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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♭ Alec's Royal Assignment ♾ In The Man On A Mission Series, A Special Agent Becomes One Woman S Most Dangerous WeaknessBodyguard To The Queen Of Zakhar, Lieutenant Angelina Mateja Is Unwilling To Risk Her Reputation Or Her Job For US Special Agent Alec Jones No Matter How Sexy And Irresistible He Is Alec S Been Recruited By The King To Root Out A Human Trafficking Ring Not Get Up Close And Personal With A Stunning Woman Who Practically Radiates Touch Me And Die But After Sharing A Mind Blowing Kiss, Alec Can T Deny The Fire Simmering Beneath Angel S Cool Exterior As The Danger And Their Attraction Intensifies, Angel Is Forced To Choose Between The Job Of Her Dreams, And The Man Who Is Starting To Occupy Her Heart Each story in the Man on a Mission miniseries has had an original premise and is frequently emotional There have also been many characters featured inthan one book, as plots have these individuals repeatedly working together to keep others safe In the third novel of the miniseries, a man already met has his life drastically changing after one look at a stunning woman Neither was seeking a relationship, as their careers meant everything to them, but sometimes the heart refuses to listen to the mind Amelia Autin delves into the harsh realities of the world while letting two people experience romance as never before ALEC S ROYAL ASSIGNMENT has deeply affecting emotions, chilling suspense and particularly engaging characters After an unavoidable incident in a Middle Eastern country, Diplomatic Security Service agent Alec Jones has been assigned to the U.S embassy in Zakhar Since he had previously guarded a princess from this country while she lived in America, he already knows much about the area and its ruler Upon meeting Lt Angelina Mateja who guards the queen, he is instantly attracted to the physically fit beauty Though she also notices all the positive qualities about the new security officer, the honor of being in the Zakharian National Forces is not something she takes lightly While Angelina is now allowed to work alongside the men from her country, she still has to be careful about her actions and spoken words because she will do nothing that would jeopardize her career When Alec is asked to meet with Zakhar s king, he learns about suspicions concerning the trafficking of women from the country and is to covertly check into the possibility To deal with any threats that arise related to this problem or any other troubles, Alec and Angelina must always be prepared But they certainly are not ready for the surprisingly powerful desire between them.There is always an immediate connection to the dynamic characters created by Amelia Autin The author has a way of making every person in her books come across as exceedingly true to life, and the profound emotions expressed by each one just adds to their believability Alec and Angelina are a wonderful couple, as they both possess such outstanding traits They are trustworthy and honorable, plus each is very dedicated to their chosen profession How these two relate to one another from the very start shows how like minded they are in many respects, and I so wanted them to overcome any hurdles that would keep them apart While the future may not be certain for this couple, sexual satisfaction is always guaranteed when Alec and Angelina are intimate because of how attuned they are to the other Plus, nothing is ever held back whenever they are intimate Suspense in the story comes from several factors, and when the moment arrives for things to play out, I held my breath because of a number of uncertainties Amelia Autin has a knack of skillfully balancing danger with emotions, and the intensity of both keeps increasing as the story progresses There is alsothan one threatening scheme in development, and they are cleverly interwoven in order to prove the ruthless mind of a criminal has no bounds The book ends with the perfect setup for the next Man on a Mission novel, a story that I am highly eager to read ALEC S ROYAL ASSIGNMENT is entertaining with captivating experiences Received copy for a CataRomance review Alec s Royal Assignment by Amelia Autin is a hardboiled, edge of your seat entertaining thriller Alec Jones, after killing two terrorist in one Middle Eastern country is transferred to another It is on this next mission that he meets hard edged Lieutenant Angelina Mateja, bodyguard to Zakhar s queen The attraction between Alec and Angelina is inevitable and instant But the danger to face them they didn t see coming Russian mobster, Aleksandrov Vishenko s plan is to execute the Crown Prince of Zakhar Angelina stops the Russian s attempt From here on things heat up between Alec and Angelina and unforeseen revelations about Vishenko comes to light putting Angelina into the path of the nefarious mobster as she attempts to save her cousin, Caterina from being assassinated by the Russian mobster A good, solid, entertaining read that will rivet you until the last page Highly Recommended5 Stars Finally got to read this or maybe it was again Loved how the understood one another to which the reason there wasn t a lot of drama at the end when he came back into her life received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries This review is of Amelia Autin s Alec s Royal Assignment , book 5 in the Men on a Mission series, a book I won in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.The Story The book begins with the hero of the book, Alec Jones, a Diplomatic Security Service special agent, killing