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this blurb is kinda misleadingi ll explain further in my review I think is one of the it s not you, it s me instances I just didn t care what happened to either character and couldn t make myself care. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Mine is the third book in the Holton Woods series by HelenKay Dimon I have not read books 1 or 2 in the series, nor had I even heard of the series before reading Mine I had no problem keeping up with the story or the characters, so I can confidently say that each book stands on its own CIA and Military is a trope that I don t venture into very often, but for the right book and the right plot line I am happy to try it And there was just something about Mine that spoke to me It is a really engaging read and a fantastic romance.I loved the clash and mixture of two dominant personalities Natalie and Gabe have incredible chemistry Natalie is ex CIA and people want her dead Lots of people Gabe comes into the picture to keep Natalie safe, throw in lots of obstacles, off the charts chemistry, quick witted banter and really smart writing and you have the formula for a romance that you will not be able to put down I don t know if it is just me, but I really love to watch the head on clash of two dominant personalities And that is exactly what you get with Natalie and Gabe They are each really different, and their pasts manifest differently in their presents, but both of them are used to getting what they want Watching them interact was so much fun for me It brought a level of intrigue to their romance.I also thought it was interesting that Natalie was the gun shy when it came to commitment in Mine I would have initially pegged Gabe as that person, but I was totally wrong HelenKay Dimon is a masterful author I cannot wait to dive into of her books as an aside, she joins the ranks of my not so secret list of lawyers turned authors that I love to read If you like the high tensions of an on the run romance, and like government agent military bodyguard romances Mine is a fantastic one for you to check out It is really well done This review was originally posted on Book Briefs This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksNatalie is a former CIA agent who left the agency on poor terms Gabe is the former Army sniper responsible for keeping her safe until she can start her new life She fights him at first, but once they start spending time together in an isolated cabin, they discover a hidden attraction.These two were really fun to watch They were so much alike, that they almost seemed like oil and water in terms of talking to each other at first I found myself relating to and hoping for both Natalie and Gabe as they got to know each other They were both so out of their element that they had lots of sweet and funny moments together.Natalie s past cast a shadow of uncertainty, but it s actually Gabe s older brother, Rick, that causes most of the drama in the story Rick is a catalyst for concerns in both of Gabe s private and public worlds and he s almost impossible to like Gabe s younger brother, Andy, is a fun secondary character that actually plays a big part in helping Gabe and Natalie work things out Andy is also a key character in dealing with the characters from, Taken, the Holton Woods novella One of the really fun things in this book was seeing scenes from the novella, but written from a different characters point of view.This book wasn t exactly what I expected Based on the blurb, I was expecting some hefty intrigue and suspense and while those elements exist, they weren t as apparent as anticipated Mine is book 3 in the Holton Woods series, but actually the forth book when you include the novella It works as a stand alone, but there is heavy character cross over, especially with the novella I haven t read a lot of Ms Dimon s work, but I have enjoyed what I have read and am looking forward to Reviewer information can be found under the Tags section of the post on our site. An OK for meIt was a fun read Beards gross me out though, even on a hot dude lol Some stubble is alright So needless to say, couldn t get past that. 4 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date October 6, 2015She doesn t depend on anyone for anything He intends to make her his completely.Natalie Udall thought her position at the CIA was secure until protecting her team earned her an armed escort into certain danger Natalie can t stand the idea of being secreted away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since it means sharing close quarters with the controlling bodyguard enlisted to keep her alive.Gabe MacIntosh joined the military to support his son, trained as a sniper and dealt with death on a regular basis Now retired and operating a security firm, his first assignment is to protect a CIA agent on the run She s strong willed and difficult and all Gabe can think about is exerting his domination and stripping her of every expectation she has.Natalie has no intention of giving in to Gabe s straightforward demands of dominant sex with no attachments even though the very idea of giving up control thrills her like nothing ever has REVIEW MINE is the third full length installment in HelenKay Dimon s contemporary adult Holton Woods erotic, romantic suspense series This is CIA operative Natalie Udall, and former army sniper private security agent Gabe MacIntosh s storyline MINE can be read as a stand alone but for cohesion and backstory I suggest reading the series in order Told from dual third person perspectives Natalie and Gabe MINE follows two paths the first focuses on