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I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.Finally a answer to a the mystery of what happened to Eldridge That answer is wrapped around another mystery Who killed Andrew, Reid s police partner, and why did was Reid Colton blamed Does the fact that someone is trying to kill both Reid and Pen, Andrew a widow, have a tie in to Andrew s death Reid and Pen are nice characters and throwing a terrible two into the mix lightened up the story line A nice finish to the story line I did think that Eldridge s mysterious disappearance could have been solved sooner but it did give all the character s a chance for an HEA Will stand alone but best if the series is read in order. Title Colton Christmas Protector The Colton s of Texas Book 12Author Beth Cornelison Published 12 6 2016 Publisher Harlequin Pages 288 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Romance WesternsISBN 13 9780373282050 ASIN B01HB74HXA Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalleyRating 4.25 Stars I received a copy of Colton Christmas Protector from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.DescriptionThe Coltons of Texas saga reaches its thrilling climax with a tale of Christmas justice Ex cop Reid Colton is working double time to help beautiful widow Penelope Barrington Clark While investigating her dad, his family lawyer, the two are also trying to uncover who murdered Pen s husband all while keeping their relationship professional But when a bullet and their forbidden attraction change everything, it s Reid to the rescue, determined to guard Pen and her son with his life The last thing Penelope wants is to fall for a sexy Colton who s not looking for forever Yet as Christmas approaches and their investigation heats up, the three start to feel like a family And the best present of all Solving the Colton clan s biggest mystery My Review of Colton Christmas Protector The climatic ending is finally here and it is as good as one could hope for Unfortunate I have missed a few of the final books in this series and had a bit of trouble catching up I still enjoyed the book The characters were bold and well developed I understood and followed the plot of the two main characters and their coming together easily The running plot of the family in general was were the problems came in I was lucky to find the three books I missed at a local used bookstore and once I read them I reread Colton Christmas Protector again and found it to be very clear and a fun read My overall rating of Colton Christmas Protector is 4.25 out of 5 stars. link and Noble link link Reading Room link This holiday romance had a very exciting ending but I didn t care for the premise of the story The heroine had too much anger toward the hero that was explained away by I didn t do it which should have been said months earlier Penelope calls Reid when she finds an incriminating folder of her deceased husbands even though she thinks he killed her husband. I have truly enjoyed this series, but this last book turned out to be my favorite one It has great mysteries to be solved, the case of missing patriarch needing to come to conclusion, there are the old friends who need to find their peace with each other, a little boy who deserves a father, and the Colton family who always manage to get some drama and trouble stirred up wherever they go Pen and Reid has an interesting history between them Reid actually introduced Pen s husband to her, and then later on Reid was accused of killing Andrew, his partner in the law enforcement and her husband They used to be acquaintances, even friends Reid has always found her attractive, but now they have so much hostility, remorse, guilt, and anger in between them it is going to take an effort for them to work on the mysterious information coming to the light about Pen s father and her husband, Andrew The chemistry between Pen and Reid was amazing And this novel takes it time to develop, it is not a day or two but weeks of time, and when the slow heat between them turns into a sizzling burn they both have a strong reaction And while they are in hiding and investigating, the growth, the development in both of them is evident Reid has to face his past as the rich playboy with no commitments to slow him down And Pen has to take the steps to move on from Andrews death, his father s betrayal, and dare to embrace life anew That part of the story was like watching a sunrise, there was such a light and joy in their discoveries and beauty in their fragile attempts to approach each other And them BAM and we are in the middle of a high speed action, and it is happening in several places at the same time with deadly force and attempt It is fierce, bloody, and horrifyingly intimidating I was coming off my seat with tension as the crescendo hit the story An absolutely marvelous ending to the series, breathtaking at times, gave a conclusion to most of the questions The case of a missing patriarch I wantedanswers for, but even though this was the end of the series, somehow I got the impression there are some of the Colton s we might be hearing again later