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Lisa Napoli s dual biography of Ray and Joan Kroc is a detailed account of the lives of two people who turned out to be a whole lot fascinating than I expected they would be Admittedly, Ray and Joan were not always fascinating for the right reasons, but no one could ever call Ray Kroc boring and anyone that managed to live with the man as long as Joan did, has to have been a little different herself By opening Ray Joan with a story about how each preferred to outsource bad news, Napoli hints at the kind of eccentric behavior common to both of them According to the story, rather than tell his second wife that he wanted a divorce so that he could marry Joan , Ray had his lawyer tell her Too, rather than face them himself, Ray had his longtime secretary fire employees sometimes for the most frivolous of reasons such as wearing a hat he disapproved of or drinking a cocktail he considered to be less than manly Outsourcing at its finest Perhaps learning from his example, after Ray s death, Joan removed her son in law who lived just down the street from her in California from the McDonald s board of directors by sending her Gulfstream jet to Chicago to bring her chief advisor to her home to receive instructions about flying back to Chicago to remove the man from the board for her Apparently that worked so well, that years later Joan even outsourced the difficult task of telling her immediate family that her death was imminent Ray Kroc, who once sold underwater plots of land to Florida tourists that failed to do their homework, was a born salesman He may have been a short man, but what Ray lacked in height was than offset by the man s self confidence and bluster and he was always looking to get in on the inside of the next big idea before anyone else beat him to it So when he saw the success that California brothers Dick and Mac McDonald were enjoying with their hamburger joints, Ray knew that he wanted in And by convincing the brothers that he was the right man to sell McDonald s franchises across America, he got in at the perfect moment As Napoli clearly shows in Ray Joan, although there were times that failure was much likely than success, Ray s association with the McDonald brothers would ultimately change the face of America and, ultimately, the rest of the world in ways both positive and negative.Joan Beverly Mansfield Smith, on the other hand, was a St Paul lounge singer when she caught Ray s eye As beautiful as she was talented, the attractive blond was married as was Ray when Ray came into her life, but Joan would soon learn just how little her marriage would concern Ray or slow down his efforts to make her his wife It took Ray a bit longer than he had hoped, giving him time to work in one ex wife, but six years after Joan turned down his first marriage proposal she finally said yes Then all they had to do was shed their current spouses.Largely due to Ray s unrepentant alcoholism, prejudices, authoritarian nature, and single mindedness, theirs was never going to be an easy marriage Joan seems to have been surprised as to what she was getting when she married Ray, but her own passive aggressive approach to their differences did little to ease the couple s problems Ray, twenty five years older than Joan, was not destined to live a long life, and the 500 million fortune he left behind, allowed Joan to become one of the most generous philanthropists ever during her life, most of her grants and donations were made anonymously Bottom Line Lisa Napoli s account of one of the most amazing rags to riches stories in American history makes for intriguing reading Ray Kroc was a fascinating man, a character who met his match in Joan Kroc, the woman who was only too happy to give away the fortune Ray left her. What do you know about the guy who acquainted you at a relatively early age with two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun When a cadre of singers he paid for belted out you deserve a break today, did you buy in Most of us have, and many of us continue to But have you ever wondered about the life of the guy who made it all happen This book is for you if you ve ever thought much about what went into those iconic fries served under the even iconic arches It s an excellent balance of story and names and dates Nowhere here does Napoli bog down in McDonald s minutia, and a lesser writer almost surely would have You ll read about the two brothers who started the first franchises and their eventual introduction to Ray Kroc, the hotshot salesman from Chicago I was fascinated to read of the company s beginnings Remember Willard Scott, the weather guy He was a hair breath away from being the voice of Ronald McDonald You ll read about that connection in this book and why it all fell apart.Kroc was an interesting individual, to say the least He was well to