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Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy I initially really liked the main characters in PHOENIX RISING, a short story in the Alpha Pack series Unfortunately, I disliked almost everything else about the story pacing, foreshadowing, the villain, the mythology, the stereotypical homophobiaPhoenix Nix is one of the enforcers in Alpha Pack, a group that protects the world from demons, and miscellaneous evils He is a lean, mean, lupine killing machine with a seriously messed up background So messed up, actually, that it was ridiculously gimmicky when his past caught up with him The timing was so forced I just had to roll my eyes aggressively.Noah, a human nurse from the hospital who cares for injured shifters and magical beings, is a likable, fun characters He is upset because although Nix has acknowledges that he is his mate, Nix refuses to be seen in public with, and much less mate with him Noah interested me at first, being vulnerable but determined to prove himself to his pack, but then his actions at the end were so out of place that I lost all love for the character.The villain was one dimensional, and the fight with him advanced nothing, plot wise Readers knew he wasn t going to be defeated in the events of this short story, and especially when characters can teleport at will, it was clear that he was going to escape as soon as the going got too tough The big battle was totally anti climactic.Other characters powers were just as annoying and we re just cop outs to override the need for proper foreshadowing and storytelling One character in particular can see the future but can t alter it, and spouts off warnings to the main characters dark times are coming for you, you will have to believe in him and his abilities, bla bla bla To make matters worse, Nix also mentions when he visited a voodoo witch who told him about his special powers, which were ridiculous Psychics have their place, but spoiling the story is not the point.Overall this was a book with good erotic scenes, okay romantic scenes and very little else gluing this ridiculously short story together. (((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ☔ Phoenix Reborn (Alpha Pack, #7.5) ⇨ Wolf Shifter And Firewalker Phoenix Nix Monroe Has Finally Met His Ultimate Bondmate Alpha Pack Nurse Noah Brooks Unable To Accept His Own Sexual Identity, Nix Rejects Noah Despite The Intense Attraction He Feels Towards HimBy The Time Nix Realizes He Has Cast Aside The Love Of His Life, It May Be Too Late To Save Noah From A Terrifying Enemy Holy crap How have I missed out on this brilliant shifter series Has rectified the situation and one clicked the first three books in the series to get with the program This quick novella is all about Phoenix Nix Monroe and his Bondmate, Noah Brooks Well, Noah would be Nix s Bondmate if he pulled his head out of his butt and accepted his sexuality By the time Nix finally gets his act together, after casting aside Noah and all he represents, Nix may be too late to save both his relationship and Noah s life.Wow Just wow I loved the developing relationship between Nix and Noah even though there were many times I wanted to reach inside my Kindle to smack some sense into Nix Noah and his patience level was remarkable and heartbreaking But damn it was rewarding in the end This novella is a stand alone, and I really didn t feel too lost without the background stories of the rest of the supporting characters If anything, this novella whetted my appetite and forced me to bust my book budget for the month Now to read through the rest of the series Don t bother me I ll be reading Missy, 5 stars Another great Alpha Pack book novella MM is not my thing but this was really well done Love seeing Nix and Noah find a HEA though the angst and a kidnapping Loved seeing all the pack again especially my fav, snarky Aric Can t wait to see who falls next. 4.5 StarsAfter rejecting, his ultimate bondmate, Phoenix Nix Monroe may find himself too late to save Noah from a terrifying enemy in this thrilling paranormal romance.The heartfelt emotions that flows from the characters of this story immediately grip readers by the heart because Nix and Noah s relationship is a turbulent mix of chemistry and past issues that keep it on a very slippery slope Anticipation and excitement builds throughout the well written, fast paced and smooth flowing story as a deadly enemy threatens to take Noah away forever and some unexpected twists adds spice to this story full of suspense, excitement, romance and strong, compelling characters with the intriguing events keeping the readers glued to the pages.I have been waiting for Nix and Noah s story and although I wish it had been longer, I fell for Nix and Noah both and I don t think the author could have made it pulse pounding because it was non stop excitement from the very beginning Eva This was a story for which I had great curiosity since it s been coming for some time as the series progressed I was really hoping for something special since the author chose to put a greater amount of diversity in her series by having a same sex mated pair I didn t think I was expecting too much since, to my knowledge, this was her first foray into that type of couple, but I