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BLOODY HELL, Bethany How do you do this I am just in awe this is even better than the ok, well definitely close to itpolitics beyond measure of comprehention, hidden agendas, secret plots in murderand an unlikely love affair that will blow your body, mind and soul Theo Deluca and Evelina Conti, unconventional players started out as supposed pawns and the means of sacrifice in the brutal mafia war, but the changes would set their own course as the insinuated pawns learn the rules fast and turn them into their own favourThis book should be read after books 1 and 2 as follows ARC kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 STARS Ok I have to start by saying THEO, THEO, THEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWow that man was just SO SEXY The things I would let that man doFamily was sacred Something pure, something that should have been held close and protected at all costs Something untouchable something lovedSo SS is about Evelina Conti and Theo DeLuca s story.What an amazing couple they were together.Really liked that we got to read how their relationship developed and why Theo was the way he was Especially liked that we got to learnabout his relationship with Dino, I was sad for Dino in book one and now after learningabout him, I wish things could be different Like in the previous book this was so muchthan a love story, it was full action packed with lots of twists and turns that it keeps you on the edge of your seat Loved every pageWomen shouldn t cry they deserved men who never caused them painI thought Deathless Divided was the best but Scarless Sacred is right next to it Bethany I now declare you queen of mafia books Scarless Sacred is the third book in The Chicago War and should be read after books 12.BR with Denise Snow, can t wait to do it again with the next book Copy gifted by author in exchange for an honest review @Free ß Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War, #3) ¸ Secrets And Wars Leave The Deepest ScarsEvelina Conti Has Always Worn A Mask She Is An Outfit Principessa, Respected And Adored She Wasn T Allowed To Be Anything Else Her Father Went From A Grieving Husband To The Outfit Boss, And Now That Riley Heads The Family, Eve Is Suffocated Than Ever No Matter How Much She Hates It, The Conti Princess Still Has A Role To Play A Little Attention From Theo DeLuca Seems Innocent Enough, But Nothing Is When It Comes To Him And Certainly Not When Everyone Believes That Theo Is Out To Kill HerTheo DeLuca Has A Target On His Back His Biggest Problem Is Figuring Out Who Put It There When Everyone Is Aiming At Him He Doesn T Need A Woman Causing Him Issues, But The Conti Princess Keeps Showing Up At The Worst Times, And He S The One Left Saving Her Between The Men Surrounding Him That Theo Can T Trust, And The Past He Can T Outrun, Evelina Might Be The One Thing He Doesn T Have To Question But When Riley Decides To Use Eve As His Next Move, Even Theo Might Not Be Able To Save HerThe War In Chicago Is Not Even Close To Being Over This Game Is Deadly Each Hand Played Cuts Another Mark Into Someone Else The Outfit Boss Is Struggling While The Men Around Him Are Rallying As The Body Count Continues To Rise, The Families Keep LosingSacrifices Are A Part Of War No One Will Walk Away From This Without Scars PLEASE NOTE Scarless Sacred Is Not Intended To Be Read As A Standalone In This Series It Is The Third Book In The Series And Should Be Read After The First Two Books Trigger Warning Scarless Features Graphic Violence And Scenes Of Past Abuse 4,25 STARS In this life, family is the most important thing, which I think you already know But what you might not realize is that the family are also the people who make up the life you choose Running from those people when they have no one will stand for them means you are leaving them behind, and with it goes any honor you left.Theo DeLuca is wanted dead I am not kidding He barely survive this time Let s start from beginning After reading Deathless Divided I accidentally on purpose skipped Adriano s book and jumped on Theo Adriano made only few appearance in the Deathless Divided and I was t sure who he was, too much new characters and I needed some time to sort out who is who After Dino DeLuca, Theo s brother, died in car explosion still crying over that Theo has become a target, since Dino has done some naughty things in his past I am not giving you spoilers sorry included death of Riley Conti s wife, who is boss now Riley s daughter Evelina has aways been attracted to Theo for years After her father married some crazy bi h, Eve is devastated Theo is not the only one with the target on his back Strange things starts to happen to Eve too From almost being shot to her car being set on fire Eve and Theo s relationship is forbidden But they can t stay apart What will happen when her father and everybody else find out Please continue I don t mind people knowing that you re happy right where you arewith me.Theo is fighting his own demons He was a victim of abuse Also, Marcellos are back Theo is BFF with Giovanni.Overall, forbidden romance, secrets, action, arrange marriage, mobsters, hot scenes, bad boys What is not to like You ve been mine for a while, Eve You were mine years ago when I told you to break the rules and you did it You were mine when you trusted me and no one else