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Kirnan must marry a fairy so his pack can hunt in fairyland Bea the bride is wildly sensuous and they have a good relationship until his Wolfpack banishes her A love story, an adventure and paranormal politics all wrapped into one exciting read Part of a series there will bethrilling books soon. Michele Hauf is back with what I like to call her Trademark Storeytelling in the paranormal romance read Enchanted By The Wolf The author dips her toes a littleinto the faery realm this time with Bea the half breed faery and Kir the werewolf Awesomely set in the beautiful Paris I swear by reading Michele s books it s like Paris is now an old Friend When Kir draws the short stick in an alliance between the pack and the Unseelie King, he agrees to an arranged marriage with trepidation, what Kir doesn t realised this may be the best thing that could possibly happen Bea is the thorn in her Fathers side, the odd one out among the Kings children, so when the King forces Bea to marry she see s it as a way to escape her unfavorable position and get a chance at a better life in a new realm and to accomplish her mission of finding her Mother.Both Characters are well rounded and thought out, it was beautiful to read Kir and Bea s blossoming relationship and marriage as the story unfolded.Be sure to check out Michele Hauf s character inspiration boards on pinterest All in all, a fantastic paranormal romance read. @Download ⚼ Enchanted by the Wolf î A Lone Wolf Finds Himself Forced To Wed A Faery In A Marriage Of Convenience Kirnan Savauterre S Loyalty To His Werewolf Pack Is Absolute Which Is The Only Reason He Agrees To An Arranged Marriage But A Marriage Borne Out Of Duty Soon Takes On A Whole New Spin For Kir Discovers His Bride Is An Utterly Enticing Mystery Beatrice Is Half Faery, Maybe A Little Bit Vampire, And Altogether Delightful As For Bea, She Has This Much In Common With Her New Husband She Can T Resist The Passion They Share But A Relationship That Began As A Political Alliance Is Soon Threatened By Discord Between The Unseelie Court And The Werewolves Of Paris And Kir S Investigation Into Bea S Lineage Reveals Disturbing Truths About What She Is Their Love Is Strong But So Are The Forces Arrayed Against Them I liked this book so much I ve been in something of a reading slump lately, not liking anything I ve tried to read for the past couple of weeks So I tossed aside those other books and decided to read something by an author I trust Since the book doesn t come out until October, I d been planning to read it sometime in September, but it was very much needed this past week I started reading after I went to bed last night and kept reading until I finished the book, sometime around 6 a.m.Loved the couple in this book They have a bit of a rough start, but Kir is such a nice guy, and Bea is in dire need of someone nice in her life They re forced together through an arranged marriage but quickly realize it isn t such a bad arrangement They have a lot of adjusting to do to married life, and for Bea, living in a whole new realm But in learning about each other, they begin to truly care about each other Kir didn t think it possible to care so much about someone who had so recently been a complete stranger and the only feeling with which Bea is familiar is hate Seeing how they move past this creates a very nice, enjoyable love story Longer, a littledetailed review can be found here received a copy of this via NetGalley. A marriage of convenience takes on a whole new spin for Kir and Beatrice as they can t resist the passion they share but their relationship is soon threatened when the political alliance that brought them together crumbles in this captivating paranormal romance Any story that takes place in Michele Hauf s Beautiful Creatures world enchants readers with lots of sexy characters and a fascinating world full of intriguing possibilities but I have to say that The Saint Pierre s sure know how to guarantee that I enjoy every minute spent with them and I can t wait to find out what happens next.See my full review at 4.5 starsKirnan is a werewolf, his loyal to his pack so when he draws the short straw he agrees to go along with what s needed.The short straw is marrying a fairy his never met Bea is a half breed fairy, she s never been good enough for her fairy king dad, so she gets offered up as a deal with the werewolves.Both are surprised to find they get on really well and most certainly like getting physical together, could it be any There growing relationship is mixed in with pack issues and most certainly family problems.The characthers, I loved both of them, kir is strong but fun and bea well she literally sparkles A really enjoyable pnr romance another great book from michelle hauf i received a copy of this book via Netgalley for an honest review The Beautiful Creatures world constructed by Michele Hauf always has very unique paranormal beings experiencing unusual circumstances In ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF, a werewolf hero is paired with a faery whose uncertain background causes trouble from the start What this couple has to face in making their marriage work is emotionally shown with scenes filled with sincere reactions I have constantly found Ms Hauf to be an author whose work is very original, and the creativity in ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF is unquestionably innovative When a representative from Faery comes to speak with the werewolf pack principal, Kirnan Savauterre could never have imagined what was in store for him A life long member of the pack, he has always gone along with whatever has been required of him Being told he must wed a faery in order for all members to gain a special privilege is really testing his allegiance, but he unhappily realizes agreeing is the only