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I love Tracy Wolff but this was kind of predictable Still a good read. I m only admitting I read this because it s hilariously snarky about De Beers specifically and the diamond industry in general Apparently trashy romances now apparently contain at least a token sentence about consent sothat s nice.Lots of ridiculous plot holes though Social anxiety that heroine was initially too shy to mention to old flame seems logical that admitting it would be a turning point for the relationship, yes Never mentioned again Heroine is speculated to have illegally changed her name but has also given up illegal thingsnever resolved Naturally, heroine goes from what appears to be no schooling except in thievery to a PhD and some substantial work experience in 6 years and has to change her name in there lots of tiresome I m gonna go for Nah, stay away conflict from the heroine Similarly, lots of I forgive you Screw you, no I don t from the hero Pretty sure the author did not originally intend the heroine to be a reformed thief and adrenaline junkie very little time devoted to this and not convincing they never found the thief Though I suppose that might be dealt with in the sequel @EPUB ⛈ Claimed (Diamond Tycoons, #1) ó Diamond Tycoon Marc Durand Knows Not To Trust His Ex Fiancee, Isabella Moreno Years Ago, Her Father Stole Durand Gemsand She Lied For Him Marc Hasn T Forgiven Her, But He Can T Forget Her Either So When His Company Comes Under Fire, He Demands Her Help She Owes Him And Until He Uncovers The Truth, He Wants His Enemy By His Side And In His Bed 4.5 starsARC courtesy of Netgalley and Harlequin Good story but Isabella and Marc got on my last nerve Yes she chose her jewel thief father over her boyfriend, but how many times is she suppose to let him disrespect her until he forgives her Enough already And then the story ends on a cliffhanger I am so done This second book better be really good I m just sayin lol ..have not read a harlequin romance book since my teens good story line, but wording like this open mouthed kisses against her sex pg 121, and pg 117 mouth to mouth, chest to chest, sex to sex where does the appropriate terminology come into play.maybe the young are too uncomfortable with standard dialect for these parts, instead using euphemisms and colloquialisms.I have to say that I have heard many pet names regarding body parts and sexual situations but sex in this context Maybe another pet name would be better I m for pet names as an alternative My opinion take it or leave it This is my review Oh well guess it remains as not my kind of read. received 4 1 2 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries I won this book in a Goodreads first reads giveaway.This book has an intriguing and interesting plot, which showed that the author did lots of research The chemistry between the characters is so obvious and hot that it jumps off the page. Very good book with incredible heat and deep emotion Marc and Isabella had known each other six years before and had been in love But there were things about Isabella that Marc hadn t known like that her father was an international jewel thief, and that Isa was also a thief Marc meantto Isa than stealing, so she refused to steal from him the way her father wanted her to But when her father did it anyway, Isa was torn between love for Marc and loyalty to her father And when Marc found out, he threw her out on the street before trying to salvage his business.Now Isa has a new name and a new life, teaching about jewels She s never forgotten Marc, or that she at least partially deserved the hatred and scorn he showed her When he shows up at the gem institute where she teaches, both of them are stunned to see each other Marc hasn t forgotten her either, nor the guilt he felt about the way he treated her, though he still believed her responsible for what he went through One thing that hasn t changed is the passion that flares to life between them Marc wants onenight with her, hoping for closure, and that he can then move on with his life But taking that night only makes him want her , and he says some pretty cruel things in order to protect himself Then Marc finds out that a newspaper reporter is about to do a story on the business based on false information, a story that will destroy his company.Now Marc has to go to Isa and grovel, asking for her help Isa is one of the few people in the world that can verify the truth about the way he runs his company Isa is wary of helping him because of the way he treated her, but she feels guilty about her actions from six years ago and figures this is a way to make amends The problem is that she is still so attracted to him that she risks losing her heart to him all over again I loved seeing them work together to document the truth, and felt like they were finally getting past their turbulent history But when something happens that brings that past roaring back, Isa discovers that Marc hasn t really left it behind after all I felt that he deserved every bit of misery he had after the way he treated her Though he eventually admits his mistake, I think she should have made him work a little harder for her forgiveness The book ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, as the mystery has not yet been solved I m looking forward to the next book and seeing how it all turns out. 3.5 5 good premise, mature characters, lacks in plot development but I guess we ll find out what the thief is in the next book And this title is horrific.possessive romantic hero Seriously He s not even any of these things thank god