, magic and pure romance Paris is able to bring to life, even when it s not Valentines day So naturally Avery much like any girl would, is lost in the moment and ends up spending Valentines Day with totally hot and totally irresistible Dr Jack Dunbar, it s just one tiny little fling and that s never hurt anyone, right Wrong After an afternoon of beautiful passion , Avery discovers that Jack is actually the cardiologist she is meant to be assessing, awkward Evenworrying is when it comes to Jack, she s not only close to losing her perfectly perfected professional cool ,she s close to losing her heart This read was done in true Robin Gianna fashion, heartfelt characters, that were so realistic I just wanted to wrap them up and , keep them inside a little snowglobe forever It s the kind of romance one simply cannot ever forget Both Jack and Avery have hadthan their fare share of hurt in the past, but am sure all readers will agree with me that when the setting is right , the hurt from the past seems to magically melt away and it s only when morning comes that the magic fades and reality rears it s ugly head That is exactly what these characters go through, from romance and passion to Oh, oh, how did this happen The author captured the emotions of the characters with stunning clarity, I was right there for the romance is in the air, to the blazing passion and the past coming back to haunt them, simply amazing job Robin I am taking away a message of sometimes we end up in the right place at the right time, it does not seem to be the right place or right time at all, but you need to be able to trust life s little here and there steering s and come to realize that there is a reason behind it all, don t walk away , trust your heart not the past A highly recommended read 5 5 star review She s the light he needs, he s the hope she craves #KINDLE â It Happened in Paris... (Mills & Boon Medical) (Mills & Boon Medical) (A Valentine to Remember - Book 2) ð Avery Girard Might Have Sworn Off Men, But She Can T Help Getting Swept Away By The Magical Romance Of Valentine S Day In Paris Especially When She S Spending It With Totally Irresistible Dr Jack Dunbar One Little Fling Can T Hurt, Right Wrong When It Comes To Jack She S Not Only Close To Losing Her Professional Cool She S Close To Losing Her Heart A Valentine To Remember One Day They Will Never Forget So if you ve been reading my reviews lately you might have noticed i ve become addicted to Harlequin Medical Romance author Robin Gianna Well I got a hold of another one of her books, It Happened In Paris, and while I didn t love it as much as the previous three I read it was still a very good read written in just as an exciting way as her other work my problem was I thought the heroine , Avery, was a little too much of a know it all for my tastes and I felt like the hero, Jack, was the one giving in the most and it left me wanting to smack her LOL but I still loved the book and if you ve ever read a romance where you feltfor one of the leadsthan the other then you know what I mean and to me that just goes to prove once again the ability of the author in being able to make a reader feel something enough to make them feel that the characters are real andthan just characters in a book That is exactly the way Robin Gianna made me feel while reading , It Happened In Paris.You want to feel something similar then I recommend reading this because i m sure it will make you feel something too because if you haven t read her before she is going to become one of your newest must read authors because to me she is proving to be an amazing author to watch read and so I recommend getting in on the ground floor so to speak.Avery Girard may have sworn off men but that was before she met Jack Dunbar, before she knew it she was falling into bed and in lust with him.After one afternoon in her bed and in his arms she was ready to call it love, until she found out his name and realized he was the cardiologist she had been hired to assess Avery confessed she was there to see his work but neglected to tell him she was there to judge his design of her original invention and without her approval his work would be for naught Jack knew they were risks to everything and in medicine the risks outweighed all when the outcome could save so many lives But when he found out that Avery had been keeping things from him while he had been risking his heart and putting everything out there would he still feel the same So while I loved the book and Ms Gianna s writing it still comes down to something I ve said before , I don t like lies, even by omission, especially when someone knowingly doesn t reveal everything to the person they are in a relationship with That is my only gripe with the book and its a personal feeling gripe not having anything to do with the author or the book in reality and that s what I loved so much about the book and author she made me feel past the pages of the book and for that alone I give her a 5 star rating I can t believe that not everyone knows what a treasure medical romances have in Robin Gianna I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I absolutely adore Harlequin Romance novels and Robin Gianna makes me love them evenThis book was so romantic Seriously, what sromantic then Valentine s Day in Paris Not much While this book does have an underlying Valentine s Day theme, it is a medical romance that should be enjoyed ALL throughout the year I knew right from the start that I would love this book I immediately loved Avery with her teasing charm and love of bright colors I could relate to her right from the start She is so fun I could not wait to readabout Dr Jack Dunbar I know, even his name is sexy Avery and Jack have this unstoppable and undeniable chemistry, that makes you literally sigh I mean come on, their first kiss happens while it is raining, under an umbrella, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower If that doesn t make you want to read this book, I don t know what will I also love how Robin jumps right into the story There is no waiting around for something to happen Which makes you want to absolutely devour this book, page after page, until you reach the happily ever after And such a lovely happily ever after it is Although, I was sad to see this book end because I feel like I know Avery