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!Download ♰ Dreaming the Eagle ♫ Dreaming The Eagle , The First Volume Of Manda Scott S Boudica Sequence, Is As Much About Establishing Our Sense Of The Issues At Stake As It Is About Breaca, The Future Boadicea, Herself We Are Given A Comprehensive And Complex Picture Of Pre Roman British Society One Which Neither Excludes The Down Side Of An Aristocratic Warrior Society Full Of Powerful Mystics And Touchy Snobs Nor Regards It As Significantly Stranger Or Primitive Than The Romans These Celts Are Bound Sooner Or Later To Have To Fight Breaca Is A Talented Fighter, But Her Real Interest Is In Breeding And Training Horses For Once, We Get A Picture Of Ancient Britain In Which Economic Activity Is A Serious Factor Scott Has An Imaginative Sympathy With Opposed Ways Of Life Breaca S Brother Ban Spends Time As A Slave In Roman Territory Before Being Rescued By A Roman Friend, And He Comes To See Much Of What Is Worst And Also What Is Best About Rome This Is The Best Sort Of Historical Fiction Exciting, Full Of A Sense Of How Different Times Feel, And Also Intelligent About Historical Issues Scott Knows That At The Point When Historical Events Happen, They Seem As If They Are Open Chances Roz Kaveney I really liked this book.In fact, I think I may have even hugged it for a while after finishing it Actually, that sounds weird, so forget I just said that.Manda Scott is a very talented historical fiction writer She does it well and should do it often.There are only two things that I didn t like about this book and the other books in this series although I have only read 2 and a half of them so far One thing I don t like is Scott s excessively lateral way of thinking when it comes to spirituality and reality blending with the unreality Half the time the book is in dreamland and it is hard for me to get into that spiritual element of the book and it did frustrate me, as did the second issue I have with Scott s story.Everyone is a bed hopping Hey, each to their own, I don t begrudge people s right to bed hop, whatever floats your boat, but I struggled with it in these Boudica books Everyone seems to sleep with everyone at one stage or another and none of the characters seem to care if it s a man or woman I am okay with gay or bisexual relationships playing a part in the books I read, it isn t that, but the to and fro bed hopping between male and male, female and female, male and female partners was a bit full on and it felt unrealistic More for the author than the reader It was open slather in Iceni land These issues aside, I liked this book and gave it 4 stars. Well, I loved it Don t at all get some of the negative reviews feminist huh paedophiliaI was surprised, actually I have had so many duds recently and now I can luxuriously look forward to 3 volumes The story is followed, as far as it is known, in terms of history the known facts are scant And, oh joy there is an actual Bibliography Manda Scott is a storyteller, indeed A Singer, perhaps December 2016 A re read More delighted than before The damage to B n s psyche by the slavery and torture received is out and clear to me Again, I am bemused by reviews that see the mild bisexuality of the book s themes as problematic Basically, as far as I can see, people, like dolphins, are basically bisexual That has nothing to do with having sex but with who they love Sexuality is the biggest misnomen that exists We are a few generations of prudists.Manda Scott writes beautifully She creates a fantasy reality so convincing that it can t possibly be fantasy Sadly, it is There IS a reality above and beyond what we experience and maybe back then they were in tune I would have liked to be there I would like people to be some of those heroes And some are I am sure Manda Scott read The Eagle and the Raven without a doubt. Boudica Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott is the first of four books on the life of Boudica of the Eceni tribe, the female Celtic warrior who defended Britain against the invading Roman army beginning in the year 43 C.E At the ripe old age of eleven, Breaca, later named Boudica, Bringer of Victory kills the man who attacked and killed her mother We follow Breaca as she matures into a heroic warrior who slowly but surely assumes the mantle of leadership in her community Manda Scott combines the available research on tribal Britain and the historical figure of Boudica with a creative imagination that is both convincing and compelling She serves a tale of epic proportions Scott plunges us into the world of 1st Century Britain with its tribal conflicts and alignments, its Dreamers who predict the future through their dreaming, its animals perceived as emissaries from the gods, and its spirits of the dead who frequently appear to the living to warn them of impending disasters and to guide them forward Painted in vivid detail, this is a world simultaneously brutal and sensitive, a world in which battle scenes are littered with bloodied corpses and mangled limbs, a world of horrific torture and desecration of the dead But it is also a world in which warriors value honor, loyalty, and oaths that bind in which cultural rules are adhered to and respected even at the cost of personal sacrifice in which the elderly