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Vivid, bloody and explosive action, while hunting for a serial killer who is on a killing spree across the border.The action is breathtaking, and non stop operation It seems life the officers are constantly couple steps behind the culprit, and the cruel and bloody crime scenes are piling up I loved the way they were putting the pieces of the puzzle together, working as a team, and having each others back With lots of new evidence coming to light, the twists were constant, keeping the mystery and momentum high.Drew and Sami are compatible, their minds work as one at times, they have lots in common, as well as attraction and feelings growing between them Both of them have been hurt before, they are not looking for a relationship, or romance, but are rather helpless in front of the feelings they have for each other.They both have faith, that they rely on, they believe in guidance, and share those beliefs with each other, trusting that God will lead their lives.I absolutely enjoyed this story, in every aspect I read it in one sitting, just couldn t put it down Five Spoons This was really an outstanding mystery Definitely one of the best from this line Full of action and twists and turns Tight mystery I could have easily read this as a full length book and it would have been great I ll have to read all in this border series Well done I have been reading these Love Inspired Suspense books for a LONG time Joint Investigation is among the best, if not the best, I have read The protagonists are believable, and equal partners in the adventure, regardless of gender Neither protagonist was a stereotype for that person s gender They have a sense of humor as does Ms Reed, as the epilog shows They actually communicate with each other Ms Reed breaks away from the formula used in most of these hunky male saves perky female It is not exactly Chaucer, but, if someone is going to read a book in this genre, this would be a good one. A good story Like many other Love Inspired Suspense novels, the romance and suspense were both good, but I felt like parts of the story weren t completely believable I liked the characters and how part of the story took place in Canada All in all, a fun read I received a complimentary e copy via NetGalley for my honest review As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Warning Reading this book before bedtime may lead to lost sleep and make you hear things going bump in the night This was quite a suspenseful book, with an evil serial killer that could be right out of the news It definitely made me want to read faster to see if they would catch him before he hurt another person The teaming up of the FBI agent and Canadian Mountie made the storyline really interesting as they travelled back and forth across the border in pursuit, ending in my corner of the country It made it evenreal as I could picture the places described and imagine the action filled scenes playing out nearby The romantic tension between the main characters was believable and added a nice layer to the story too Recommend for fans of suspense with some romance and faith elements Looking forward to readingin this exciting series Book received from a blog giveaway This is my unsolicited, honest review. 4 STARSWow lots of suspense, murder, drama and romance The characters are ones I liked and wanted them to catch the bad guys Does mention prayer and faith as part of the characters I like that Samantha is such a strong character Samantha Bennett is a FBI agent who is on vacation tracking down a serial killer that no one else believes in Samantha lives in Portland, OR.Drew Kelley is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector He is part of a task force working with border control, DEA, ICE Drew is divorced and does not women.Samantha has tracked down the Birdman serial killer to Canada to a hotel room but before she can break into the room she is stopped She got in the middle of a drug buy stake out She is not believed until they find a murdered woman in the room.Drew believes Samantha enough to follow the trail back into the states because of a missing Canadian man Soon both countries become believers and work together Samantha also is now a target for the Birdman.The setting is all over chasing the Birdman in the two countries finding plenty of murders and danger Fast paced story.Don t want to put the book down til finished.I was given this ebook to read by Harlequin and Net Galley In return I agreed to give a honest review of Joint Invetigation. .Read Kindle ♶ Joint Investigation ♎ LONE AGENT Under Other Circumstances, FBI Agent Samantha Bennett Might Welcome A Bit Of Backup But Not From An Overprotective Mountie She S Been On The Trail Of A Serial Killer For Six Months And No One Has Ever Taken The Case Seriously Until Now When Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Drew Kelley Saves Her Life, He Decides That The Hunt For Birdman Is His Problem, Too Together They Begin A Cross Continent Chase To Stop The Madman Before He Strikes Again However, Samantha Fears Her Growing Feelings For The Lawman May Weaken Her Focus, Or Worse Put Drew Directly In The Killer S Sights Northern Border Patrol Keeping The US Canadian Border Safe This book was chilling, riveting, and so good that I read it in a single afternoon I completely enjoyed this book Sami is an FBI agent on a mission The mission that Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Drew Kelley interrupts Sami is upset with Drew in the beginning but theninformation comes to light and she owes him her life The serial killer she is chasing has set his sights on Sami and Drew is determined to keep her safe and help her solve the mystery before one or both of them wind up the next victim I really liked Sami She is a tough, smart lady with serious nerve She and Drew both have had bad relationships in the past so both of them have problems trusting I love how Drew is a knight in shining armor but still trusts that Sami will have his back They are a great fit but neither of them jump into the romantic part of the relationship They are partners, friends and it evolves quickly but it isn t an instant boom they are together thing The story is disturbing and realistic and the bad guy completely believable It was a 4 5 for me I really love this author s writing.Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via netgalley I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine. Joint Investigation is a book in the Northern Border Control by Terri Reed I really enjoyed this serial killer mystery suspense The opening will capture your attention and keep it throughout the chase to find the serial killer Don t think that because this book is only 200 pages that Terri will not surprise you and keep your heart racing Our female lead is Samantha Sam , an FBI agent on a mission to solve the murder of a friend She has been tracking the serial killer for six months Until she unconventionally meets Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector Drew, no one has been taking her findings seriously Drew takes it seriously and decided to assist in the hunt for the serial killer she has dubbed Birdman Both characters are extremely likeable Although typically difficult to accomplish, Terri did an excellent job of balancing Drew s desire to protector Sam and respect her skills as an FBI agent You are cheering them on as a couple the whole time I highly recommend this book if you like a captivating mystery suspense with the perfect balance of romance You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books.