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I ve read many Tess Gerritsen books both her older romantic suspense books and her newer mystery books and I can safely say she is one of my favourite authors However, the Tavistock books failed to entertain me in the way I had hoped Truthfully, they are my least favourite of all the Gerritsen books I have read.Both had the promise of being wonderful reads Both suggest at all Gerritsen has to offer in her romantic suspense books, yet neither story really pulled me in There was the odd bit of action, but nothing much ever really happened In fact, both books seemed to make promises without giving any real delivery If you ve yet to read a Gerritsen book, I certainly recommend starting somewhere else She really can do and has repeatedly done better than this Were it not for the fact I brought the omnibus, I would not have read both stories I will admit to the second book being better than the first, yet neither were up to the usual high Gerritsen standard.Overall, a disappointing read from one of my favourite authors You re always going to find them the books where your favourite authors didn t quite reach their usual high I m just disappointed two books with so much promised turned out to be the Gerritsen books I didn t enjoy. CategoriesCrime Thriller, Romance Collections Anthologies, Romantic Suspense @Book ì In Their Footsteps / Thief Of Hearts ì In Their Footsteps Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant In Their Footsteps Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises In Their Footsteps The Elder Scrolls Mods Wiki In Their Footsteps Is A Quest For Undeath It Serves As The Introduction To The Main Quest Once The Dragonborn Has Reached Level , He Will Be Directed To Find A Caravan That Has Been Attacked Somewhere In The Reach In Their Footsteps Tavistock Family,by Tess In Their Footsteps Is A Spy Novel About A Brother And Sister Who Afteryears Discover That The Death Of Their Parents Probably Wasn T The Murder And Suicide They Were Told At The Time Nice Enough Read For In At The Pool But Too Much Cloak And Dagger For Me One In Their Footsteps TV SeriesIMDb In Their Footsteps Is Apart Series About Australian Families Rising To The Challenges, Enduring The Deprivations And Dealing With The Lasting Scars Of War In Their Footsteps BorderLight Cleveland A Documentary Play Based On Interviews With Five Women Who Served In The Vietnam War To Continue In Their Footsteps Traduction FranaiseDe Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant To Continue In Their Footsteps Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises In Their Footsteps Exhibition At Juno Beach CentreThe In Their Footsteps Exhibit The Story Of These Men And Women Who Lived The Landing They Are Called Lonard, Thomas Or Franoise They Are Canadian, British Or French, Soldiers Or Civilians And They Were Here In Juneon The Beaches Of Normandy IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS EXHIBIT Juno Beach Centre In Their Footsteps Exhibit Until November ,They Are Called Lonard, Thomas Or Franoise, They Are Canadian, British Or French, Soldiers Or Civilians And They Were Here In In Their Footsteps Wikipedia In Their Footsteps Is A Ten Part Documentary Depicting Australian Families And War The First Episode Aired In Australia OnMayon The Nine Network In Each Episode An Australian Will Retrace The Steps Of A Close Ancestor S Wartime Experience In Their Footsteps Guild WarsWiki GWW Objectives Objectives Vary Slightly Depending On Whether You Chose To Aid Tizlak In Assaulting The Mordrem Camp Or Ibli In Defending The Itzel Village During The Jungle Provides Love the Rizzoli Isles series, but this was written before I thinklike romance novels my mom used to read with that action thrown in she was moving toward the action mysteries here So these two weren t my favorites, but I did read them LOL Go figure. Good read. Unrealistic love story, but good mystery action novel. One of the earlier books by Gerritsen. romance and lighter on suspense I read the LP version. 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Captivating double read Okay..okay This wasn t the spine tingling story that gave you the creeps at night but, it was a well written, mystery love story that captured your attention The second book is a continuation of the first and further develops the characters into complete the story.Both books are based on a brother and sister who become involved in a spy web and international crime They solve the crime with the help of members of MI6, INTERPOL, Scotland Yard and other experts in the crime field There are many sub characters such that I decided to keep notes This helped to avoid confusion and help me to recall each new character s role in the story However, the introduction of each new character and their history, helped to build the storyline to a very interesting end.