would You were mine when I told you to get on your knees, and you didn t hesitate to do it You were mine when you didn t ask me for a thing You were mine when you said you would give up everything for a chance And you were mine when I took three bullets that were meant for you You are mine, Evelina. That s right just slide another bullet into the chamber Do you feel it, the cool metal heating in the palm of your hand Can you hear the metallic sound as the round goes in No that s not your imagination playing tricks on you, that s the incredible talents of Bethany Kris bringing this five star mafia read to life Some would say Theo Deluca is broken, despite his past he s not He ll use every jagged edge to carve out a spot proving he s the cure Others will say he makes the perfect patsy, how his name doesn t amount to shit and can be sacrificed as a pawn But that s the funny thing about underestimated pawns even they have a knack for placing a king in checkmate Someonethan one had stepped into the holy grounds of his family and spilled their blood without a care.They d killed his brother A long time ago, they d taken his mother and father, too Family did that The Outfit had always been family to the DeLucas, after all It ached in his soul, but it burned in his heart even worse Tiaras and halos, as principessa to the outfit Evelina Conti knows her place Follow the rules, be respectful, speak in a soft spoken manner Above all, never do or say anything that would bring shame or disgrace to the family or there s hell to pay But sometimes those crowns are too tight made of thorns instead of metal Evelina bit the inside of her cheek before whispering, My mother has only been dead a few months and he s already marrying someone new, Lily He didn t give a damn at all My father doesn t care about anyone but himself But this is how it goes, right This is the way the Outfit works and we just follow the rules As the Chicago war intensifies between the capos and underbosses the succession to the throne has been left wide open for the taking Riley has no problem stepping up and claiming it If there s bloodshed in the process then so be it, bodies will fall, blood will be spilled during the climb The Outfit will come to heel as he gives new meaning to the word family Its his way and if you re dumb enough to try and cross him, you ll end up like the other men whose come before. Scarless Sacred, The Chicago War 3 is live Theo DeLuca Evelina ContiI thought you didn t want to be the princess any I m just waiting to take off the tiara And burn it, Theo muttered I ll let you light the fire Eve, you already did Releasing Monday, January 11th 2016Live at the following vendorsiTunes Noble signups Because I like my coffee how I like my sex Harsh, hot, and with a little bite of pain lingering behind So I drink it black, Eve I don t need the sweetness or the cream I just need the feeling 4 Family StarsGobsmacked Seriously Every time I finish a book in this series I am utterly gobsmacked at the twist and turns the story takes The relationships in The Outfit are so complex and constantly changing that I m left with my mouth hanging open about half way through each time Scarless Sacred was no different Evelina Conti, Adriano s sister from book 2, is the daughter of The Under Boss who s become The Outfit Boss since the war has ravaged The Family She s always been expected to be seen and not heard and to follow directions But life as a woman in The Outfit is not one she wants She craves freedom and the ability to make choices for herself and the escalating tensions within each family s ranks makes Eve a target or at least so it seems Theo DeLuca, Lily s brother from book 1, has been on the outs with his family almost his whole life Just when he started to see the error of his ways, his family becomes a target in the bloodiest war The Outfit has ever seen He thought he knew who to trust, but it s become very obvious that not is all as it seems While Theo and Eve try to navigate a life in which they can t be together with everyone intent on trying to make them enemies, only they know the truth War has come in a big way No one has been left untouched As both Eve and Theo s brother s and sisters have been affected, it s now their turn to figure out where they fit in The Outfit They have to get out from under the thumb of the established hierarchy and make their own way if there is any chance at a future But with the world as it is right now, a future is not guaranteed.Wow This series is a long, very involved story featuring separate couples living their lives alongside those whose stories have already been told It s really important to read book 1 and 2 first and Theo and Eve s story really starts at the beginning Their backstory may only be in the background in the other books, but t all comes together in the end The twists and surprises left me speechless I think Theo s character might have given me the biggest surprise of the series so far and that s saying a lot since I m constantly surprised Eve is the perfect Mafia Princess yet still strong and determined to find her own way I loved watching their unique journey because it was very unique compared to the first two couples and I can t wait to see how this war finally ends ARC provided to A is for Alpha B is for Books for honest review. Re readathon of this series January 2019 and it s utter