are honored and in which the spirit of community and sisterhood is in full display as the women rally around Breaca after the death of her mother and celebrate with her at the onset of her menarche Love connections weave their way throughout this tapestry, including illustrations of parental love, sibling love, heterosexual love, and homosexual love Love of animals is also in full display, including a boy s love for his hound and his horse Manda Scott has packed a great deal into this novel And perhaps that is its biggest downfall She has packed too much The novel is long and unnecessarily drawn out At times it was difficult to follow the complex technicalities of the battle scenes and to keep track of which tribe was situated where in the battle lines In addition, transitions from the natural world to the world of the spirit weren t clearly delineated This required re reading whole passages to distinguish the real from the visionary But these shortcomings diminish in significance when one considers the work as a whole Manda Scott has written an exciting novel immersing us in her fictional re imagining of the life and times of Celtic Britain and the remarkable woman credited with challenging the Roman Empire This is an extraordinary feat of the imagination that will captivate its readers, especially lovers of historical fiction Highly recommended. I m going to commit what may seem like a cardinal sin here and review the book before having read it all though for good reason.If you re someone who enjoys historical fiction that gets going within four or five chapters, ramping up either the action, intrigue, character development or such like in that time, avoid this book So little happens in the first half dozen chapters that it feels like far like a vacuum than a book that s actually going anywhere.The opening chunk of this book is so slow, ponderous and sombre that by the time any of the notable characters enter the storyline such as Caradog famously known as Caratacus you ve lost the vast majority of your interest let alone your ability to care any.This Boudica or Boadicea or Breaca whichever you prefer is a world away from previous interpretations I ve encountered, with probably the only strongly insinuated lesbian preferences I ve come across.I know it ll smack of impatience on my part and logically as it is a story that is designed to spread over three with a fourth later added books, it makes sense that it s a slow burner but it burns so slow and wispily that I found it even harder to care about any of the characters contained within who at the best of times were standard fare rather than anyone that struck you as being particularly human.There s of course all the obligatory romanticising of how noble, courageous and enigmatic the pre Roman conquest Britons were Or hark, aren t the natives funny.I might try again with book 2 but frankly I m bored beyond endurance right now and I m barely even a third of the way in ABANDONED Pulpy around the edges so that I feel indulgent, but few books lose me in themselves like this, why not five stars I have been gobbled up by this book Not the other way around.Too much action oriented hf bores me to tears and a Manda Scott is rare, who involves me, who even describes a fight with true excitement, not those tedious literal battles The likes of Bernard Cornwell never made my heart race but Manda Scott knows how to The first thing that jumps out is that there is a world behind these people When she puts such care into the behaviour of a chicken that s settled outside the forge I don t think it was a chicken It was a bird And Manda Scott knows about the behaviour of these birds than me it did its own thing and that s why it s stuck in my head The writing is rich and visual There wasn t a word too much for me or a word too slow as she paints us a world And no, I didn t find that world New Agey, though I did fear to from what s said I was happy to believe it Ancient Britainy Shaman type animal and spirit contact saturates the culture, but I found that real What s I was genuinely interested in the results of Breaca s vision quest I think that s an achievement of story There s an intimacy with animal life without which this style of society wouldn t be authentic It ll help if you re fond of horses, or dogs Maybe Breaca is too splendid, but then heroes are I can lose Caradoc I m afraid I think I am most struck by the side figures and the general cast, because they can be unusual The elder grandmother Airmid, though she remains a mystery Braint, who doesn t say much but a girl who I can wish to be We are in a woman focused or woman led society and sexuality is fluid For me, this helps her get away from convention You can see this as idealised, or then again you might underestimate the effects of the Judeo Christian tradition I don t always like goddessy or mother earthy stuff, I go near with caution, but this one laid my suspicions and I simply liked the world I thought pulp reared its head when we had a captive in Roman territory a victimization that tried too hard to tug on the heart On the other hand I m not into Rome, I m into the tribal societies on the frontiers of Rome, and I love a story of a freedom fight I did enjoy, for instance, the description of a Roman villa with its