the right of center in terms of his politics He was apparently an abusive controlling drunk But he knew how to deliver a hamburger and fries to the average American in 20 seconds from the moment their order was placed early on.San Diego baseball fans who were cognizant of the hometown team in the late 70s and early 80s were well acquainted with Kroc as the team owner He even delivered a speech once in which he apologized to the fans for the performance of the players.There are a million tiny facts that await you as you clear away that used hamburger wrapper and dive into this You ll read about the extramarital affair that ultimately brought Ray and Joan together She was the wife of one of his franchisees in South Dakota You ll read about Joan s transformation from dutiful wife with no political leanings during Kroc s life to the ardent Democrat who gave to liberal causes and vehemently supported the Mondale presidential campaign in 1984 I ve only barely touched on the facts Napoli so skillfully presents She narrates her own book, and she delivers a crisp button down narration that will appeal to you Her voice is nicely modulated, and her pacing is perfect for the book When you combine her skillful narration with her excellence in writing this, you have a book that makes the lives of these people much interesting than they would be without her thoughtful organization and writing My only complaint, and it s a rather unspecific one, is that it felt like Joan Kroc was presented as an angel from on high who took the old drunk, abusive conservative s money and did amazing things with it I suppose that s probably true, but the book doesn t look at the potential for waste or even fraud in a situation where the merry widow deliriously hands out checks while despising the paperwork that would traditionally be involved in philanthropy I enjoyed the book because the fast food chain has been such an integral part of my admittedly unhealthy lifestyle for so long When my children were small, the company actually had braille on its soft drink lids At opposite ends of the lid were the words other and diet I taught my daughters how to scratch out the dot five in the r of other, which turned the letter from an r to an l, the dot three in the o of other which turned the o into an e, and the dot five in the t of diet, which turned the t into an s I would then somberly intone horrific tales of a serial killer who scrupulously investigated all the women he could find whose name was Ethel, murder them, and leave a McDonald s soft drink lid on the body with the dots scratched out as I had taught them With those dots scratched out, the lid read Ethel Dies While other little girls innocently drew in Ronald McDonald coloring books or played in the ubiquitous play places, my hapless daughters were scratching out braille dots and being horrified by stories of the evil soft drink lid serial killer I have no idea how they turned out as decently as they have.So do read this book Alas, since there are no longer braille on McDonald s lids, you can t scratch out those dots and create scary stories, but you can read this and enjoy both the talent of the writer and the excellence of the narrator. This book is inspiring Cos of Joan, not Ray Fuck Ray Kroc But Joan was ahead of her time She gave away the entire fortune way before Bill Gates. Five stars for five reasons 1 Research on people who are wealthy is very difficult, especially if they wish to be anonymous This book s research was impressive 2 The audio book was excellent, read by the author 3 McDonalds personified the golden years of capitalism after WWII when corporate growth exploded, spurred on by technical innovation Amazing time in US history 4 Ray s bio is a study in machismo, a man who was unscrupulous and roughshod in business He made money for a lot of people but he was a boor and an addict and didn t really care about anyone but himself His love of music was his redeeming quality and what drew him to Joan 5 Saint Joan indeed The burden of too much money can be difficult even for the person who created the wealth Ray It is often overwhelming, sometimes fatal for the recipients who inherit it Joan survived it in style I love Joan for her work to promote peace, end the nuclear arms race, promote liberal ideas by keeping NPR on the air, and helping the poor Anyone who is friends with Jimmy Carter and Mr Rogers is OK by me May she rest in peace. ( Free Book ) ♠ Ray & Joan ☹ The Dramatic Relationship Between Ray Kroc, The Man Who Amassed A Fortune As Chairman Of One Of America S Most Controversial And Iconic Companies McDonald S And The Passionate Woman, His Wife, Joan, Who Then Gave That Fortune AwayRay Joan Is A Quintessentially American Tale Of Corporate Intrigue And Private Passion A Struggling Mad Men Era Salesman With A Vision For A Fast Food Franchise That Would Become One Of The