perfection.Original review January 2017 Brilliant Just brilliant and such a close second to Adriano and Alessa s book which was beyond fantastic I keep on gushing about BK s characters and again she excelled with Theo and Eve I love that she gives each character their perfect partner, warts and all.Love love LOVE this series so hard. 4.5 I like it rough Nutella jarsFlirty eyes and sensual touches , this game they played was just the beginning The tables have turned and someone new is ruling will they find each other before the war makes them do something foolish yes I m a rhyming legend Evelina Conti or Principessa had been playing her part for a long time and now at the age of 22 she was getting tired of wearing her mask especially when a certain Devlish DeLuca starts whispering such sweet nothing into her earsWhen it came to these families, the Trentinis, Rossis, DeLucas, and her own, the Contis, nothing was ever real It was all for showEve s songThe Devil Himself Theo DeLuca mine stopped caring for the outfit even he was capo La famiglia had left him memeories that made him resent everything Outfit stood for and now at 27 Theo has scars he will never show and secrets that only the GHOST knows Theo swore never to chase but he didn t realise that he already started chasing the Principessa who could be his Holy GrailDeLuca born and bred DeLucas didn t make nice, pillow talking, sweet touching bedfellows A good, hard fuck that was sure to leave him satisfiedTheo s songThe Families could belive what ever they wanted , the war was near or had it even started but not before Theo left his marks all over EveWhen her legs hit the back of the couch, Theo forced her to lean over it He dragged his hand down between the valley of her chest and straight between her thighs Her pink nipples were tight So hard You ll come so fucking hard you ll see the goddamn stars behind your eyes, babe Theo s punctuated his promise by flipping her over onto her stomach He didn t give her a chance to find anything to keep her steady As quick as he flipped her over, he pulled her ass high until she was standing on tiptoes inside her heels and positioned his cock at the slit of her glistening sex Theo s fingers dug into her hips a second before he yanked her back onto his cock He d entered her hard and fast, taking her deep with the first thrust He felt her wet heat encompass his dick and squeeze him tightview spoiler hide spoiler My 1st 5 star for 2016 Yay No one in this life walked around scarless I m so glad to be back with the Outfit, although they seems to be the most messy bunch of mafia with non stop political agenda, back stabbing, and whatnot It also seems like in all 4 books of The Chicago War series the heroes and heroines are all within the Outfit families From the sound of it, it might be a recipe for repetitiveness because most of them have the same dilemma, but Bethany Kris manage to make each story unique in itself Theo DeLuca who endured a tough upbringing and now having a hard time overcoming the anger and guilt for the death of his brother Only after his family is in tattered that he realized how precious they are to him Now he is only left with his sister, Lily DeLuca and his brother in law, Damian Rossi.Evelina Conti had always been the mafia principessa who followed the rules, no matter how much she hates her father Theo had always been in the fore front of her mind since she was 18, with the way he taunt and tease her princess attitude However, they never take things any further because Eve know nothing will come out of it Until, the day she found out that her father is gonna marry her off the their Outfit s front boss The romance is not a big part of the story, in fact I don t think they talked to each other much for the first quarter of the book, but is still a really solid one that built from a strong foundation and understanding between these two individuals Theo spent muchtime being in the midst of trouble and danger, while trying to stay ahead of whoever who wanted to off him Eve is person who gave him much strength and hopefulness when situation seems bleak and impossible Theo had always thought that being in a relationship means having responsibilities that he might not able to commit, but Eve taught him that you can just be who you are, scars and all.Damian Rossi from Deathless Divided is still my favorite hero, with his constant brooding and quiet self A man who couldn t care less about the politics, but still loyal to his family I m glad that every subsequent books still featured him heavily.Reckless Ruined got my favorite love story Adriano and Alessa is the classic Romeo and Juliet and their love for each other is so pure and untainted However, if I were to rate my favorite book for this series to date, I would say Scarless Sacred Not only that the romance works for me, I love reading the dance they both having around each other before they are together, I was also sucked into the whole Outfit politics, from the bad guys, Riley and Joel, to the good guys, Tommas and Damian I also get so much from Theo s POV, his childhood, his adult life, him missing his brother and struggling to make things right for his family once and for all My heart just hurts for him The next book will be the last of Chicago Wars, but I m not ready for their story to end Although with so much death, I m suppose we need a closure for them.