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My sister, Kathy, introduced me to this book. I loved the story line and the authors writing style! It's one of those books you don't want to put down. However, it could have benefited from a good editing. There were a lot of misspelled words throughout that became distracting at points in the novel. I'd still read it again, though. It was that good. B
I was pleasantly surprised by this book since I had given up on categories years ago. But I tried One Christmas Knight because of a great review on AAR. It was a little cheesy at the end but I loved the hero, and his big rig. And I loved the plotmother in labor in a snow storm, trucker rescues her, baby born in the truck. The CB radio chatter was fun too. This was a fun quick read and I recommend it. DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚖ One Christmas Knight (The Sisters Waskowitz, #1) ☩ One Christmas Knight EPub Kathleen Creighton AchatOne Christmas Knight, Kathleen Creighton, Harlequin Treasury Silhouette Intimate Moments S Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction One Christmas Knight By Kathleen Creighton One Christmas Knight Is A Sweet, Gentle Romance That Was Analogous To The Biblical Story Of Mary And Joseph It Features An Immaculate Conception And A Heroine Who Is Stranded By A Snowstorm In A Town Filled With Other Travelers And No Room At The Inn Ultimately, She Gives Birth On Christmas Night In The Back Of A Semi Truck Named The Blue Starr With No One To Help But The Hero This Was Yet Another Of The Love One Christmas Night Songs Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel B Roll And One Christmas Night In Studio Duration Tvdirector , Views The Magic Of Christmas Time Tommy Emmanuel Rick Price DurationTommy Emmanuel One Christmas Night Live Here We Have Tommy Emmanuel Performing One Christmas Night Live At Our Recent Graduation Held On Campus At The Australian Institute Of Music AIM A Big Thank You To Tommy For A Fantastic Day MakeOne Christmas Knight EBook By Kathleen CreightonHere It Was Christmas Eve, And Single Dad Jimmy Joe Starr Wanted Only To Be Home With His Young Son Instead, He Was Snowbound With A Beautiful Virgin Who Was About To Give Birth Jimmy Joe Had Long Ago Stopped Believing In Miracles But Mirabella And Her Baby Were About To Change That One Christmas Night In A Toy StoreIMDb Directed By Paul Tanter With Simon Phillips, Sayla De Goede, Ken Bressers For some reason this novel was a bit weird for me but I still enjoyed it. The heroine got impregnated via test tube and went into labor on the highway where our hero was a big rig driver. He delivered her baby and they fell in love. Happy ending! I bought this book because I loved Kathleen Creighton's Christmas novella, THE MYSTERIOUS GIFT found in Silhouette Christmas Stories 1990 collection. Since I love Christmas romance, I figured a fulllength novel by the same author would be a sure thing.

But I was a bit disappointed in ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT. While I have no problem with an older woman/younger man premise, the author harped on their age difference so much that it started to bug me. The heroine is nearly a decade older than the hero, and the author kept mentioning how young the hero looked, and how he was still in diapers when she was in junior high school, etc, etc. I started picturing a graying woman with a babyfaced teen not yet shaving. It made it a bit icky. And when the heroine started putting herself down, it felt like she was using a plot to get the hero to compliment her.

One thing that also got on my nerves was the heroine. She was very stuckup. She thinks the world entitles her anything she wants, which made her seem spoiled. The way she was always walking around with her nose in the air (and I never understood what she was so highandmighty about) made me want to take her down a peg or two. And her flipping the bird to another driver because he honked at her (when she was blocking traffic) made her seem crass. Frankly, I thought the hero needed someone sweeter and more ladylike.

One other big stumbling block for me: the heroine was about to become a single choice. She wasn't a woman who'd been widowed, or the victim of a man who refused to take responsibility for his child. No, she had decided that she wanted a child, so she went to a sperm bank to buy herself one. This just didn't sit well with me. I don't believe in anyone actively choosing to deny a child of a father. (If it is out of the mother's control, like the father refuses to be a part of the child's life, that's a different story, and I would never look down on a woman in that situation.) But to choose to deny your child of a dad? That just doesn't seem right to me. Of course, not everyone feels this way, so you might enjoy this story if that plot point isn't a problem for you.

But even if you put that whole issue aside, I still didn't feel like the hero and heroine were a good match. I thought that he was too nice for her, and that if they did end up together, she would walk all over him. I thought that she needed someone who'd be firmer with her, and he needed someone who was nicer.

One last little complaint: this story felt very dated, even though it was published in 1997, so only ten years ago. Mentions of Soupy Sales, Princess Di, and a "newfangled" technology called email. Not really annoying, just kind of funny, in a "I'm not even 30 and this makes me feel old" way.

Maybe I just expected too much, since I'd enjoyed this author's work so much before. I don't know. Still, the bottom line is that I don't recommend this book. There are better Christmas romances out there. 4.5 Stars Old series romance reprint. Unbelievable circumstances of stranded 9 month pregnant woman trying to get to her dying father at Christmas when she is trapped on the Interstate during a snowstorm. With no father in sight and no rooms available, a kindly stranger, a trucker also trying to get home to his young son for Christmas, goes out of his way to make sure she is safe. Of course, this means the baby will arrive a few weeks early and on the side of a snowbanked highway. Medical assistance arrives after the fact. The trucker sees her safely to a hospital and slips away.

They are both miserable and it becomes a question of who bends first to reach out to other even though they have known each other for less than a week.

They have their happily ever after. Who doesn't love those serial romances! It's important to realize that this was originally published in 1997. Little internet. Cell phones optional. Etc.

My biggest issue with the book was its instalove/lust. Mirabelle even tries to explain it away as hormones and oxytocin. I also couldn't believe she'd be ready to have sex 3 weeks after giving birth but every woman is different and at least it took into account the milk leakage/drop down/whatever you want to call it that happens when she and Jimmy Joe finally go to bed. Kudos for a breastfeeding heroine.

I had no problems with the age difference. Jimmy Joe is an old soul. And it's not every day a heroine is a 38year old virgin who's had in vitro done. Bonus points for a trucker hero and CB talk at the beginning of each chapter.

Maybe not a traditional Christmas romance, but an easy read that shouldn't be judged too harshly. One Christmas Knight had a heroine who could be quite frustrating with her need for controlling everything but despite that I couldn't completely dislike her.

Mirabella Waskowitz is eight months pregnant and hopelessly behind in reaching her parent's place. Mirabella wasn't always pretty in her teenage years and that made her grow a chip as far as men are concerned and she likes being all dignified and now after all careful planning she realizes there isn't anything dignified about giving birth and though she doesn't admit it she is scared. She looks at Jimmy Joe at a truck stop and finds him good looking and young.

And learns that looks can be deceiving, not only is Jimmy Joe almost thirty but he also has a eightyear old son. Despite not wanting to she lets him help and her and part way when the road seems better.

Jimmy Joe Starr is a truck business owner, father and has a huge family he loves. He took on responsibility too young and wonders about Mirabelle. Things happen that they get stranded with Mirabelle about to give birth and that kind of forces some kind of intimacy between them with Jimmy telling her about his failed marriage and Mira confessing that though she may be giving birth she is a virgin.

After everything is over, Jimmy knows he is in love and so does Mira but does that all have to do with their forced proximity? I really liked Jimmy Joe, he was a very kind and simple hero who didn't get frustrated with Mirabelle and her quirks.

Though I did feel that Mirabelle had no basis for her problems, with a good loving family. This is exactly the kind of sentimental goo I love to read during the Christmas season. My regular critic will return in January.