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~DOWNLOAD ☨ Small Beauty ☨ Small Beauty Tells The Story Of Mei, Who In Coping With The Death Of Her Cousin Abandons Her Life In The City To Live In His Now Empty House In A Small Town There She Connects With His History As Well As Her Own, Learns About Her Aunt S Long Term Secret Relationship, And Reflects On The Trans Women She Left Behind She Also Brushes Up Against Some Local Trans Mysteries And Gets Advice From Departed Loved Ones With A Lot To Say This book is than a novel, it s a blueprint for survival. I love when you read a book without many expectations and it exceeds them easily This was so great, I loved it. I devoured SMALL BEAUTY in one sitting yesterday and I LOVED it Mei, a Chinese Canadian trans women, can t seem to shake the crushing loneliness her cousin Sandy s death brought and moves into his empty house in the woods outside a small town in Ontario Through interactions with the locals, phone calls with the trans women she left behind in the city, and visitations by her past relatives, Mei grapples with her loss, life, family queerness and identity The narrative is interwoven with stories from Mei s past where we learn about a pattern of death and departure and the righteous anger that Mei holds, taking care of it, quietly raising it The book is short, the prose simple but this one has given me all the feelings I m having a hard time putting my thoughts into appropriate words so I will end with an excerpt from the review on the lambdaliterary website 2017 prize winner for Transgender Fiction Wilson Yang gives us than a novel in Small Beauty, she gives us a blueprint to surviving this hostile world as a mixed race woman. Beautiful, meditative book about the experiences of Mei, a mixed race Canadian trans woman This story gives the reader the opportunity to spend some quiet time with Mei as she is dealing with past and present grief and trauma The mostly rural setting of the book provides beautiful imagery as a backdrop to haunting scenes of loneliness and loss. Several people recommended me this recent literary novel, and even asked for my opinion, so here it is I think this book is a good way to start the year and not just because it s winter themed It s a Lambda award winner and that happened for a reason.Read my full review here of the book Bought with my own money A quiet book about grief, loss, family secrets, and rage of injustice There are so many moments of casual cruelty both examined and allowed to pass in this book, that I felt myself wondering when the next blow would strike The flow of the narrative was beautifully structured to give insights into a series of people connected to Mei, the protagonist, who is a transgender woman trying to cope with the recent death of her cousin and close friend Sandy Sandy in his sections, set in the past, is working through the loss of his mother and rage at her absent partner, and so on, each perspective illuminating the others in a tapestry of love and loss. Not sure if this book is for cis people, but I d still recommend you read it and maybe try to understand It was a really quick read, and I didn t really understand the Point until the end, but yeah this book took a part of my soul from me I really don t have words for the feelings contained in this book. Great story poignant and intriguing Its one of the staples of modern Trans literature and a true gem of non binary exploration of Identity but as much as I enjoyed the narrative, I can t say the prose was anything out of the ordinary. This book broke my heart.It is exactly what it says on the cover a small beauty.