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The slaughter hasn t started yet I love when stories start this way as it is a powerful opener where the reader is placed immediately into a position of knowing, while the characters remain unaware Although this story was hard to follow at times, there were aspects of its construction I could appreciate There were well placed hints within the narrative to move the story along and provide valuable insight into the characters and their actions Also there were historical and cultural references interspersed within the continuous and near overwhelming hum drum of boring, everyday consciousness, supplemental to the advancement of the story The references suggested a breadth of experience and knowledge, overlooked and under appreciated, within the main character and perhaps by extension the author, both of whom are men left to impart knowledge on the minds of youth I thought the author did well in jumping between the minds and actions of characters but sometimes it felt overdone I believe the author made punctuation choices that laid heavy on the reader and made the flow a little difficult but in all it was a tale that picked up steam toward the end In it s culmination, though you know what has happened and can pretty well glean what came afterward, you re left wanting. `PDF ↟ One of Star Wars, One of Doom ↟ One Of Lee K Abbott S Most Exciting Selections From All Things, All At Once Is Now Available In A Handsome Limited Edition Perfect Bound Chapbook The Story Follows Mr DeWine, A High School Civics Teacher Looking For The Love That Will Bring Meaning To His Middle Years, And The Two Alienated Students Who Plot Death, Havoc, And Woe A Lightning Ride From Start To Finish, With Abbott S Signature Voice Carrying The Reader Throughout