and Jack and would love to have readabout them But all great books must come to an end I definitely recommend this book for any romance reader out there This is also a great book to introduce to knew romance readers I have to say, I am ready forRobin Gianna books I needplease Read, It Happened in Paris, you will love it Fans of Harlequin s medical romances will enjoy Ms Gianna s heartfelt characters, romantic setting, and sparkling dialogue I gobbled up this little gem of a Harlequin Medical Romance in an afternoon.Jack and Avery are Americans in Paris When Paris cognoscenti Avery sees a handsome American man struggling to get the information he wants out of the concierge, a mad impulse makes her swoop in and rescue him Their immediate chemistry leads to a morning of sightseeing and an afternoon of passion.Both Jack and Avery have been burned by love, but the freedom of being in the most romantic city on Earth with an attractive stranger causes them to throw out their usually conservative attitudes It soon becomes clear however, that this fling can t continue, as Avery realizes that Jack is the cardiologist whose clinical trial of a medical breakthrough she is about to evaluate and might have to shut down.The company sponsoring the trial has ordered Avery not to inform Jack that she has the last say in the trial s expansion.Both fight to stay professional Both have good reasons for not mixing business with pleasure Avery s exes were also cardiologists One had a girl at every hospital The other belittled her medical expertise in medicine because she has a Doctorate, not an MD.Jack on the other hand was used by a former girlfriend who was a medical rep.I smiled to myself as I read this The dialogue was witty and the chemistry between Jack and Avery couldn t be denied I also loved the lush romantic setting as we walked with Jack and Avery through the rainy streets of Paris from the Eiffel Tower to watching the Sunset at the basilica du Sacre Coeur in Montemartre.I highly recommend IT HAPPENED IN PARIS to all lovers of the medical romance genre or anyone looking for something sweet but not fattening for Valentine s Day This newest Harlequin Medical Romance by author Robin Gianna made me want to book the next available flight to Paris and find a Dr Jack Dunbar of my own Avery Girard is strong and intelligent, yet vulnerable and so relatable as a heroine No wonder Dr Jack Dunbar can t resist her And Jack is a sensitive lover and gorgeous cardiologist committed to saving lives What woman stands a chance of resisting that They both give in to an immediate attraction an intense flame that is fanned by the romantic charms Paris before learning that they will be working closely as Jack conducts clinical trials on a new medical device while Avery evaluates the results She knows she must remain objective, especially since she has the power to pull the plug on the trials But being objective when it comes to Jack, in general, isn t easy And resisting her desire for him proves to be virtually impossible The author paints such a vivid and believable picture of two people in one of the most romantic cities in the world, both having suffered heartbreak in their pasts, and both wanting and needing the excitement of a love affair The situation Jack and Avery find themselves immediately afterward reminds us that a casual, albeit romantic one day fling isn t possible when fate has bigger plans.IT HAPPENED IN PARIS offers the perfect escape, not only for those who enjoy an impossible to put down medical romance, but for anyone who craves a memorable love story. IT HAPPENED IN PARIS by author Robin Gianna is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Mills Boon Medical Romance series.Avery Gerard is supposed to be assessing Dr Jack Dunbar in the medical trial he is conducting He is operating on patients and replacing the faulty valves in their hearts with the device he had constructed with a team of biomedical engineers Avery s job is to collect data but she has also been given the responsibility of shutting down the trial if she thinks it s putting patients lives at risk.But Avery didn t know the stranger she went out with was the Dr Dunbar Could she keep her distance now she knows The scorching chemistry between them landed them in bed the first day Could they both keep their professional and personal lives apart now IT HAPPENED IN PARIS has a gorgeous hero in Jack, he is tender and sensitive And Avery is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart Author Robin Gianna, by her spell binding words brought this romance in the middle of medical trials and failures I loved this story.Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. This is a lovely story with such a beautiful setting who wouldn t want to be in Paris for Valentines Day Jack is a cardiologist and is in Paris to do some trials on a new heart valve replacement and Avery designs the appliance and is there to monitor the trial but when they meet the electricity sparks and neither can deny the pull between them but both Jack and Avery have had bad relationships in the past and falling in love is not on the agenda but with the stresses of the trial and the spark getting stronger who can deny true love A great story that I highly recommend. It Happened in Paris by Robin Gianna is not my first read from this author and as with her other stories I LOVED IT The author sent me the book for an honest review and I can honestly say that it was really, really good Avery Girard is a smart, beautiful woman who is flirty and fun Dr Jack Dunbar is a gorgeous Cardiologist who is hired to do some medical testing When they first run into each other neither one realizes that they will be working together It s Jack s first day in Paris and he s looking to get a good cup of coffee, Avery comes to his aid and shows him around Paris They get along famously, and everything is going great Too bad Avery s past experience with men had her swear off getting involved with someone she is working with There is enough sexual tension between Avery and Jack that when the valves he s been working on started leaking in his patients that throws another wrench in their relationship woes She has to report back to her bosses what is happening I didn t want to put this book down, and it flows well as you read it Solid 5 out of 5 stars.