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The good You know how you feel when you buy a can of Pringles You know its not haute cuisine, but by god you re gonna enjoy it That was how I felt about this It was predictable, but still a good ride Sort of wrapping up the first story arc with a satisfying epic battle and some majorly creepy bad guys the reveal of the Minion critter was actually pretty good All told, I think I dig this military fantasy thing.The bad Much like infomercials, theres a lot of But wait Theres You keep thinking you ve reached the climax albeit very briefly and then OhWaitTheresAWholeNotherArmyBwahahahahaha And this kept going right to end, leaving you in a bit of a TV style cliff hanger Which is a mixed bag and by the end was completely obvious If you dislike Pringles you re wrong and you should feel bad. (((KINDLE))) ⇜ The Tigers Fate (Chronicles of An Imperial Legionary Officer, #3) ☔ Gold Medal Winner For Best Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror E Book Independent Publisher Book Awards The Third Installment Of The Award Winning Chronicles Of An Imperial Legionary Officer Series Is Here A Nobleman From An Infamous Family, Imperial Legionary Officer, Fighter And A Right Proper Bastard Of A Man Captain Ben Stiger Has Successfully Thwarted The Attack From An Army Of The Cyphan Confederacy Now Stiger, His Men, And His New Dwarven Allies Have Fallen Back Behind The Great Walls Of Castle Vrell Stiger Finds Himself Named Legate Of The Vanished, The Long Lost Th Legion This Title And His Own Word Binds Him To The Terms Of The Compact, An Ancient And Mystical Alliance Formed Nearly Two Thousand Years Before The Snows Have Come And The Mountain Summit Into Vrell Is Impassable On One Side Of The Pass Sits An Army Of The Cyphan Confederacy Some Twenty Thousand Strong On The Other Sits Stiger, His Company, The Remnants Of The Th Legion And A Dwarven Army Each Side Is Waiting For The Spring ThawBottled Up In The Vrell Valley, Stiger And His Elven Companion, Eli, Learn Of Garand Thoss, An Ancient And Abandoned Dwarven City Within Its Hallowed Halls Resides A Prize Of Unimaginable Value A Prize That Will Reveal The True History Of The Empire, And Force Stiger To Face A New Enemy Deadly Than He Has Ever Faced Before It s the weakest of the series but still a good read.The roman military fiction set in a fantasy world thing is as fun as ever Problem is that in order to reach that part you ll have to trudge through a very lengthy exposition dump which eats up approximately the first fourth of the book It s for the sake of world building and setting up things to come but as a result this book is a very slow starter.After it s done it s share of educational tourism it gets back to it s strengths, warfare, and from then on it s a great read While I didn t find the enemy or setting quite as interesting as the last two outings, this one pulls from high fantasy and less from low fantasy which made the conflict seem a little too much like generic epic fantasy, the actual fighting is as good as ever It also helps that, once the battles start, the pace and intensity of them lasts the whole way through until near the end.That brings me to the ending which takes a surprising turn We won t really know if it s good or bad until the next book but my gut reaction is to be a little concerned Just have to wait and see. My favorite book to date P While I think books 1 and 2 are better overall, I don t think this is a bad book and the rating reflects that.Books 1 and 2, with their world building and introduction are engaging and wondrous Book 3 seems to have been setup as the stepping stone for the next mini arc within the larger story of the Ben Stiger becoming who he is meant to be We still have some great reveals and there s a pretty great, albeit slightly Deus Ex y, scene with a large mythical creature.Onward to book 4. The pacing on this book was a bit slower than the author s other books, because of the need for background verbiage because of a big reveal One that caught me off guard, but in hindsight made total sense I was wondering how so many mythical creatures were interacting with Roman legions Now I know why.One book and I m out of books by this author. GreatAnother great addition to the series marcs work keep getting better and thus series is in my top 10 all time reads. Hell of an ending Geesh Now I have to get book 4 and pronto Then wait far too long for book 5 GeeshOh, let me back up a bit Excellent series Love the action and world building If I had to describe the series, it s fantasy magic, dwarfs, elves and grimdark meets Spartacus swords and sandals action Pretty nifty combination and there is never ever a dull moment If I were to list any complaints, I d have two 1 The relationship friendship between the main character, Stiger and Eli the elf is not featured prominently enough It gets close then Eli disappears a lot and even in the heat of battle, disappears when he seems to insert himself in battles determined to stay at Stiger s side to watch his back should he take too great a risk Still, their friendship is awesome but not enough on it features in the books 2 Short The books are far too short I listen on Audible and blow through them in a day and a half.There is a lot of mention about how Stiger rose in the ranks and the general who took him under his wing, including how he met Eli and spent time with him in his home and the Elves I was happy to see there are books that delve into the backstory and am happy to grab those soon Oh, and there is one other complaint The narrator, Steve Brand He s not terrible but there are a lot of voices characters to juggle and he doesn t distinguish much from one to the other He needs WAY tone and vocal inflection to make this a better product Thankfully, the stories themselves carry the day and I highly recommend them. It takes a legion to make a legend Brave, tough, selfless, disciplined, intelligent, driven by honor, duty, friendship, and a higher purpose That is the description of these legion soldiers With each book, their battles become even amazingly, complex and hard fought Through it all, Steiger the Tiger, is the perfect, imperfect man and leader This was by far my favorite book of the series as the author brings all the factions together to focus on the battle to save their world All the prior skirmishes battles were preparation for the beginning of the most important fight of their lives Steiger leads and inspires his soldiers to give all they ve got and then some The cost to become legend is harder than I ever imagined This series gave me a new respect for soldiers and what they face The twist at the end asks Steiger to dig even deeper, sacrifice even , to save the world Can t wait for the next book to reveal how Steiner handles the new challenge. Exceptional, epic trilogy, enjoyed each book in this series, cannot wait to continue Immediately, through this gifted, talented author, I was able to feel a kinship with the characters, the magic system is minimal, all that is needed, the world building is incredible, what a ride Camaraderie is heartfelt, the battle scenes, incredibly detailed and lifelike, while the strategies, tactics, battle training and maneuvers felt straight out of a textbook from a war college However, this author was able to seamlessly blend these lessons into a cognizant, fast paced book series while explaining in layman s terms, the pov of the soldiers and their leaders Wow, just really well done and incredibly imaginative I look forward to continuing this series, thank you Marc Edelheit, for sharing your talents.