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1991. #READ E-PUB Þ El Señor Presidente ⚣ Guatemalan Diplomat And Writer Miguel Angel Asturias Began This Award Winning Work While Still A Law Student It Is A Story Of A Ruthless Dictator And His Schemes To Dispose Of A Political Adversary In An Unnamed Latin American Country Usually Identified As Guatemala The Book Has Been Acclaimed For Portraying Both A Totalitarian Government And Its Damaging Psychological Effects Drawing From His Experiences As A Journalist Writing Under Repressive Conditions, Asturias Employs Such Literary Devices As Satire To Convey The Government S Transgressions And Surrealistic Dream Sequences To Demonstrate The Police State S Impact On The Individual Psyche Asturias S Stance Against All Forms Of Injustice In Guatemala Caused Critics To View The Author As A Compassionate Spokesperson For The Oppressed My Work, Asturias Promised When He Accepted The Nobel Prize For Literature, Will Continue To Reflect The Voice Of The People, Gathering Their Myths And Popular Beliefs And At The Same Time Seeking To Give Birth To A Universal Consciousness Of Latin American Problems I just finished this novel and it was an exhausting and depressing read Don t get me wrong it is a fantastic novel and well worth the time and emotional investment Asturias writes in an almost poetic prose that really draws you in His characters are engaging and his settings are such that I was able to really visualize his scenes The story itself is sad and his words carry you along like a silent observer of some hateful crime that you are unable to prevent but of which you are almost omniscient It is really frustrating and I found myself wanting to yell out to the characters to STOP several times And of his characters, Asturias brings seemingly insignificant characters from early chapters back as major players throughout the story, so if you plan to read this pay attention to every character I highly recommend this book, especially to those who enjoy reading works of historical fiction. reaffirms that my sweet spot for literature seems to be the 20s and 30s Some real gut punches of brutality, and just exceptionally well written and structured elements of surrealism and magical realism, as well as some pure documentary realism, all beautifully mixed together in the age of Trump, it is also perhaps useful to engage with a text like this Power and brutality and selfishness abound. Bu kitab ikinci okuyu um, ilk kez 1971 y l nda okumu tum Siyasi mesaj ndan ok etkilenmi tim, o d nem politik bilin lenme i in nerilen k lt kitaplardan biriydi Yeniden okudu umda o zaman ok farkl bir kitab okumu tum herhalde diye d nd m Bu kitap ciddi bir edebi eser nk Ger i abartma, dramatize etme, ger ek i olmayacak kurgulamalar olsa da, ideolojik bir kitaptan ok edebi y n olan bir kitap buldum.Yazar bu kitab Guatemala da 1898 ile 1920 y llar aras nda lkeyi diktat rl kle y neten, hile ile se im kazanan ve muhaliflerine kar ok ac mas z olan Ba kan Manuel Estrada Cabrera y yermek i in yazm Ger i y llar farketmiyor, genelde diktat rlerin kar d nceye kar uygulad y ntemler a a be yukar ayn Bu okuyu umda kitap beni politik olarak nedense etkilemedi, kitapta yaz lanlara kar duyars zla mak ya da kan ksamak s z konusu olamayaca na g re kitab n okunu ya , zaman ve o zamanki ruh durumunun ne kadar etkili oldu unu bir kez daha anlad m Okuman z neririm, zaman d r Hallucinatory novel of dictatorship and paranoia Dreams and reality meld into each other An advisor, named Angel Face , was as beautiful and as wicked as Satan The trees and lampposts are weeping. One of the finest novels you will ever read It will tear your heart out and all the while make you feel as if something magical is happening Asturias is a deft weaver of stories, not to mention a grandfather of the magical realism genre in literature He wrote all his books in Spanish, of course, and I, of course, had to read the translated verions, which must suffer from the kind of loss all translations suffer, and yet, I cannot fathom how this novel could be any better than it is The essence of Asturias talent does not get lost in translation here It may take a little work to get a copy of thisit may cost a little extra moneyit s so much than merely worth it It s a tale you will never forget.