Gabe and Natalie s building relationship while Gabe keeps Natalie in protective custody Natalie s keepers at the CIA have targeted our heroine for her role in protecting her team when everything went to h ll With three members of her team dead, Natalie is the CIA s next potential target What ensues is a sexual relationship between Natalie and Gabe, one with a possible end date when Gabe s assignment is over The second path looks at Gabe s troubled relationship with his eldest brother Rick a relationship destroyed eighteen years earlier by betrayal and heartbreak Present day finds Rick and Gabe in an ongoing battle that will break one brother s heart and reassure the other about the sins of the past.The relationship between Gabe and Natalie begins acrimoniously as Natalie is determined to prove she doesn t need protection or a babysitter She has survived an abusive childhood, dangerous CIA assignments, and isn t willing to let someone else be responsible for her survival Gabe s assignment is to protect Natalie from the people who once protected her back, and in this Gabe finds himself falling in love with his latest assignment The graphic ex scenes are numerous, erotic, seductive and hot.Several of the secondary and supporting characters crossover from previous storylines including Gabe s youngest brother Andy who still holds out hope that Elijah Sterling Taken 2.5 will come to his senses and realize that Andy is the man for him But Eli is in love with Wade, and Andy must come to terms with his broken heart Gabe and Andy s brother Rick is the black sheep of the family, having betrayed his brother years before Sebastian Jameson Only 2 plays a small role as the lawyer who works behind the scenes trying to negotiate with the CIA for Natalie s freedom.MINE is an entertaining storyline but fell short in the area of the possible threats against Natalie s life The threats were negligible the intrigue and suspense continued to build but nothing came to fruition the action and danger were virtually non existent In the end, the main focus of the story was redirected at Gabe and Rick s relationship, and the secret both men kept to protect someone they love.HelenKay Dimon s wonderful HOLTON WOODS series continues to focus on several former CIA agents and the operation that now targets all of the former team members connected to Natalie Udall The premise of MINE is interesting and suspense filled but fell short in the action and drama the characters are colorful, animated and well developed the romance is provocative and sexually graphic Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.www.thereadingcafe.com I went into Mine with absolutely no knowledge of the previous books in this series, and luckily, that was a non issue I m sure some of the characters overlapped but I didn t feel lost at any point That being said, after reading the blurb I was expecting action, suspense, and danger and in reality we hardly get any of those As a contemporary romance it wasn t bad, just not what I was expecting.So when this book opens up Gabe and Natalie have already known each other for a few weeks Natalie was recently let go of her position in the CIA and Gabe has been hired by her friends to protect her Things pick up rather quickly when Gabe drugs Natalie and rushes her off to a hidden location.I was really expecting some running through the forest, some gunfire, and of course some adrenaline induced sexy times While I didn t get everything I was expecting, I definitely got the sexy times The sexual tension between these two was apparent from the get go and it didn t take long for them to give in to their desires Add in the element of seclusion in a cabin and possible danger and it was smoking hot.There was quite a bit of drama that I wasn t expecting revolving around Gabe s brother and son And, of course, for the sake of relationship drama Natalie plays a pretty big role in that area Luckily, the big fight at the end didn t play out for too long, which I can really appreciate.Overall, this was a good read, again just not what I was expecting when I went in That being said, I m sure it ll be enjoyable for someone that s looking for a sexy contemporary romance Print copy kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. I m offended on behalf of the book that the rating is 3.somethingIt was fantastic Apparently some people were expecting gun toting running around RS but that doesn t make sense for the story and it was written how it needed to be and I REALLY LOVED IT and I even wrote about it for the FL on HH and it was one of my favorite reads in 2015A HelenKay Dimon is quickly becoming an auto read author for me, her stories to date either fitting the contemporary romance genre such as her Greenway Range series or full of exciting action in the romantic suspense genre This one fell somewhere in the middle for me, somewhat suspenseful though not as much action as the Bad Boys Undercover series but equally as hot if not hotter then her other contemporary romance ones Mine is the third in the Holton Woods series, and as usual, I m coming into it having not read the first two something that drives SSBR reviewer Tonya nuts, but doesn t bother me so long as each story has a tidy happy ending But as soon as I finished my arc read of this one, I went out and bought the rest of the Holton Woods series, because it was just that good.Natalie is a top CIA agent, head of an elite team and she s on the run Someone has been hunting down her agents, picking them off one by one and there are only a few left Her life is in danger, and the only way to show the top bosses that the information she is privy too