on Maybe Wishful thinking Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side I was given this book to judge and I think if I wasaware of the entire Colton series, it may have hadappeal but it was very formulaic but that s not surprising for a Harlequin book I would recommend this for romance readers who like thingstame in the romance department but still like a bit of suspense and mystery. What a finish Thank you Beth Cornelison This was a most wonderful finish in a life of the Coltons This story could have been hard to finish but YOU did it The hero and heroine have a past and have to get past it The mystery of both Dad s was wonderful Good and evil fought to get over, around and under The plot shifters back n forth and keeps you on your toes from the first word until the last It was a GREAT story Thank you. |READ PDF ♟ Colton Christmas Protector (Coltons of Texas, #12) ⚖ The Coltons Of Texas Saga Reaches Its Thrilling Climax With A Tale Of Christmas Justice Ex Cop Reid Colton Is Working Double Time To Help Beautiful Widow Penelope Barrington Clark While Investigating Her Dad, His Family Lawyer, The Two Are Also Trying To Uncover Who Murdered Pen S Husbandall While Keeping Their Relationship Professional But When A Bullet And Their Forbidden Attraction Change Everything, It S Reid To The Rescue, Determined To Guard Pen And Her Son With His LifeThe Last Thing Penelope Wants Is To Fall For A Sexy Colton Who S Not Looking For Forever Yet As Christmas Approaches And Their Investigation Heats Up, The Three Start To Feel Like A Family And The Best Present Of All Solving The Colton Clan S Biggest Mystery This was the story I was waiting for This story had everything I love it had romance, suspense, action but it also had sadness and happiness This is the twelve book in The Coltons of Texas series When I started reading this book I was trying to remember who Reid was since I haven t been able to read all the books in this series I was finally able to remember which Colton s Reid was part of I was able to concentrate on the story The storyline was intriguing and I couldn t put this book down I wanted to know who as after Reid and Penelope Not only that but would she be able to hear him out and let him explain what happened between him and Andrew, her late husband But in the midst of everything someone is trying either kill Penelope or Reid or maybe both of them, who can it be In the middle of them hiding out at Reid s safe haven they start becoming close They are working together to put someone behind bars and make sure that this person gets what he deserves This person has been stealing from different people even the Colton family In the middle of their investigation something doesn t sit well with Reid he is noticing some odd behavior with the butler and his wife Something is not right with them can they be involved with the disappearance of his father.Colton Christmas Protector was a great read I love Ms Cornelison s writing style It was enthralling, clear and focused The characters were well developed I loved seeing the Colton family come together and look into the disappearance of their father The chemistry between Reid and Penelope was beautiful it was sensual I can t wait to read the next book in this series.Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review Quick, easy read I love the Colton s and have since the first book This one does not disappoint the characters are believable as are the relationships I thought I had the mystery figured out but hoped I was wrong You ll have to read it yourself to find out what happens. Penelope is still grieving the loss of her husband no thanks to Reid Colton and old friend of his that caused his death Without sufficient evidence Reid wasn t sent to jail and Penelope is will mad at him After coming across some sketchy evidence of a case her husband was working on she asked Reid Colton about this since they were old friends and he was a lawman Soon enough things start going south when shots are fired and now Reid is going to do everything in his power to keep Penelope and her son safe and find outto help his old friends case.I really loved this book, it was fast paced, suspenseful, full of mystery and it was clean I loved seeing how everything was going and how they worked on everything to solve the mystery, both mysteries on the Colton s father going missing and the reasoning to why someone was trying to get rid of Penelope There was also a inside family issue that was going on as well so that goes to say this book is pretty complex Which made it also a great book Thing is the mystery of the father going missing is apart as the series as a whole, I ve been on and off coming across this series so I m glad to see that part of the series come to an end I also love the fact that each book to this series had their own mini series in each books which made themfun and unique to read I loved how everything played out that this was a pretty great book Series The way this book turned out I m wondering if this was the last of this series because it sure seemed to be so Overall highly recommend not only this book but the series as well.