was left on the disappointed side when all was said and done The story is part of an ongoing series and makes sense read within the context of the series since the story arc began earlier.The story opens with human nurse, Noah, injured while caring for a frightened and out of his mind tiger shifter Seeing Noah in deadly danger and injured so badly is the catalyst it takes to break through to Nix and begin the end of his resistance toward his true mate Nix s wolf side sensed Noah was his mate long ago, but Nix has been posing as a straight guy all his life and did not welcome the fact that the bond understood his true nature and need even if he wanted to deny it Noah has been patient with him even though Nix knows that his resistance and denial has hurt Noah Even his fellow Alpha Pack members try to give him a boot up the butt about Noah, but ingrained fear has kept him in hiding Now, seeing his mate nearly killed and badly injured, he realizes what he stood to lose even before he had it Nix is determined to try First, privately with Noah and slowly going public with his true gay nature and relationship with Noah But if he can t get a lid on his fears, he knows that he will push Noah away for good.Noah agrees to take it slowly and is hopeful that Nix will finally bond with him and claim him Having the guy destined to be his mate publicly and repeatedly reject the bond and keep him at a distance after being shoved away by everyone in his past has been hard on him Noah is a naturally sunny, optimistic guy He knows his gentle, flamboyant nature and desire to be in an open, unapologetic touchy feely relationship has the potential to push Nix too far since they are opposites Noah has decided that he must prove his worth to Nix and goes to Blue and Kaelen to help him develop a gift he has kept hidden and they are happy to do so Meanwhile, a malevolent force watches and plots in the shadows to take and use Noah while he is vulnerable.Alright, this was very short and that played a role in the disconnect for me with this one, but I also felt it took on way too much so it was a mile wide and an inch deep if you get the picture I m going to get pointed here This story had the opportunity to have heart and engage the reader on several levels, but it felt slapped together to me My disappointment goes well beyond the handling of a gay couple to the handling of the story in general though the handling of these characters and relationship didn t do it justice I could pick apart most of the major elements in this story, but I won t because, sadly, that is a long list The romance was stilted and felt scripted, the character and plot development barely there, and the usual strengths of the series were absent It s not that hard to get me emotionally engaged in a story and cheering for the romance I tried and there were a few brief moments that I did connect But it s telling that a death, a near death, and a potentially big conflict romance left me entirely unmoved I should have been biting my nails and bawling my eyes out instead of steadily reading just to see the end If this hadn t been short, it would have been a DNF Then again, if it hadn t been short, maybe it would have been developed and I would have loved it.On the positive side, I like where the author went with the opposites attract to the pair of lovers I like the surprise of Noah s gift I did enjoy a few sweet scenes with Nix and Noah like when they went into the woods for the day or out on the town to eat Time with Blue is always a good thing Nix s reaction to Noah s decorating was amusing But sadly, the bigger picture didn t do it for me.That twist over Nix s gift was swiftly introduced in time for it to come in handy, but I never got the explanation And I was thoroughly confused about that slavery thing for Noah with Jinn there at the end No clue what that was about I m going to give the benefit of the doubt that things will get explained further along and this was meant to be mysterious If not, this was left as one huginormous dangling plot thread.So, yeah, I was disappointed that this wasn t up to par with what I m used to seeing with this series I ll still keep going with the series, but I have to say don t judge the series based on this entry because I can t really recommend it other than to series fans who want to keep up with each installment.My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Rating 1.5 out of 5 starsTrigger Warnings, including Homophobic LanguageKidnappingSuicidal ThoughtsAttempted SuicidePhoenix Reborn is the first and so far only M M work in the M F paranormal romance series Alpha Pack by J.D Tyler and from what I can tell, the first M M work by this author under any of her pen names I haven t read any other books in the series, but it seems similar to J.R Ward and other shifter alpha male M F erotica.But wow, this reads 10000% like a novel written by someone who has never read M M romance It s also so full of awful stereotypes cliches, ridiculous characters, and badly written sex scenes that it just feels like a half assed attempt to cash in on the M M genre Read the full review CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS at Just Love Romance I think we all have been waiting for this one for a long time I know I ve found myself very