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~KINDLE ⚒ Cowboy Strong ☸ Going Down Fighting Ty Covington Likes To Keep Things As Uncomplicated As Possible By Day, All That Matters To Him Is His Horse And Winning In The Rodeo Ring At Night, All He Wants Is A Deliciously Hot, No Strings Affair With His Rival, Kenzie Malone Then Everything Changes In One Heart Stopping Split Second The Accident Should Have Killed Both Ty And His Horse Instead, They Re Both On The Road To A Hard Recovery But Only Thanks To Kenzie S Family Connections And Fortune Which Means He Owes Her He Owes A Woman Who Is Both Everything He Despises And His Deepest Desire As Need Hungry And Demanding Takes Them Both Over, Ty Knows That This Time, Uncomplicated Isn T An Option And This Cowboy Always Pays His Debts This book is a heart wrenching one It was so very good The story was wonderful from beginning to end I cried several times during the book Ty is at a rodeo when his horse falls and throws him.he and his horse Gizmo are both hurt badly Kenzie and Ty have been friends with benefits..when she sees that happen to him she runs to himBut she is flashing back to her brother being killed in a similar situation She is begging him to live..He asks her to take care of Gizmo so she comes up with a lie that rolls and rollsCan Ty overcome what happened to him and will Gizmo survive his injuries..a really really must read story MY HEART IS FULL OF FEELINGS I absolutely loved this book I made the mistake of starting it at 10 00pm and was up most of the night I could not stop reading.Kelli knows her way around ranches, cowboys, and rodeos Her writing makes my heart pound and my cheeks flush It s everything I wanted in a cowboy romance and .Strong heroine, vulnerable hero, HEA Couldn t ask for .Now, please excuse me while I buy all Kelli s books Loved it my favourite book by far in the series. Rating 5 Trope Cowboy and Rodeo QueenChemistry SimmeringOne Sentence Summary An accident causes a cowboy and a cowgirl to put their friends with benefits relationship into perspective.Review Oh I love, love, LOVED this book It just gave me so many feelings.For a Harlequin Blaze, it s hard to expectthan sexytimes but this book went deeper than most with an actual plot and misunderstandings to deal with.I loved both Ty and Kenzie from the first moment we met them bantering in the stable Kenzie is so full of heart and sass, always looking to shake off her label as heiress and trying to make up for the loss of her brother Ty is your typical easygoing love em and leave em cowboy until his accident Then he turns into this angsty brooding shadow and Kenzie is the only one who can get him out of his funk.I liked Kenzie s Dad and the part he played in the story It was also good to see Ty s brothers and their other halves but I m glad that the whole family series element didn t take over the whole book and it is very much Ty and Kenzie s story.The author does a brilliant job of immersing you in the world of horses and rodeo and I am sad that we didn t get any hints as to whether Kenzie would compete for Nationals again in the future or,importantly, whether Ty would have the confidence to ride and compete again.Originally posted Love s A State Of Mind B886 Mar16 Wild Western Heat 3 Ty Covington s life is all about his horse Gizmo and winning rodeos That all changes in a split second when Gizmo slips and they are both could have died Kenzie Malone watched her brother die in a horse and cattle accident Seeing it happening again with Ty she does what he asks her to do, Take care of Gizmo , lying that they are partners, to get Gizmo to the specialized care a horse with a broken leg must have Lots of twists in the story with Ty s brothers having turned the ranch into a dude ranch Kenzie s parents were unaware of her trying to fill the loss of her brother Ty s two brothers and their wife and fianc e force him to listen to what Kenzie made happen to save Gizmo and face how he really feels about her. I adored this book I can t tell you how many times I chuckled out loud at the sassy writing style and humor mixed in throughout The characters are great sizzling hot chemistry mixed in with a true caring about each other even though they fight it a lot along the way Highly recommend It s a sexy, fun read and I promise you won t walk away disappointed.Tyson Covington is a sexy cowboy working hard to make a name for himself with his Quarter horse genetics program that he started as a teenager He s having fun riding the rodeo on his way to a championship along side his sweet addicted horse Gizmo.His sexy rival, Mackenzie Malone, is right there along side him with her horse, Indie, and working just as hard toward her goals They ve been friendly rivals for a long time, and on the days they are in the same area for competitions, they add some benefits to the mix.When tragedy strikes and Ty and Gizmo are in a horrible accident, Kenzie steps in to help Will Ty appreciate all that she s done to get he and his horse on the road to recovery or will he push her away Well written story, that started out well There was an intensity between the MCs that I liked I also liked the transition from friends with benefits to falling in love I thought the hero behaved like an ungrateful jerk but had enough good dimensions to compensate for that The relationship between people and horses was wonderful, really heartfelt.At some point, I felt that the plot could have ended and was artificially expanded I also felt that the seriousness of the hero s injury was forgotten when suddenly he goes from wearing a neck brace and needing a walker to having sex with the heroine, running from the barn or even kneeling with no problem whatsoever That was a fast recovery This is sadly the last book in the Covington Brothers series I really enjoyed all three books, including this last book While I was and still am huge fan of Cade, I must say this was my favorite book of them all.After Ty and his horse get injured in a rodeo, thinks look really grim for him He barley came away with his life in the accident and now is still recovering from it and it is a slow and painful progress He hates being seen like that and mostly hides in the house, while he is relying on his brothers and their wife and fianc to do everything for him He has a hard time recovering and often gets angry and bitter at anyone surrounding him You can find my full review here Ty despairs over his circumstances, but Kenzie helps heal his broken spirit and comes to grips with a past tragedy in this heartfelt and deeply emotional romance featuring two fiercely passionate characters The evolution of their complex emotional bond is what makes this story shine 4 1 2 stars TOP PICK RT Book Reviews.Miniseries Wild Western Heat