is not worth killing her for, is to stay off the grid and prove to them that she is not going to sell them out To that end, Gabe has been hired as her bodyguard An ex military sniper, he s the perfect choice to protect Natalie and he s decided that keeping her at his isolated Montana cabin is the best place for him to ensure her safety while at the same time having his security team and her lawyer convince her bosses that she s no threat to them But putting these two strong willed individuals alone, in the woods, is a recipe for disaster as the heat between them threatens to send everything up in flames Can Gabe keep Natalie alive long enough for her to see him as than just her bodyguard and consider making things permanent The suspense in this story comes less from action and from the tension that underlies both the relationship between Gabe and Natalie and the waiting waiting to see whether someone is going to come after Natalie or not It was a definite nail biter for me, as from the very start, Gabe and Natalie have a sizzling sexual tension between them, and once they are alone, it s not long before they can t keep their hands off each other Gabe is the one who wants to be in control in the bedroom, something that Natalie has never really experienced She s always the strong one, in charge, and to let go and let Gabe be the sexually dominant one is freeing for her The sex scenes between them are super hot, though Natalie makes it clear that in other aspects of her life, she needs that control as much as he does Knowing that at any time someone could be out to kill her makes their scenes also fraught with tension as they never know when their safe location will be compromised.Gabe s family plays a significant role in this story His younger brother Andy works with him at the security company and is responsible for him being on this assignment They have a solid friendship On the other hand his older brother Rick and him are at odds, for personal family reasons as well as professional as Rick is one of the people sent to look for Natalie Gabe has a son, Brandon who has started college, and his relationship with him is warm and protective He ll do anything in fact to protect his son and for this reason, has kept his extra curricular activities away from him, including not bringing any women home But Natalie is different, and Gabe finds that as their relationship deepens, he wants to share this part of his life with her too Coming from the same type of work background, they can relate to each other the way normal people can t They ve both experienced severely traumatic events, personal and professional and when they open up to each other, it only serves to tie the bond between them even tighter Trust is the key and they both must work hard at letting the other person in, but the reward is worth it.The story is told from both points of view always a plus for me and is dramatic and super steamy Several characters from the previous stories in the series make appearances in this one, so readers familiar with the earlier books will enjoy seeing them again I d definitely put it in the erotic romance category, and with the excellent characterizations, family drama, and suspenseful subplots it s a well rounded and entertaining story 4.5 stars.A danger sign flashed in his brain He should drop her hand and scoot his ass off the bed Should have done a lot of things He picked kissing her Not a shattering move A simple one Lifted their joint hands and pressed his lips to the back of hers Licked his tongue down to her wrist She watched him, her gaze following every touch The beard You don t like it The opposite She traced a finger around his mouth I can t help but wonder what it will feel like everywhere Jesus You are a temptation, Natalie Udall And that was a fucking understatement.He didn t hold back one second Shifting his weight, he leaned in, giving her all the time to pull back, slap him, hell, knee him in the groin But none of that headed his way If anything, she lifted her chin Bringing her mouth closer to his Then he was kissing her Not sweet or lingering No, he dove right into a devouring, oxygen sucking kiss Heat blasted around him as a hand slipped around her waist and tugged her in closer Soft grumbling sounds filled the room as he crossed his mouth over hers Forget treading water Hands, lips, the sweep of his tongue over hers it all mixed together and combined to pull him under.Note a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.This review appears as a blog post at ^FREE PDF ☠ Mine (Holton Woods #3) ☞ Praised For Her Hot And Bold Kirkus Reviews Romances Of Erotic Intrigue, The Author Of Only And Mercy Now Delivers Her Most Daring Novel Yet She Doesn T Depend On Anyone For Anything He Intends To Make Her His CompletelyNatalie Udall Thought Her Position At The CIA Was Secure Until Protecting Her Team Earned Her An Armed Escort Into Certain Danger Natalie Can T Stand The Idea Of Being Secreted Away In A Cabin In The Middle Of Nowhere, Especially Since It Means Sharing Close Quarters With The Controlling Bodyguard Enlisted To Keep Her AliveGabe MacIntosh Joined The Military To Support His Son, Trained As A Sniper And Dealt With Death On A Regular Basis Now Retired And Operating A Security Firm, His First Assignment Is To Protect A CIA Agent On The Run She S Strong Willed And Difficult And All Gabe Can Think About Is Exerting His Domination And Stripping Her Of Every Expectation She HasNatalie Has No Intention Of Giving In To Gabe S Straightforward Demands Of Dominant Sex With No Attachments Even Though The Very Idea Of Giving Up Control Thrills Her Like Nothing Ever Has