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!E-PUB ♞ Undying Affinity ♘ Twenty Two Year Old, Zarish Munawwar, Has Everything In Life She Could Ever Ask For An Elite Family, A High Profile Status, A Bunch Of Good Friends And A Childhood Sweetheart Being Childish, Stubborn, Imperious, Extravagant And A Bit Impulsive At Making Important Decisions Pertaining To Her Life, Is What Perfectly Describes Her Overall Personality She Takes Life Easily And Can Get Anything She Desires To Her, Life Is A Bed Of Roses It Is Only When She Meets, Ahmar Muraad, Her Mentor And Finance Professor At University, Her Perspective Towards Life Completely Changes He Looks Quite Young For His Age As Every Girl At The University Thinks He Is Attractive, Seductive, Intellectual And Rather Intimidating This Charming Man Is Every Girl S Fantasy And Zarish Also Finds It Hard To Resist Him But Is He Fascinated By Her Little Did Zarish Know How One Little Interaction Could Bring About So Many Twists And Turns In Her Life After Continuous Unsuccessful Attempts To Avoid Him, She Feels That She Is Gradually Falling For His Charm Ahmar, However, Remains Oblivious To Her Feelings She Is Ready To Abandon Her Childhood Sweetheart For Him Eventually, There Comes A Time When Only He Matters To Her And Nobody Else Awestruck By The Sudden Revelation, She Is Dazed To Find Out That He Feels Exactly The Same For Her Before Their Love Blossoms, A Slight Tragedy Falls Into Their Lives Zia Munawwar, Her Father, Has Some Other Plans For His Daughter Will Ahmar Fight Against The World For His Lady Love Or Step Back Do Not Miss This Romantic Tragedy As It Will Encapsulate You Totally And Will Stay In Your Heart Forever I read Sara Naveed s second book Our Story Ends Here last year and liked it very much A few months back Sara Naveed s first book Undying Affinity was reissued again in a second edition I was finally able to read it this week Zarish is twenty two years old She is doing her masters at the university She is good at her studies She also loves hanging out with her friends Haroon is her best friend Zarish loves him like a friend, platonically Haroon secretly loves her, romantically One day Zarish is spending time with her friends at the mall when she accidentally bumps into a tall, handsome stranger Food spills on her clothes Heated words are exchanged Zarish takes her revenge later But the next day she notices that the tall, handsome stranger walks into the university She is stunned and doesn t know who he is and doesn t know what to do Who is he Is he a fellow student Is he going to be in Zarish s class Or,interestingly, is he a teacher Is he going to be teaching Zarish s class As lovers of romance, isn t that what we want What is going to happen when Zarish and this handsome stranger bump into each other again Are they going to hate each other Are they going to be attracted towards each other Are the sparks going to fly The answers to these questions form the rest of the book I enjoyed reading Undying Affinity The story is fast paced and makes one want to turn the page to find out what happens next Sara Naveed s prose is spare and moves along the plot nicely every word and sentence moves the plot forward or builds a character or sets up a scene There are no redundant sentences and long winding descriptions The initial pages move at a fast pace, while setting up the story and the characters, and then the book moves slowly when the love story starts flowering, and then three fourths into the book, the story gains pace again as surprises are revealed, twists happen in the tale, and the story hurtles into its climax I loved the way the story changes pace across the book, depending on the story arc and the mood, like a beautiful complex piece of classical music I also loved the way all the intricate story strands are woven together in the end into a beautiful, satisfying ending It is hard to resist comparing Undying Affinity with Sara Naveed s second book, Our Story Ends Here I don t know which one I likeboth are love stories and both are very different There are beautiful descriptions of the Swat valley in Our Story Ends Here , but outside of that, both stories are nice, beautiful reads If you like romance novels and love stories, do try this one And also Our Story Ends Here I can t wait to find out what Sara Naveed is going to come up with next Have you read Sara Naveed s Undying Affinity What do you think about it My rating for this book would be 5 5 FOR SURE Thumbs UP Like Sara Naveed mentioned in her synopsis, this book actually has encapsulated my mind and will definitely stay in my heart forever As it was Sara s debut novel, she has masterly scored well and didn t fail to impress me at all She is extremely talented and skilled This book tells a love story which revolves around a student and her professor Zarish Munawwar A rich spoiled brat, a girl with bumpy cheeks She thinks she can woo any man in the world and is very much proud of her good looks and wealth A complete brand conscious lady she is She has no soft corner for poor people and is an emotional fool She has a best friend, Haroon whom she can totally rely on She doesn t follow romance at all as she believes it only exists in movies books until she meets Ahmar.Ahmad Muraad He is extremely intimidating, thick brows with big brown eyes, and wears spectaclesA very polite, private and introverted personanality He pretends to act Sarrial Impolite but is truly soft at heart HIS SIDE PROFILE AND CITRUS AND WOODY COLOGNE literally blows me away He s a favorite to all the students of UBM, especially