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This was a pretty good read I think I could have gone for the five stars but there was one major flaw in this book that just continues to get me riled up Its the hero you see This was one of those heroes that thought he wasn t good enough for the girlbecause we haven t seen that done enough times , that he would only end up hurting her because his fathers abusive past toward woman It didn t matter that she constantly assured him that she wanted him, was willing to take a chance on him and believed in him This guy was just trying to be too chivalrous and stubborn But at the same time couldn t keep his tackle out of her tackle box if you get my drift.I liked Jessie She was tough and hot She knew how to handle herself and didn t back down She also was a little bit of an exhibitionist HA Who would have thought Jessie has been busting her butt for years with the Wild Riders trying to show them what she is made off and finally get a chance when she is paired up with Diaz for a mission Jessie has been attracted to Diaz for years As the story goes, Diaz denies he has any feelings toward Jessie but eventually succumbs to their sizzling passion and kinky sex where talking go get a fan kind of hot and kinky sex But Jessie wants from Diaz than just sex she wants happily forever after.I liked this story than what I thought I would Bar that one little indiscretion I already spoke off, it was a joy to read The book focused a lot on their relationship You got to see the characters grow into themselves and their new feelings for one another I loved how Jessie had such complete faith in Diaz and never doubted that, and to see Diaz learn to trust his feelings and himself The actual story line its self is fast paced and smoothly written.I will continue this series Why wouldn t I It has great humour, kinky sex and great story lines Everything I need to get me through the day.Wild Rider series 1 Riding Wild 2008 2 Riding Temptation 2008 3 Riding on Instinct 2009 4 Riding the Edge in Nauti and Wild 2010 5 Riding the Night This is one very hot steamy romantic suspense Nice This one is number two in the Wild Riders series Riding Temptation lived up to my expectations as a fast, hot, and easy read I was interested in learning about Jessie when we met her in Riding Wild She d been taken in by the Wild Riders as a teen and they pretty much saved her life Diaz don t you love that name has had feelings for Jessie since she was a young girl, but has suppressed them He came from an abusive father, and he fears his anger issues will lead him to physically hurt anyone he loves They are put on a case together where they have to go into deep cover and join a biker gang suspected of gun running Jessie is a tough girl and of course has had secret feelings for Diaz for years, too She has to tame the beast who will not admit his feelings She handles him pretty well The suspense is light, but the steam factor is heavy. 5 stars Romantic Suspense EroticaJaci Burton s Wild Riders is a fun and sexy erotica series with a great mix of action, humor, suspense, and scorching hot romance The Wild Riders are a super secret undercover government agency made up of ex thieves turned good guys gals, who ride bikes and drive muscle cars Riding Temptation is the second book in the series and features sexy Wild Riders Diaz and Jessie on an undercover assignment to infiltrate a biker gang suspected of selling arms to survivalists Riding Temptation is a steamy, action packed read 5 stars I really liked the undercover agents premise, and I m always a sucker for a hero and heroine who get forced together JB writes awesome sex scenes If you re reading this as erotica, go hard it s an excellent story This book made me want to be on a bike The descriptions of the landscape, the road, it all made me hate my car The way the couple infiltrate the MC and the experiences they and especially Jessie have whilst ensconced in the club Some of the situations they ended up in had my heart going Diaz was hot Real life Jessie wouldn t have made it as a parking warden, let alone an undercover agent She is fixated on Diaz the whole time I m not a fan of virgin heroines 99% of the time, I feel creepy reading about virgins I felt the creepiness here A fun, fast paced read, with a lot of good stuff going on. I got a bit of a surprise when I read the first book in Jaci Burton s Wild Riders series, so I went into this one with the right expectations, and I wasn t disappointed Although I don t think it quite had the level of heat as Riding Wild, I liked this one better probably in part because the dialogue