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I really liked listening to this series until they changed narrators This narrator really annoyed me. I gave up after a few chapters Tori Carrington is one of those authors who can t make it through a situation or conversation without 10 or twelve side line introverted monologues of the main character Like, I saw the cat I remembered when I was 12 and a cat lived next door Who cares It drives me crazy And then there was the language I was so hopeful for a fun new series. @PDF Ù Working Stiff (Sofie Metropolis, #4) á Sofie Metropolis S PI Business Is So Successful At Finding Missing Spouses And Lost Pets And At Proving Insurance Fraud That She S Hired New Staff, Including Her Formerly Layabout Cousin There Are Two Men In Sofie S Life Sexy Greek Baker Dino, Who Found A Place In Her Heart And Bed In Foul Play, And Man Of Mystery Jake Porter, Whose Australian Accent Is Guaranteed To Turn Sofie S Knees To Water The Week Before Halloween, A Body Disappears From Sofie S Aunt S Funeral Home It Might Be A Holiday Prank, But Sofie S Barely Begun To Investigate When She S Handed A Truly Hot Case Prove The Innocence Of Someone Already On Trial For Murder Another winner from this husband and wife writing team Lots of laughs, but fun to see Sofie developing a bitas a character in the series This time she s hot on the trail of a missing corpse and the real murderer of a society girl who s boyfriend is on trial for the crime Of course, she solves the mysteries, but also gets to deal with the touchy personal issues. Halloween is coming up, and it s giving Sofie Metropolis the creeps But there s no such thing as ghosts and zombies, right At least, that s what she thought before the dead body of Nick Papadakis went missing Now her Aunt Sotoria has hired her to find it, and she doesn t exactly have time to spare Her real paying case has her trying to find evidence in favor of a man who has been accused of killing his girlfriend And everyone, including her, is already pretty much convinced of his guilt.The main story in this book wasn t too predictable, like last time but one of the side story mysteries was painfully obvious Otherwise, it was pretty much the same.Anyone who follows my profile probably notices that I m always reading at least two books In case you re curious as to why, I like to read on the treadmill, so I set aside humorous books like these to read while exercising, and I keep a serious book to read in my downtime. Great main mystery with lots of little subplots to keep you entertained along the way Definitely my favorite Sophie Metropolis book so far. a twist at the end. 2008 Sofie is back for book four This time she has sex As Sofie is becomingof a real PI, she has been taking on bigger cases and actually hiring a staff Kidnappings, murders, body stealing, andare all in this one Not only is the bookserious, but so are the consequences Sofie and Dino Sofie and Jake Where will she finally end up She has a serious problem with her choices in my opinion which makes it hard for me to really like her Still better than the last 6.5 10 Sofie Metropolis is still on the private investigation beat in Astoria, Queens when her aunt asks her to find out why a body is missing from the family funeral home Then she s hired to clear a man on trial for killing his girlfriend Both of these are considerablycomplicated than Sofie s usual lost pet cases, but she finds a way to crack them all the same.