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`Read Kindle ⚟ Bounty: A Novel ⚣ Sign In To The Ultimate Antisocial Network Mob Justice Meets The Internet In This Globe Spanning Thriller About A Rogue Website For Vigilante Assassins, Where Outraged Citizens Bid Up Bounties On Unrepentant Crooks And Corrupt Elites Following A Team Of FBI Agents Striving To Counter The Untraceable Site And The Elusive Forces Behind It, And Tracking The Real Perils Of Cybersaturation Across The Globe, This All Too Plausible Novel Of Suspense Explores What Happens When Pervasive Corruption, Widespread Public Unrest, And The Shattering Of Any Last Illusions Of Privacy Clash In A Perfect Storm Outside The Rule Of Law From The Hardcover Edition This book s relevance is compelling I nearly want to call it cyberpunk but it s strictly contemporary and very plausible in a Black Mirror kind of way Also appreciate the many female characters in law enforcement and governmental positions, all exquisitely described no matter how brief their appearance in the story. By now most of us have heard of the darknet and understand, at least in a peripheral sense, the dangers lurking there This book isn t so much about what goes on in the darknet as it is about the possibility of one website taking over and exploiting the dark side of the internet, as well as the dark side of human nature The story is largely, if not completely, plot driven The characters are secondary, sometimes almost irrelevant, used only to move the story around We have a few central characters, and a whole lot of secondary characters, none of which we get to know in any meaningful way I am a character driven person, so I missed that personal connection.The first half of the book moves at a good pace, with intriguing twists and a bit of a thriller feel But soon the story gets repetitive, weighed down in tech speak If you re not at ease with technology and computer terms, you might feel lost by the second half of this book While I understood it all, I lacked that feeling of urgency the story should have demanded Because the characters weren t developed, I was never invested in the outcome Whether they all died or they all lived didn t matter to me at all.Then I got to the end, and I was left wondering if I d missed something Certain things were left hanging and or unexplained Given such an intense concept, I expected of an explosive ending, and certainly an ending that was, in fact, an ending If you like plot driven books, this one will likely appeal to you, as the author does handle the issues of vigilantism and justice rather well, leaving us to ponder what that all means But if you, like me, want a connection to the characters in order to bring the story to life, you won t get that here I received an advance copy from the publisher, via Vine, in exchange for my honest review. Due out in July 2016.This is a fast paced, well plotted thriller centering on an FBI agent leading a world wide investigation of a terrifying website The sniper killing of a hated Wall Street financier turns out to be a bounty killing set up by the website, and it turns out that this isn t the only target It s a site where Internet users can pass a guilty verdict on hated wrongdoers who have escaped normal justice crooked business leaders and politicians, sexual offenders, murderers and then contribute toward a bounty for their killing, and meantime add location info on the targets what we might call doxxing , but far sinister here The site turns out to be international in scope and reach, impenetrable to cyber attack, and highly popular in a corrupt and unfair society Bounty4Justice also possesses a powerful new cyber weapon, Razorwire, which renders them invincible and unstoppable.The book seems very well researched in matters of cyber warfare, cyber crime, real life web organizations like Anonymous and Wikileaks, and in matters of assassination, very well read on matters of secret operations and special operations forces It s an Internet era version of high tech thrillers pioneered by Frederick Forsyth, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy, and this book never strikes a false note It s a very timely thriller for the age of Edward Snowden and Stuxnet and is the sort of book you might feel compelled to read in one sitting Highest recommendation to those interested in thrillers or cyber intrigue. The Bounty is a thriller suspense novel by Michael Byrnes which was extremely hard for me to get through and was not much of a thriller This mystery involves cyber attacks against specific individuals on whose heads bounties have been placed The FBI and other governmental agencies get involved to solve the crimes and figure out who is to blame Bounty neglected to hold my interest for several reasons there were way too many characters to keep track of and the main characters weren t interesting enough nor was I invested in them and too much technical jargon was used which made my interest in the actual story wane Further I didn t find the plot all that interesting, though it was political Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this novel Published on NetGalley, Goodreads and on 10 3 16.