to Zarish.Their amazing chemistry, perfect attraction and undying affinity is exceptionally alluring I love their face to face interactions, inbox chats, phone calls, car communications, classroom gazing and last but not the least their RAIN SCENES The most HOT part of the novel The bookmark actually On the whole what I summed up is, Undying Affinity is not just about Zarish and Ahmar but also focuses around families and friends It has a MAJOR turnover which takes you to an entirely different episode I won t add any spoilers You have read it yourself DHighly recommended for readers who seek romance, intimacy, and affliction in fiction novels 3 A COMPETITIVE AUTHOR IN THE MAKING There is nothing to say about this book but this A Bollywood MASALA romantic movie in a bookish form a story of a girl who falls for her professor POSITIVES The author paid great attention to the character development of both protagonists aka hero and heroine The climax is good although it was a BEEN THERE,DONE THAT thing but still it was a little unexpected.NEGATIVES Too predictable Author used so many words repititively which was annoying The length of the book could have been half, some of the times it was draggy The character ofHaroonand his friendship with Zarishshould have been givenspace in the book.I really appreciate the writer for her effort and my advice for her is Keep writing MISS SARA NAVEED you have that spark in you, it just needs some time to glow. 5 UNDYING STARSThis was a beautiful book It was really well written and the character sketches were also quite perfect and close to life I have seen such people, i have been around them.This book managed to build a special connection with my heart because throughout the time my feelings were, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT Apparently, this book will stay with me for a long time.One of the reasons of loving this book was that it is written by a Pakistani writer, a writer that belongs to my own country, there was a feel of ownership and pride that doesn t effect my review at all, no biasing Sara Naveed has, undoubtedly, done an excellent job.The story was plotted perfectly, with appropriate amount of emotions, humor and feelings The book felt so close to reality that i could feel the emotions, the tension moving around in the book And yes This Book Made Me Cry So it earns some extra points Zarish Munawwar, a spoiled brat, only daughter of a rich family She gets everything she wants Boys just can t ignore or reject her.And she knows that She is arrogant and proud She is the princess in her world But you can t stay a princess forever, because sometimes you fall in Love Ahmar Muraad, a young, handsome, charming professor in Zarish s University Ahmar s personality was described well enough to fall in love with him, in just two pages The story builds up gradually, a bit slow in the beginning but the pace and curiosity increases with every turning page and it s just impossible to put the book down The chemistry between Zarish and Ahmar starts growing with the passage of time and with Zarish s efforts to win his heartWhat do you tell your family when I drop you home Nothing special She bit her lower lip Just that a friend of mine dropped me home Am I your friend He sounded amusing to her Make that clear to yourself first Are you my friend or just my tutor she asked frankly Don t cross question me Well..I am not I just wanted to know what you feel, because it doesn t really matter what I feel anyway Well, it does matter Zarish You just won t understand Then make me understand This is not the right time Why not Because you re sleepy There is good and bad side to every human being s personality as nobody is born perfect Zarish had imperfections too but even I have my own If some of her bad qualities are improved and well advised, she can become a better person Maybe I can help her in this process Butthere is no chance that I can let myself get close to her. The book was beautifully written it felt like the author has poured her heart out through wordsDon t you ever cry, Miss Zarish, he said in a strict but mild tone I would rather die than see tears in your eyesThe ending was really appreciative, exactly how I wanted it to end This book touched my heart inthan one ways and I am glad I got my hands on it.It was a complete tearjerker, it just captured my heartI know you can t complain about this She paused Because. I trust you She looked into his eyes.He felt a strange feeling when she said that she trusted him He could see something tantalizing in her eyes Something unusual Something dark and unknown An unspoken emotion. The book was very heart warming Highly recommended to everyone. My sole reason for buying Undying Affinity was Fawad Khan since the protagonist of the novel had been written keeping him in mind Fawad Fever can make you do crazy things which might not always yield the best consequences This is what happened with me after I bought the book Pretty excited to read it, the first setback for me was that the book was 400 pages thick I had always believed that a book that long is bound to lose track somewhere or the other making it difficult to keep the readers engaged And the belief still stands.Anyhow, I started reading it without any preconceptions I felt that the character introductions were really long Everything had been described in so much detail that I lost interest quite a lot of times For instance, the description of Amhar s house when Zarish visits him for the first time could have been done away with The romance doesn t start properly until