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It was just so so Nothing special about either Rather, there was a whole lot of rush in the built up of lust and interest from both sides. I really don t think, I have ever been moved , by a book, than I was by Lost Prelude Ella Maise is a rising star, in the book world, Lost Prelude is only her second book Her writing flowed smoothly and this was so original It was deep, emotional and conveyed everything I felt when I lost someone who meant everything to me.This is not only an epic love story between Maya and Alexander but, this is also about Maya losing a part of herself When the book opens up, Maya is in New York, preparing to meet her uncle She was worn completely out, had to change hotel rooms twice, and she was without the only person she cared about She was losing herself in grief Maya had lost her only person The one person she had, that was hers She was an only child, her mother died during childbirth and her father never remarried He was all that she had The scene that Ella wrote between Maya and her father took me right back to when I lost my grandmother 5 years ago, she was my person That emptiness in the pit of my stomach and the tears, she brought it all back I couldn t sleep last night and I wasn t sure I would be able to finish the book Thankfully Ella transitioned well and got back with the love story and I was able to get myself back together When I think back on that now, that is a sign of a truly good book She provoke the feeling, and the she transitioned to the next topic The love story was an unique one, it was lovely I loved how Maya held herself back just a little, not to let herself get hurt She didn t give herself fully, even when she needed him desperately to take away all the pain This was just so beautiful This book was different and I would love feed back on what other think This would be a great book for book clubs, I can see so many discussion questions I so hope Ms Maise will join Waking Up Indie, so we can do the author discussion with her This book needs to be read and shared.5 stars It was too short to be believable They hated each other for no reason, than they were nice to each other for no reason and than they slept together I didn t really feel the connection especially from the hero s side He slept with different women every night end even the heroine knew it because she was in the hotel room right next to his It just seemed too unbelievable for him to suddenly change that just after 4 or 5 days that he knew the heroin It works in some books but it didn t feel believable in this one to me.What I liked was how believable the grieving process was and how the heroine was or wasn t dealing with her dad passing It gave the book quite a depressing tone but I could really see how much the heroine loved her father.Overall I liked this book although it wasn t anything special I will pick up other books by this author. I don t really know why I read this book.I haven t read this kind of thing in years, and it s not like I felt a particular urge to go back to it last night I just saw it and my brain went Hey, this is a thing people read, reading is fun, let s read it.It s okay, it s not a good book I didn t exactly have the time of my life reading it I just kind of floated through it until the end and then found myself not really knowing how to feel about it.On one hand, it s got some originality to it, something that doesn t feel like it s been done over and over again, even though it has a fairly typical structure The fact that Maya, the protagonist, meets Alex just as she is trying to get over her father s death allows for an interesting exploration of the way an intense crush and overwhelming grief can interact although it could ve been explored a lot better Also, the atmosphere the author created that feeling of being in a luxury hotel surrounded by people who are used to being in a luxury hotel, Maya s utter loneliness, her perceived lack of control over herself and everything surrounding her is very well done.On the other hand, this is vaguely 50SoG y, and that doesn t really work in its favor as far as I m concerned Alex is domineering, insistent and slightly creepy, and even though his mysteriousness makes me curious to know , I would also very much like to slap him in the face He s incredibly attractive, thanks, I get that, but I can t really perceive his charm, the things about his personality that make him attractive, other than the fact that he can take full control just when Maya needs it The problem is the fact that he also does it when Maya really doesn t need it, and although she talks a big game, when it comes down to it she s pretty spineless, except for her final decision at the end, which is obviously just a big reader torturing ploy.Further, her relationship with her father kind of weirded me out I have parents, I get parental love, I m not some heartless robot I understand her pain But at the same time, the fact that she was completely dependent on him and still considers him, and I quote, her whole world is vaguely unsettling Now, if the author were willing to explore this as a potential issue, something that Maya might need to work through and fully understand herself, that d be crazy cool But let s be realistic here that s not gonna happen.Meh. A bit on the drama side but it was a nice and easy read. Enjoyed this story Both characters are intriguing For some reason Maya won t tell Alexander where she is from and he can t place her accent I found it