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I felt the h s angst in this second chance romance, it was well done She would have been an awesome h, what with being a strong woman making it in a man s world, but that went down the drain with one kiss I found myself aggravated, given that it had been 10 years since the separation and yet she just gave him a pass Make him work for it girl Reading between the lines she hadn t been on ice, not physically anyway but emotionally certainly so Least that s how I interpreted it He had been in a marriage in which he chose to stay until his wife walked out Nothing says I loved you all along until the man you love gets kicked to the curb and comes looking for his one and only It was just so aggravating I confess I mellowed a little with the explanation and excuses but it still wasn t enough to smooth out the aggravation Hence the 2 s. Great second chance love store full of secrets that, when revealed, will hopefully change their direction for the future Sierra and Dylan were great characters but Rory truly stole my heart.Sweet, feel good story Sierra fell in love with Dylan and he ends up breaking her heart and marring someone else Ten years later she is working on ranch and he comes back divorced with his son and wants to hire her to run his ranch He tells her that he still loves her but she has hard time believing him After he convinces her to ask her big brother about the letters he wrote her she discovers that the woman he married tricked him into believing the child she was carrying was his but the baby was not his but he stays with her and raises him as his own His wife leaves him because she knows he still loves Sierra Sierra still thinks that he will be better off without her but finally she sees that they belong together. I like the second chance at romance storiesSierra and Dylan had 10 years apart but were still deeply in love They had a short time to find their way back to each other Also, Dylan has a son who wants Sierra for a Mom I like the characters and the story is wonderful. Another great bookWell done as always Susan I love cowboy romances. highly recommended I really enjoyed this book hi Nikki and cats Nice short story. Betrayal, heartbreak, and a second chanceStrong and independent Sierra has tried to forget the love she shared with Dylanbut it has been tough 10 years have passed and in rides Dylan with a son One look at him and she starts quivering.One kiss and she is gone Their passion has not died and they are still in love but she sure forgets the pain and the past in a hurry One month And they are hot and heavy again He sure didn t have to suffer long There was so much passion and angst in this novella The characters are well developed and of course the kid is too cute. Dylan s back after leaving Sierra years ago, he s back and he wants her. {KINDLE} à Cowgirl Bride ã FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Susan Mallery, A Fanfavorite Story About Love, Returning Home And Second Chances Cowgirl Sierra Conroy Doesn T Need Anyone She S Tough, Independent And Than Capable Of Holding Her Own On The Ranch, Despite All The Grief The Cowboys Give Her About Being A Woman Sierra Certainly Doesn T Need Love She Gave Up On That The Day Dylan McLaine Broke Her Heart And Left Town Dylan Knows He Did Wrong By Sierra, And He Hasn T Been Able To Forget Her, Even After All These Years And Now That His Marriage Is Over, He S Bought A Ranch In His Hometown And He Needs Sierra S Help To Run It But Will The Woman Whose Heart He Broke Give Him Another Chance EnjoyableSusan Mallory always comes through.When you pick up one of her books you know,from the very beginning that your holding a winner.