two terrorists in a cafe in the Middle East Later, Alec is transferred to another Middle Eastern country, Zakhar, to work in a similar capacity There, he meets the heroine of the book, Lieutenant Angelina Mateja, bodyguard to the queen of Zakhar Alec and Angelina are immediately attracted to each other What they don t know, however, is that there are threats afoot, namely from Aleksandrov Vishenko, a Russian mobster who has nefarious plans in Zakhar Among Vishekno s plans to assassinate the Crown Prince Raoul Theodore Alexei Stepan, the infant son of King Andre Alexei IV, the ruler of Zakhar That assassination attempt is stopped by Angelina who suspects something like that would take place and Alec Later, Angelina and Alec make love It is later revealed that Vishenko is behind in addition to his efforts to kill the young prince a sex trafficking operation which ensnared many Zakharian women, among them Angelina s cousin, Caterina While Alec and Angelina discover that Vishenko is behind the sex trafficking operation, Caterina is in the States trying to stay alive long enough to testify against Vishenko, who has put a 1,000,000 contract out on her.While Alec and Angelina are declaring their love for each other, Caterina using the alias Cate Jones has been arrested in Colorado by immigration police Caterina is an illegal alien as she has remained in America despite her work visa s expiration Alec and Angelina fly to the States to try to talk to Caterina and keep her safe against Vishenko s plans to assassinate her While Alec and Angelina are able to keep Caterina safe in this book anyway they do have a bit of crisis in their own relationship over whether either will have to make major sacrifices to be with the other person However, fate intervenes King Andre Alexei IV offers Alec a job as Regional Security Officer in Zakhar, thus allowing him to remain in the country with Angelina promoted to head of the queen s security detail, meaning they won t have to have one quit their job and change their life entirely to be with the other Alec and Angelina then have their Happily Ever After.Mrs Autin has clearly done her research on international security and that is the strongest part of the book The romance between Alec and Angelina feels secondary to the action aspects of the book they don t rise to the level of people who I when I put the book down I cared so much about whether or not they were together in the end or not.Sex A few scenes Mildly descriptive, but not particularly hot in my eyes.Violence The major violence occurs in the prologue, when Alec shoots two terrorists There are scenes of guns being drawn, but no descriptive violence after the beginning.Bottom Line Alec s Royal Assignment is the penultimate book in the Men on a Mission series the final book will feature Caterina as she falls in love and tries to bring Vishenko to justice permanently. I think this is my favorite book in the series so far simply because of Alec s character Yes, he was big and strong and good looking and yes, he had a job that took him to exotic places and sometimes put his life in danger and yes, he was related to people in the other books that I enjoyed getting to know as well However, that wasn t what drew me to him The thing that captured my attention and really got me engaged in the book was the man himself and the way he was with Angelina When he s assigned a position at the embassy is Zakhar only a couple of people know his real reason for being there and that the King, himself, had requested Alec s involvement in what was happening there When Alec is introduced to Angelina he s immediately attracted to her which is unusual for him She guards the queen and does an excellent job of it She s tough as nails She s had to be given her position and the fact she s a woman, something not everyone approves of, including her parents All of her life she s worked hard to show herself capable and yet there are still those who question her actions and refuse to accept her as their equal Not so Alec He admires her strength and appreciates her skill He also sees below the surface to the woman she is inside, something no one has ever done before Unlike the others he doesn t try to put her in her place or expect her to change to accommodate him He likes her just the way she is Determined, uncompromising, and loyal to those around her He likes her because she s so much like him For the first time, Angelina feels she can open up and be herself without fearing he ll think her weak and incapable While the chemistry between the characters was off the charts, I liked that their relationship wasn t based solely on their physical attraction to one another They truly understood one another as well and connected on a much deeper level The author is great at writing characters with a lot of depth Where other writers barely scratch the surface, this author digs deeper, giving you an idea of what makes them tick, their motivations, the influence of past and present in their lives Alec knew Angelina from the inside out and knew she was his perfect match At times he was so loving and tender towards her, providing for her emotional needs as much as the physical ones, that it left me sighing Besides the excellent characterization the book is also suspense filled as someone is out to destroy the royal family and we learn of the disappearance of Angelina s cousin which might tie in to Alec s reason for being in country There is danger, intrigue, and the possible involvement of the Russian mob This was an entertaining read and one I enjoyed immensely I look forward to reading the next installment soon