was far natural.The Wild Riders are a team or gang of Government special operatives, made up of ex thieves and problem children who work hardcore undercover missions gee, as I m typing this I am reminded so much of Tara Jenzen s Crazy series to the point where I feel like I could be confusing the books, although one has muscle cars, the other Harleys If memory serves me correctly, we were first introduced to Jessie in Riding Wild Jessie has been living at Wild Riders HQ since she was 15 and plucked off the streets by Mac Eight years later, after much waiting and a little begging, she has finally been given a chance to go on her first op and is teamed up with fellow Wild Riders Spence and Diaz to infiltrate a biker gang suspected of gunrunning.Jessie is like a little sister to most of the guys as Wild Rider HQ, and Diaz is distressed that the feelings he has for Jessie are far from brotherly When he realises that Jessie wants him, too, his first response is to run a mile But you don t grow up on the streets without learning a thing or two, and Jessie knows how to get what she wants And boy does she ever go after it She may technically be a virgin, but she sure is confident Poor Diaz never stood a chance.I quite liked the plot in this one, even though it was a little far fetched Jessie, Diaz and Spence are initiated into the Skulls and start playing the dangerous game of trying to determine if the gang is involved in gunrunning for a group of Survivalists I don t mind some harmless escapism from time to time, and this one certainly fits the bill.There was a lot of focus on Jessie and Diaz s relationship, which Diaz was determined to play as a one time arrangement, ending it once the op is successfully concluded He is a tortured and misguided soul who thinks he is protecting Jessie, but she will have none of it I liked that Jessie was a tough woman who was prepared to call Diaz on his BS, and as I now expect from this author, they were pretty hot together.This is definitely a lighter style of Romantic Suspense, but if you consider this as in erotic romance genre, then it s one of the better ones After a shaky start with the first book, I m now looking forward to continuing this series. Okay, I m loving this new series I m not even a motorcycle girl, but I do love tough alpha males who are suffering on the inside.you know the typethe ones who need a good, hot woman to bring out their best side These are the men of Wild Riders There was a TON of hot hot hot sex and hot men The story really follows one main story line, so no additional relationships in there for fun However, I didn t find myself missing it at all since I was so wrapped up in the main characters I think the other reason I m really liking this series through all two books I ve read is because the women are tough and sassy, just like heroines for alpha men should be I can t wait to read the third one either There was a small teaser in the back of the book, and I consider myself teased It looks good and it s about Spencer, who had a big secondary role in this second book, so it will be nice to go right into his story Now if it would just hurry up and come from the library Not bad installement of the Wild Riders series I love the fact that both Diaz and Jessie ride motorcyclesit s rare to get a biker book where the female doesn t always ride bitch Jessie was the sexually aggressive one here and I m not sure how I feel about that One major turn on with alpha bikers is that they are always in charge and the initiators of sex I just got frustrated that Diaz kept rejecting Jessie.Up next is Spencershould be pretty steamy (EPUB) Í Riding Temptation ì He S A Biker Working Undercover For The Feds She Joined The Wild Riders For Reasons Of Her Own Together, They Re Burning Up The Asphalt And Tearing Headlong Into Danger And PassionEver Since Runaway Jessie Matthews Teamed Up With The Gang Of Special Ops Bikers, The Guys Of The Wild Riders Have Thought Of Her As Their Kid Sister Except For Diaz Delgado Over The Past Few Years He S Been Watching The Budding Of A Ripe Young Woman Jessie S Glad Somebody Finally Sees Her For Who She Is And She S Thrilled It S Diaz His Dark Good Looks And Killer Body Have Tempted Her Since Day OneDiaz S Unbrotherly Urges Have Been Hard To Fight But The Last Thing He D Want To Do Is Hurt Jessie And Break Up The Gang But When They Both Go Undercover To Infiltrate A Group Of Killer Survivalists, He Knows It Ll Be Hard To Keep His Distance Especially When The Mission Takes A Risky Turn Now Diaz Has No Choice But To Open Himself Up To The One Woman Who May Be Strong Enough To Take Him On 3.5 4 Stars