World S Most Enduring Brands, And A Beautiful Woman Willing To Risk Her Marriage And Her Reputation To Promote Controversial Causes That Touched Her DeeplyRay Kroc Was Peddling Franchises Around The Country For A Fledgling Hamburger Stand In The S McDonald S, It Was Called When He Entered A St Paul Supper Club And Encountered A Beautiful Young Piano Player Who Would Change His Life Forever The Attraction Between Ray And Joan Was Instantaneous And Instantly Problematic Yet Even The Fact That Both Were Married To Other People Couldn T Derail Their Roller Coaster Of A RomanceTo The Outside World, Ray And Joan Were Happy, Enormously Rich, And Giving But Privately, Joan Was Growing Troubled Over Ray S Temper And Dark Secret, Something She Was Reluctant To Publicly Reveal Those Close To Them Compared Their Relationship To That Of Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton And Yet, This Volatility Paved The Way For Joan S Transformation Into One Of The Greatest Philanthropists Of Our Time A Force In The Peace Movement, She Produced Activist Films, Books, And Music And Ultimately Gave Away Billions Of Dollars, Including Landmark Gifts To The Salvation Army And NPRTogether, The Two Stories Form A Compelling Portrait Of The Twentieth Century A Story Of Big Business, Big Love, And Big Giving Who knew After watching Michael Keaton in The Founder, I became curious about Ray Croc tho this has a bit about Joan Great book club book FYI I think the movie did a great job of not stepping on toes and presenting Croc s personality towards the end of the movie. The biography showed great insight into the life of the Krocs The McDonald franchise and the people involved in its growth had great personal ups and downs with human wrongs Unfortunately that s what money does The upside is how Joan Kroc have to many positive causes, the Kroc centers being one. Ray Joan is an excellent biographer of Ray Kroc, the man who built McDonald s, and his second wife who gave away his fortune It is the kind of biography that makes clear that biographies and books in general are not great because of the topic, but because of what the author does with it Lisa Napoli does and excellent job bringing Ray and Joan to life, and describing how they fit within the context of their world For example, as someone who grew up with ubiquitous McDonald s, and who did not consider them a great place for a family dinner, reading about the rise of drive in dinners, and how they were considered a little sketchy, made the rise of the squeaky clean set up of McDonald s understandable Then she brings in the car culture Then disposable paperware It all adds up Meanwhile, both Ray and Joan are fascinating individuals, as is the cult of corporate McDonald s It did lag a bit at points Joan s hodge podge giving becomes a little laundry list like , but overall it was a great read. An ARC from Dutton I got a loooonnngggg time ago Ray Kroc, the founder of the world wide famous McDonald stores, began with little money but a large imagination Lisa Napoli has given the reader a fascinating look at how this mega business began Not only were the ideas waiting to be born by Ray and other entrepreneurs but also the machines that facilitated the delivery of fast food within minutes of being ordered So, we learn how hamburger presses, French fry cutters, and mixers to make multiple shakes at a time were made We hear how company policy was made on how franchise owners would all operate the McDonald stores the same way, including the precise timing for making hamburgers, fries, soda and shakes No one could deviate with his or her own version of what was better depending on geographic areas Ray s first and second wives wanted quick success but grew increasingly frustrated at the ups and downs of this process, financially as well as technologically His third wife changed his life completely and added the final touch to a dream come true Joan Kroc, on the other hand, saw her poor, younger years as ones that would shape the rest of her life but certainly not in the way that most people would expect Joan had few talents except for a dazzling, sexy voice She was also quite beautiful and took care of her appearance carefully for the rest of her life Her empathy with people who were trying to make a living with the lowest minimal wage made her a gift giver whom some called overly generous and others called crazy.Crazy or not, the reader is uplifted at the way Joan tipped tax drivers and waiters waitresses, founded and supported the McDonald s House institution for families with children suffering from cancer, and it just goes on and on with National Public Radio receiving a shockingly large 200,000,000 donation, as well as other donations to zoos around the world and a radio station, et al.Ray and Joan is fascinating reading sure to please all readers Very nicely presented Lisa Napoli