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Great read If your into ageplay and the Victorian age your going to love this Storyline was excellent one thing though I would have liked to seeactual sex in the book SHE HAD BEEN CHANGED, FOR THE GOOD, AND FOR THE BADI will admit that this definitely will not be a story to everyone s liking and it is NOT ROMANCE This is dark and depraved, and for some, this will be a living nightmare Carolyn Faulkner takes the reader out of their comfort zone and brilliantly creates stories of sadomasochism in a Victorian era This story will entail two different women, two different sets of circumstances and the journey they will encounter with their new lives as little girl wives with their new papa husbands and their sadistic nannies Edmund will take possession of Lacy from her father to pay off a debt She will come to his household at seventeen and a half years of age, but will be under the care of her Nanny Estelle and then married by proxy on her eighteenth birthday Charles will take possession of Amy after the death of her loving father when she is left in the care of her father s friend, and he allows his younger son to have her shortly before she turns eighteen where she will go to the home of Edmund to live with his little one and train along with her Nanny Lydia until their marriage by proxy on her eighteenth birthday.The little ones are subjected to some of the most torturously severe disciplines and will be harshly punished on a daily basis by hand, paddle, strap, tawse, cane, and enemas and in front of others The nannies also place them in a confined sack for naps, along with blindfolds and pacifiers and will molest or stimulate them sexually The proclivities and procedures will come across as perverse but over time, the little ones will see this as being loved, petted and taken care of He watched her face and eyes, seeing the conflict there, how she was trying physically, intellectually, and emotionally to absorb what was happening to her, trying to cope with her own required submission. How to care for a daughterEven BDSM has safe words The spankings discipline in this story was brutality How can you profess to love someone you kidnap, hold prisoner, restrain, gag so they can t defend themselves, sexually assault and beat Allow strangers to observe all these acts No real story Abuse. `READ KINDLE ⇔ His Little Miss ↽ The Age Play Queen Is Back Carolyn Faulkner Is The Pioneer That Started The Age Play Genre With This Cult Classic His Little Miss Is Where It All BeganThis Victorian Age Play Series Follows The Story Of First, Lacy, As She Comes Into The Household Of Her New Husband, Edmond, Only To Find Out That Edmond Wants BOTH A Wife AND A Little Girl Training Is Severe Under The Stern Gaze Of Nanny Estelle And Lacy Is One Sore And Unhappy Little Girl, As Nanny Wields The Strap, Paddle, And CaneThen, Edmond S Friend, Charles, Also Wants A Little Girl Wife Of His Own And Amy, Under The Tutelage Of Nanny Lydia, Is Added To The Nursery Extremely Hot, Sexual, And Severe, The Little Miss Has Been Reedited And Rereleased For New Readers, Or For Readers Who Want To Take A Delicious Walk Down Memory LaneNote From Publisher His Little Miss Is A Newly Edited Version Of Carolyn Faulkner S Classic Victorian Age Play Story, Little Miss