option he can make Kir had not thought he would marry for years, yet it appears he is about to gain a mate and not by choice Though the father of Beatrice is faery and is also the king of the Unseelie court, the origin of her mother has been kept secret and she has continuously felt unwanted by the callous man So it was not a shock when she was chosen to be used in sealing an arrangement with the werewolf pack Both Bea and Kir plan to make the best of the situation that has been enforced upon them, and the intense sexual attraction is definitely a pleasant surprise While the possibility of her being part vampire does not make him happy, there are many aspects about his wife that he does appreciate After spending days together, Kir and Bea find their peaceful existence could be cut short by a new conflict between their two races A marriage neither Kir nor Bea wanted unexpectedly turns romantic, yet one hurdle after another might cause it to fail This spirited couple is particularly likable, and I so wanted their relationship to last Kir is such a compassionate werewolf, and his kindhearted nature repeatedly demonstrated his devotion to his wife, regardless of what anyone else thinks of her I really felt for Bea, as she has lacked having anyone ever care for her and I hoped Kir s actions would prove that she is lovable The sexual desire between them is often sky high, especially when they cannot keep their hands off each other and are ready for another round immediately after a heated session Any scenes where something supernatural is occurring always comes across as realistic, and I really enjoyed seeing Michele Hauf s interpretation of the Faery realm I know any paranormal story written by this inventive author will be packed with fascinating details which are believable There was plenty of playful banter between Kir and Bea to keep me smiling, while there were also several very compelling scenes with touching emotional issues A few past characters are featured in the story, and it was good to catch up on their current lives One great thing about the books in the Beautiful Creatures world is that they can be read in any order ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF is an imaginative story of unforgettable love Copy received from author for a CataRomance review 4.5 Stars A marriage of convenience between two realms, what could possibly go wrong Plenty, but love wins out I liked seeing how their relationship grew Trying not give spoilers, but how could Kir be that oblivious to how his mom really was I felt so sorry for Bea It seems she spent a lot of time alone, and I think there could have beendone around that aspect of their life.There were several plot points that I guess will be explored in future books, and I look forward to reading them. A marriage of convenience takes on a whole new spin for Kir and Beatrice as they can t resist the passion they share but their relationship is soon threatened when the political alliance that brought them together crumbles in this captivating paranormal romance.Even as disturbing truths are revealed, Kir and Beatrice s passion continues to grow and the reader can t help but be charmed by their delightful romance that brings two unlikely people together and proves that love does indeed strike where least expected However in this story those disturbing truths threatens to bring their new love tumbling down with some emotional turmoil that grips the heart while these strong, bewitching characters compel the reader with an air of vulnerability, loyalty and courage and the fast paced, smooth flowing plot captivates readers with suspense, excitement and romance.Expectation builds as the investigation into Bea s parentage reveals things they might not be quite ready to deal with and an enforcer case has Kir dealing with some unfortunate issues as well which keeps tensions building throughout the story with adrenaline pumping excitement building as family pushes Bea and Kir both into some dangerous life altering situations The well written scenes and details capture the imagination making it easy for the reader to become completely caught up in the character s lives as they strive for their happily ever after and the intriguing events draw the reader in and ensure that they can t put the story down until they have read every last word.Any story that takes place in Michele Hauf s Beautiful Creatures world enchants readers with lots of sexy characters and a fascinating world full of intriguing possibilities but I have to say that The Saint Pierre s sure know how to guarantee that I enjoy every minute spent with them and I can t wait to find out what happens next Eva The Valoir pack has been asked to guard a portal in to fairy until it can be closed In exchange the will be allowed to hunt in fairy during the full moon In order to seal the deal The Unseelie king will give one of his daughters in marriage to a member of the pack Kirnan Sauveterre has gotten the short stick and I married to Beatrice who turns out to be a half breed But what is her other half Bea reminds me of a cute little innocent puppy How can anyone not like her I love watching her reactions to living in a human world And I m glad she got away from that stuffy father of hers and Kir needs to have good talking to his mother She s is a monster in law But I m proud of Kir s devotion to Bea and his values Quick Thoughts 1 Even though the sex in this is fairly mild and romantic, it does involve the were form of a wolf so may be offensive to some 2 There are several things that indicate that parts of this story will be continue in other books Such as the Exotic Fantasy Figures book and Sirque s return 3 And there are several things I wish they d beto room to develop further like the fetch Fave Scenes the attack dog, the spaghetti, Madelene s roses and tiny Bea s run in the woods.