atrocious ideas of home decor, a mermaid with gilt tits or similar I ve settled in for the series and have the next in the mail. Intense Amazing Story Wow what an intense and graphically defined journey into the life of a Celtic Queen called Boudica Her real name is Breaca but later becomes known as Boudica She who brings Victory This is the first installment that dives into a moment of life when young Breaca Boudica s tribe Eceni is attacked and she makes her first kill by pure luck but at the same time experiences the loss of her mother from the same attack The story totally captivated me from beginning to end The everyday tribal life, their experiences, their rituals of dreaming and becoming a warrior was told in fascinating detail brilliant writing I felt as though I was among them experiencing everything they did from hunting, training, doing chores, and becoming a warrior I totally related to their feelings and emotions.I loved the historical culture of the tribes, how they worshiped and which gods they prayed to and how they could dream their futures I loved how sacred they cherished their lands and their teaching ways.From the author s notes the research for this story is gathered from records from Rome Boudica s enemy leading up to the revolt of A.D 60 61 along with many archaeological findings and theories I did take some notes down since the book is pretty big and there were key players through out the book that will continue on into the next one For instance Ban is Breaca s brother they have the same father but different mothers Ban s tale had me almost weeping from all the brutal hardships he goes through Kidnapped, beaten, enslaved, and raped He eventually escapes and becomes a Roman soldier given a roman name Julius Valerius Corvus 1st name from his emperor, second for his sponsor Ban and Corvus end up lovers Male Male love is mentioned no erotic scenes I also loved Ban s horse Crow that horse rocked and his hound.The other tribes were very interesting The sons of the Sun Hound, also known as 3 different tribes Amminios traitor he was one to hate and he was a back stabber and ruthless, he raped, enslaved young boys, murdered for no reason, and he was for Rome Togodubnos ruler of Trinovantes tribe I respected how honorable he wasCaradoc ruler of the tribe Ordovices I loved Caradoc and kept waiting for him and Breaca to get together but it doesn t happen until the end of the book.The book was full of lots of action and the war and attacks were brutal and the imagery was so surreal Some of the tribes could be explained as savages the way they fought Their killings consisted of be headings, strung upon trees naked with their manhood cut, their balls stuffed in their mouths, and the tribes sign carved into their chest Some warriors dressed wearing the skin of their kills, their scalps, or even tied their heads skulls around their waist.As far as the Roman s go, you see the build up of greed and how they overtake several tribes just for sport or thinking that if they could take the lands they could civilize the tribes and increase their export trades with full control.The story was definitely intense This is not a quick read, the wording is smooth and reads fast but with all the information and action I had to slow down so I wouldn t miss the historical meaning behind the story I look forward to reading the second installment to learn of Boudica and Caradoc s life and children Excellent Read Awesome book and awesome series I m really surprised that it hasn t gotten notice particularly for its historical accuracy and its rousing battle scenes and human drama Boudica, that old Roman lover s bogie, has been transformed into a real hero reflective of her time and her culture Making her first kill defending her mother, Breaca as she is named then is thrust into the adult world, like many heroes, before she is done growing, but her people s need is great and her destiny is approaching quickly as the Romans intrigue and scout Britain preparing for their coming invasion.Breaca s journey to adulthood is fraught with tragedy and strife and with the underlying urgency of a culture threatened with death The elders of the Iceni have seen and predicted the outcome of Roman conquest and they know that Breaca and her age group have the only chance of maintaining the Celtic culture and lifestyle As the series continues we see the threads of narrative begun here twist and weave a believable, dense, and deeply moving story of a people under attack and the woman who is destined to be their Bringer of Victory. Pretty awful Feminist, spiritual in tune with mother nature noble savages vs corrupted, morally paedophilic Romans Like Avatar without the pretty Overly contrived and obvious plot devices, no real sense of character characters only described by hair and eye colour, or she tells us they had an ironic sense of humour without it being evident Some beautiful descriptive writing but in the end I simply didn t care if anyone lived or died, I positively hoped the Romans would come and build hydrocausts all over their animistic mother worshipping faces To be fair I gave up after two thirds of the book on the grounds that I had better things to read and not enough time to read them in, it s possible it was just a very slow starter. ,.