about the 200th page, which makes for a major hitch.Undying Affinity had too much filmy touch to it The whole fun part about reading a book is that it isn t a movie That was a major factor that proved to be an impediment in my liking of this book It felt as though initially the content had been thought of for a serial drama movie script but then was made into a book midway Haroon being in love with Zarish since their childhood, the twist where Ahmar s college friend is brought in and Zarish mistakes them to still be in love, the fight sequence between Ahmar and Haroon and the ending which resembled Jab We Met s Indian movie so much were, well, simply disappointing to read.The English seemed to be a little off at some places too, which might be printing mistakes or editing ones as I had earlier pointed out to Sara, the author.I think that s all I feel Sara could improve upon and I really hope she doesn t repeat these mistakes for her second novel I m happy to be one of the first ones to read her book and it would be awesome if she could gain something out of this review Afterall, constructive criticism is needed too, isn t it All the best for your future endeavors, Sara May all the luck be with you x One of thecharming aspects of this book is that the city of Lahore felt like an individual character, I enjoyed how Lahore was brought to life here, um but that s it Like many others, I felt Haroon was the strength of this novel, very likable and his motives seemed real like he wasthan just one dimensional character If this novel had worked anything other than a love letter to a media figure, it would have achieved its literary purpose at least, if not actual greatness But however, I do understand the allure of muses, though maybe next time a littlesubtlety would go a long way I don t grudge that lovelornness too much For I have been there and sometimes I feel like I haven t come back from those winterlands For I understand, appreciate and accept that this book is not aimed at me But as I look around I realize I don t see that many contemporary Pakistani novels, or even novelists for that matter, despite the vast amount of talent here, so I definitely applaud Sara Naveed s efforts And you cannot deny the passion Naveed has for writing and the amount of work she puts into her craft So kudos to her I am really looking forward to her next novel I hope she does better the second time around She does have the potential to shine Goes for anyone trying to write here But remember kids, it is the possibilities that kill us. My review about Undying Affinity I am not going through the characters description to let readers discover them themselves,but i will give my general view about it.Undying Affinity is a well written love story of two opposite characters Zarish Ahmar, how being in love can change the lover s attitude and behavior,and how destiny can change our plans and the whole life It is unusual to have such feelings between a Professor and a student,which actually can happen in reality ,this point gives some originality to this story..When i started reading this novel,i was totally amazed by the description of every detail,you imagine the scenes in front of you as if you are watching it on screen in real, i also enjoyed dialogues and interactions especially between the main charactersThough it s the first book of an emerging writer but Undying Affinity can be an ideal script for a cinematic film due to its originality and perfectnessBeing her inspiration to write her first book,the writer gives us the opportunity to imagine Fawad Khan as her main character Ahmar,which addedcharm and charisma..Bravo to Sara Naveed,The Writer, for creating such beautiful love story which gives to the reader the passion to feel the beauty of being in love.I expect to you a very shining future in writing..keep the good work and may God Bless you..For me Undying Affinity is a Five Star book,it s highly recommended for readers who appreciate romance and being in love. Plot was even worse than an Indian drama SERIAL Before trying to write novels, you should at least improve your English The grammar and sentence structure was HORRIBLE Reference relating to this Page number 1 the last line of the book.Things about the book that were a let down Lack of a well developed climax.Awful plot.Extremely amateur use of grammar.Run on sentences.No use of pathetic fallacy.No distinction between day dreams and actual events.No coherence between paragraphs.Pathetic punctuation.Lack of character development.Characters seem to have multiple personality disorders.Background of free indirect speech is not developed at all In short, it sucks IT FELT AS IF A FOURTH GRADER HAS WRITTEN THIS GODDAMNED LOUSY BOOK After reading romances from authors like Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood, Undying Affinity was definitely a refreshing change Set in Lahore, Pakistan which is actually my hometown as well, I could very well relate to the surroundings of Zarish The author did justice to the characters as well as the settings I felt drawn into the book from the very first page and couldn t put it down until the very last one.Without giving out spoilers to the story, I would like to say that this is what eternal love feels like The chemistry between Zarish and Ahmar was smoldering hot from the start and its pace increased gradually as they got closer This is a story worth reading for there are many surprises awaiting those who have a rather different opinion about Pakistan.This book is a job well done by the author I look forward to readingof her works.