odd Maya had given the hotel where they meet a fake American address.Alexander is mysterious He also has an interfering ex wife Maya and Alex begin a sexual relationship but she has made it clear she is leaving in ten days Ends on a small cliff hanger but concluding book is already published I read this for free on Kindle Unlimited after enjoying another book by this author To Love Jason Thorn , which was good. Title Lost PreludeAuthor Ella MaiseGenre New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone Series Alexander Maya 1 Rating ReviewThis book took me by surprise Having never read this author before, I had no idea what I was going to be in for when I started to read, only going strictly based on the pull of the cover and the story of a girl desperately in need of healing, after losing one of the most important people in her life By the time I finished the story, I had gotten that and so muchThe memories were by far the hardest for me to get through while reading Not because they weren t written well, because they were, but because I could see myself in them instead of Maya The relationship that she has with her father, the undying love and devotion and the loss she experiences when he passes away, I could easily put myself in her shoes, be her because I have that same regard for my own father There are times where I can t even imagine breathing again once he s gone, even though I m aware that at some point we all have to move on Just the fear alone of losing him, let alone living after scares me to death and it s this feeling that made Maya such an incredibly moving character Enter Alexander Yeah I m gonna be as stubborn about it as Maya was lol I wasn t entirely sure what to make of him from the first moment he appears In fact, there is this air about him throughout most of this book that screams complicated, screams backstory, but you re kept away from the curtain that would expose it fully It wasn t enough to disconnect me though It was enough to intrigue me To need to knowWhere at times he comes across as the typical fictional alpha male, there were these other moments throughout where he just melted my damn heart He cared about Maya despite being unable to completely understand why He wanted to help her Heal her Be there for her Bring beauty back into her life and by the time I turned the last page, I can say that he did that, even if it was only for a brief period.This story had its fair share of steamy scenes, but what I enjoyed about themthan the steam factor was how they blended into the story and each scene, while raw and sometimes even animalistic with the need presented in it, had it s place Every time they were together, it wasn t just sex It was feeling and healing and romantic This is not a happily ever after In order to get that, I do believe you re going to need to read both books which I am now after this review off to do , but it does have epic moments of romance, of love though not spoken, just clearly visible , and also pain and agony It s a combination of the best and worst parts of life and relationships, which for this reader makes it one hell of a read It wasn t a pretty book, but it was a beautiful book and I am so glad I took the chance and read it Now I need to go grab some tissues, have a good cry and attempt to get Maya out of my head. *Download Book ↯ Lost Prelude ↞ My Name Is Maya, And I M Not The Same Girl I Was A Month AgoThere Is An Emptiness I Carry Around In My Chest Now A Broken Heart Caused By GriefThere Are Also Dark Nights Where I Have Trouble Breathing As I Feel The Heavy Weight Of Loss Rushing Through My Veins, Painful Moments Where I Can Remember My Entire Being Scream In Agony As I Held Onto My Father S Cold, Lifeless HandThen There Is Always A Hero To Every Story, Isn T There A Hero Who I Despised From The Moment He Opened His MouthHis Name Is Alexander He Is My Inevitable I Never Expected To Find The One My Broken Heart Leads Me To His Existence, His Touch, Everything He Did To Make My Pain Bearable Will Leave A Mark On Me ForeverYet, I Know That When I M Gone, He Ll Only Remember Me As A Fading Memory This author keeps on reminding me that why I love her so damn much.It is amazing to see an author outdoing herself with every book I get hands on.So Lost Prelude is a small read but that does not mean that it is not intense and full of a ride that you just might drown in.Beautifully written and magnificently executed, the book reveals just enough and leaves enough mystery for the reader to get hooked onto the second book.I m actually itching to start the next one.I liked the characters a lot I think individually and together, Alexander and Maya were pretty good and beautifully portrayed by the author.I can t keep writing this.I need to start the next part.Guys, give this a try. This book had it moments However, I thought that the heroine could be a bit of a b h at times I like when a heroine does not give in to the hero right away and knows a player when she sees one However, her attitude was a bit obnxious sometimes When Alexander wanted to take her out piano scene and she assumed the worst, well I started to assume the worst about her.The flashbacks were unnecessary with Maya s father I found myself skimming them Boring I already got it She loved and missed her father Those flashback scenes felt like fillers Also, the sex scenes were too long However, I did like the last 20% so I am going to read book 2.I am all about the cliffy ending Also, I love when the hero owns the hotel and I do love ex drama.