angry at Nix for how he treated Noah, Noah who everyone loves and is such a sweetheart Learning why Nix treated him bad doesn t make me not angry at Nix, but it allows me to understand why he acted like he did I can t say that I wouldn t have done the same in his shoes.I hated that there was a big scene at the end, one where Nix once again refused Noah, hated that then Noah had to do what he did to save Nix The only good thing that came out of it was that what Nix learned long ago was true and finally these guys can have their HEA. My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.com.I had mixed feelings about reading or well, listening to this book There has been something going on between Nix and Noah for a while now There is definitely a connection between the two However, Nix has never, not at a single point in this series, shown any interest in guys Noah is openly gay and very proud of it He is almost a cliche, in his pink and glitter Nix, however, has shown no interest in guys, even though he knows that Noah is his mate This bothered me I didn t like the idea of pairing a homosexual and heterosexual together as bonded mates That just seems wrong to me, so I almost skipped this book I m glad I didn t in part, because that is not what was going on here.Nix has always been gay, however, his father is a homophobic prick He knew his son was gay, even though Nix never came out about it Nix s father threaten to torture and kill any partner that Nix choose, so Nix decided that it was better to be single than to take the chance of his father finding out about it Even after he had been declared dead by the military when he was turned, he still kept his distance, just in case Seems a little sketchy to me, considering the security that surrounds him, but okay, I ll buy it for now.Early in the story, Noah is attacked by a tiger shifter who woke up in the hospital and was disoriented Nix all of a sudden becomes very protective, which he should because Noah is his mate They go through the recovery and Noah goes back to Nix s room for further recovery They have sex before they discuss Nix s issues I have a problem with this I, personally, would want to know why I had been rejected so much, not only publicly but privately, before I was willing to have sex with someone, especially since no one knew that Nix really was gay Not to mention that this isn t the first time in this series where we have injured people who are still recovering have sex At least there was some recovery time in this one In a previous book, it was right after a fight scene.Lastly, it comes out that Noah is a halfling He is half human and half fae He has some powers which make him than human Personally, I m not really sure what was wrong with Noah being just an ordinary human, but he has powers When he comes out to the entire group with this information, Nix doesn t take it well and throws a fit Noah storms off and is kidnapped There is some drama and I won t give away any just in case you want to read this story.I don t think you need to read story to continue with the series I am glad that I read it because I was concerned about forcing a hetero and homosexual together, which is not the case I do feel like this story could ve been much better flushed out At only two hours long 105 pages , it doesn t have a lot of time to cover a full romance I think a romance as complicated as this one needed a longer story to cover it all.NarrationOnce again, I think Marguerite Gavin does a great job with the narration of this series She is a joy to listen to This book, being an M M romance, was mostly male voices and she handled them all with ease She is a narrator that I love and will always recommend I like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. My Review I love that J.D Tyler wrote a male male romance in the Alpha Pack world I just wish she had given Nix and Noah s story a bit This is a novella and as such, it goes by really quickly although there is a lot going on As a result, I was left feeling like the story was just missing something It didn t go to the depths that I really would have liked it to emotionally But what is there is good Nix is torn After growing up in a homophobic home, he s always denied that part of him Noah is the complete opposite He s very gay and a little flamboyant Although Nix likes Noahhe hates that part of him because of his own hang ups The thing is Nix is a wolf shifter He can t deny the mating bond and every time he does, it hurts Noah That was one of the things that bugged me about this book Noah is such a good, understanding guy, but Nix hurts him over and over again because of his own homophobic hang ups That hurt to read This could have been an AMAZING full length novel if the author had been allowed to explore all those stirred up emotions thoroughlyand I understand that this is an m m novel in a mainstream m f series, so she probably simply wasn t allowed the words to do so That s just the way the publishing world works, but with little steps like this forward, that s changing and I love that.But again, I m thrilled that this book was even included in the series I ve loved this entire series and for it to have an m m story makes my m m loving heart love it even.I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.