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I wishI can t think of any part of this book I disliked I wish I had been a vet but there is no way I would have coped with the studying and you can understand from Jo s writing how totally dedicated a vet is I felt the tension going through the exams and waiting for the results Eager to read the next book and find out where her life is going Offering a glimpse into the life of a final year vet student, this was packed full of cool cases, life decisions, and all the people Jo met during her studies The variety of animals that she helped treat was endless and there were some very touching stories She talks about her life a lot too, so it s not all about animals and vet school Her indecision about how she wanted to start her career after graduation is very relatable Seeing what my life will be like in a couple years was both cool and scary I have so much to learn before 4th yearIt s always hard for a vet to accept that they can t help an animal and must let it go You do everything you can to help an animal get well, but sometimes your best efforts just aren t enough, and part of the job is knowing when to stop No language, no bawdiness interesting, pleasant read. Jo Hardy was followed by the BBC in her final year as a veterinary student along with other students from her year Now I didn t watch the series and unfortunately it s no longer on the BBC IPlayer so I can t catch up, but in the past I have really enjoyed the kind book that lets us see the real lives of vets, this one did not disappoint Through the book we see Jo in quite a number of different rotations from working with cows on the fields to small animals in the surgery Each part of her training that must be undertaken, some mandatory and others were ones she s specifically picked to undertake Jo encountered moody horses along with Great Danes who need spinal surgery and all other animals in between There are so many different highs and lows when animals lives are in the hands of one person and to train to be that person is challenging To make sure the students are experienced and truly are ready to go into the vet world there are a series of exams that have to be undertaken including diagnosing issues and examining slides to identify the bacteria on it Jo does discuss her personal life in the book, from her life at home with her parents and horses to the time she spends in Africa where her boyfriend lives but it wasn t overbearing at all, Jo was showing the struggle that comes with trying to balance the work at university and her home life The book was flowed nicely through her time and has left me excited to read the second book from her I ve already managed to get my hands on it and have added it to my reading pile ( READ BOOK ) ♏ Tales from a Young Vet ♉ The Funny, Touching And Entertaining Story Of How Jo Hardy, The Star Of BBC S Young Vets, Gets To Grips With Animals Big And Small, Friendly And Not At All Happy, On The Road To Becoming A Fully Qualified Vet Stand Well Clear Keep Your Eyes On Them Oh, And Make Sure You Have Insurance Not The Most Comforting Words Of Wisdom, But Probably The Most Useful For A Trainee Vet, Jo Would Say From Well Equipped Surgeries To Windswept Hills And Ramshackle Barns, Jo Has To Be Able To Diagnose And Treat Any Animal, At Any Time Of The Day Or Night It S Not Quite As Easy As James Herriot Made It SeemJo S Final Year Of Training Saw Her Race From Rectal Examinations Of Cows To Spine Surgery On A Great Dane, And From Treating An Eventing Horse With A Heart Problem To Inserting A Contraceptive Implant Into A MonkeyAnd Then There Were The Owners The Tough Guy Who Sobbed When His Cat Was Diagnosed With Cancer, The Woman Who Was Convinced Her Dog Was Embarrassed By Its Stomach Upset, And The Farmer Who Loved His Cows As Much As Anyone Loves Their PetsGruelling Days Of Animal Treatments And Visits Combined With Long Nights Of Study And Revision Made Jo S Final Year Of Training The Most Demanding And Rewarding Year Of Her Life Her Book Tells Of The Highs And Lows, The Pets That Stole Her Heart, And The Lifelong Friends That She Made With Two Legs And Four As I want to be a vet in the future, I really enjoyed this book as it gave me an amazing insight into the positives and also the challenging times of a vet student I am a huge animal lover and when I was younger had dreams of becoming a vet as do most small girls I find but for me it wasn t a dream I followed but I do love reading about true accounts of this nature so couldn t wait to get my paws on this one I found that the book flowed really well and I enjoyed the way that the encounters were described and it did make me cry at one point thinking about a pet I had lost The only downside for me really was the talk about the author s relationship which unfortunately for her didn t really seem to be going anywhere I would have preferred her to focus on the cases and the life she was living as a young vet That said, I still give it 4 stars and have told my mum to read a copy Enjoyable book about the life of a vet student at the Royal Veterinary College in London It is made interesting because of Jo s work experience in Africa and her love of animals, especially horses and dogs Great for anyone thinking of becoming a vet or animal lovers in general.